Monday, 31 August 2009

Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 1

And the adventure begins...

So in the 1st episode there is definitely no loved lost between our two leading characters, but for a couple that start off hating each other it's what you expect from a Korean Drama. Episode 1 Hate, Hate, Hate. Episode 2 Lots of Hate but oh? they had a moment. Then from Episode 3 onwards the cute moments start coming. So far "Take Care of the Young Lady" has followed the formula, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion... you can't get too much of a good thing :P

So I will be honest, episode 1 even though it's where our leads first met and nuked it out, it has been the least interesting so far. Many sites have not been nice about Yoon Eun Hye's acting in the first episode, saying that it was stiff. Eun Hye in the past has been known for her sweet role characters so her choice to play Hye Na was out of the mold.
Perhaps it was because I expected it to be really bad from what I read, but when I actually watched it myself I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It really didn't seem as bad as people made it out to be to me. To those who did not enjoy her acting, she may be out of her comfort zone and need time to adjust, in all fairness I don't think you can judge her on 1 episode.

The first episode introduces us to 3/4 of the title characters.
First we are introduced to Hye Na, who is literally introduced to us by a voice over.
This is followed by the introduction of Dong Chan, rather amusingly he starts his story preaching in a church.
As the service finishes 2 things become apparent 1. Dong Chan is popular with the ladies... 2. Dong Chan owes Loan Sharks a lot of money. When he leaves the building three relatively stupid goons are waiting for him.
As with any Kdrama our lead makes a dash for it...

Finally we are introduced Eui Joo, she has grown up with Dong Chan and they seem to have a kind of sibling relationship, though at times it seems like Eui Joo likes Dong Chan in a different way. Whether Dong Chan knows has guessed this or not is unknown, however if he does know he's good at pretending he doesn't :P

So with the two leads introduced all that's left is for them to meet and what a meeting they have.

Hye Na literally swerves in front of Dong Chan at the traffic lights not giving much margin for error. Dong Chan has to slam his foot on the brakes, luckily there is no actual hit! (however the force of the brake gives him a nasty bump and causes many of the flowers he was supposed to be delivering to fall off his truck).
So of course Dong Chan isn't happy and gets out of his car to confront Hye Na.
This is where we see what Korean road rage can really look like LOL. Hye Na throws money at Dong Chan as an "apology" and drives off. Obviously not happy Dong Chan chases.

Hye Na manages to lose him on a sharp corner, but Dong Chan finds a side route and cuts Hye Na off.
Obviously not liking to lose, Hye Na does something COMPLETELY insane! She puts her foot down on the pedal and drives into Dong Chan's car.
Next thing we know Hye Na and Dong Chan are at the police station.

Round 1 - Hye Na

At the station, the price to settle is going up, when they offer 50 million Won, Dong Chan realises he could pay off his debt. However when Hye Na accuses him of just trying to get more money Dong Chan puts his foot down and says he doesn't want to settle.
Hye Na ends up with a 10 million Won fine and 150 hours of community service.

Round 2 - Dong Chan

Hye Na however is not one to sit back and take "defeat" after being humiliated by being put through community service, Hye Na is determined to get revenge.
She starts by sending one of her butlers to sort it so that her company buys and destroys his house.
She is going to leave it there when she learns that Dong Chan is currently working as a driver.

Hye Na jumps into Dong Chan's car (whilst he's on the job), when Dong Chan realises who she is, it's too late!
Hye Na's plan... to set it up so that it looks like Dong Chan has tried to have his wicked way with her.
She pulls off her shoe, pulls down her sleeve, messes her hair and smudges her lipstick on his face. Within seconds... and I literally mean seconds :P the police are on them.
The car is pulled aside and Dong Chan is arrested.

Round 3 - Hye Na

Thanks to a phone call Dong Chan manages to get out.

Things are about to get back on track when Dong Chan finds out that his house is going to be
destroyed, when he asks by who no surprises... Kang San Group.

Angry, Dong Chan storms on up to the Kang Residence and fights his way in where he unknowingly starts slagging off Hye Na to Hye Na's Grandpa.
This is where Dong Chan's 2nd round of revenge comes in.

Restricted to the residence by her Grandpa after her recent behaviour, Hye Na takes it upon herself to ignore her Grandpa's order and heads to the airport for a trip to New York.
She tells her three "bumpikn" butlers that she can check in by herself and to leave... bad move Hye Na.

As she walks alone towards the check out, little does she know that she is being watched.

Then comes the best scene of this episode. Dong Chan starts walking towards Hye Na.
When she finally realises he's there, they are only metres apart.
Dong Chan goes to pull Hye Na into his arms and earns himself a slap. Not one to give up he goes again but this time with more force.
He holds her as she fights to break free, he yells out so the crowd can hear him, that he doesn't want her to leave and he wants to give it another go.
With that he throws her over his shoulder and waves to the crowd that it's ok it's his girl, slapping her on the butt as he walks away with her.
After the scene that just happened no one questions it but rather they laugh as Dong Chan kidnaps Hye Na.

Round 4 - Dong Chan

This is where we see Hye Na's personality change. So far she has been incredibly arrogant and strong throughout the first episode. However when she is thrown in the back of Dong Chan's car with her hands tied behind her back she shows vulnerability.

Unknown to Hye Na that Dong Chan and her Grandpa have teamed up to bring Hye Na home.
When she is returned to her home, Hye Na is horrified to learn that Dong Chan has been made her personal butler and the only person who can fire him is her Grandpa.

So the story begins...

So with the first episode coming to an end it felt like we'd finally gotten somewhere.
I guess most dramas are like this, the first episode is for setting up the characters so not much development between the characters can happen.

With Dong Chan being made Hye Na's Personal Butler (who can't be fired) the ball starts rolling, it's from now on that the real story begins. I think that's what was lacking from the first episode that has sparked the rest.
Whether they like it or not Dong Chan and Hye Na now have a connection. Who would have thought that cutting someone up in a flashy car could lead to this :P

So I've already mentioned Yoon Eun Hye. Personally I think she did ok in the role, in all honesty her character is not a bad person. She's just a young woman who has had her heart broken and she is still rebelling.
Unfortunately... and it's probably because she's been spoiled, she has been unable to break free of this rebellious streak.
From now on it's left to Dong Chan to set her on the straight and narrow.
It's a tough role to play as an actress she needs to show the audience that she's putting on an act, that actually, inside she's a sweet person who has been hurt.
The moments that Eun Hye really shines are her vulnerable moments. As an actress in her past roles in 'Princess Hours' and 'Coffee Prince' Eun Hye is used to this kind of acting, she does it well and she knows it.

Yoon Sang Hyun as Dong Chan was really hilarious. His role in the first episode was far simpler than Hye Na's his character mainly focused on the comedy element.
That's not to take anything away from him, he did his job well and his character did get his emotional moments, like the more serious moments between him and Eui Joo.
I think it is even less fair to judge Yoon Sang Hyun's acting from the 1st episode than it is to judge Yoon Eun Hye's. His range in the first episode was kept to a minimum... but don't worry he'll be given more to work with as the story goes in.

Moon Chae Won as Eui Joo was sweet. But she doesn't have much of a role in the 1st episode, the first episode is primarily for setting up the 2 main leads, Eui Joo's time to shine will come later. She is incredibly hard to hate, her character is so sweet and cheerful... she really seems like the younger sister character. Technically of course she is the 'other woman' and the other woman in Korean drama tend to be... not that nice. I am hoping that Eui Joo's character will remain pure and sweet...

Jang Ah Young as Soo Ah is funny... if a bit stupid. I highly doubt her character will be explored that much throughout the series, I am assuming she will be kept on the side as a comedy character, which is fine because her and her family apart from her 7 year old brother are completely stupid.
Her little brother Kang Soo Min is played by Wang Suk Hyun who is incredibly cute and ironically the only smart one in his family ^^;

Anyway overall the first episode wasn't anything ground breaking but it was fun, the real drama starts from here on...

Take Care of the Young Lady

Korean Title: 아가씨를 부탁해
Also Known As: Take Care of Agasshi/Take Care of My Lady/ My Fair Lady
Previously Known As: Lady Castle
Genre: Comedy/ Romance
Episodes : 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: August 19th 2009 - October 8th 2009
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

Kang Hye Na desired by men, feared and hated by women. She is the single successor to Kang San Group the largest Conglomerate Company. She lives in her palace with her Grandfather and is attended to by their many servants, living the life of a princess.

Hye Na is known for being cold hearted, firing people over the slightest thing, ask her to repeat something your fired, accidentally catch her hair whilst helping her dress and your fired.

However Hye Na's life turns upside down when she one day crosses paths with Seo Gong Chan an ex-gigolo trying to pay loan sharks back the debts he owes them when he used their money to help his sick mother.

Because of Dong Chan, Hye Na is put through community service and is even kidnapped by him, what makes it worse is Dong Chan is her new Personal Butler, appointed by her Grandpa and this one she is NOT able to fire.

Dong Chan promises he can straighten her out in 2 months, but he also has other plans.
To sort his debt out with the loan sharks, Dong Chan plans to seduce his new mistress and get her to pay off his debt.

But can Dong Chan complete his task within a month, and has Hye Na finally fet her match...

4 Main Cast Members

Kang Hye Na - Yoon Eun Hye (24)

The only success to the Kang San Group Conglomerate Company. She is a real life Princess her lives in a mansion with her Grandpa. She is arrogant and can be cold hearted when it comes to firing staff. She is viewed as the Korean version of Paris Hilton

Seo Dong Chan - Yoon Sang Hyun (32)

An ex Gigolo who is poor and broke. After meeting the arrogant Hye Na he contrives a plan to get his hands on some of that Kang San Group fortune. Things start going his way when he is made Hye Na's new personal butler.

Lee Tae Yoon - Jung Il Woo(27)

A wealthy heir and elite lawyer. However Tae Yoon distances himself from his wealthy family. He comes across as sweet and kind hearted but when it comes to his work he can be merciless. He reminds Hye Na of her first love, putting a thorn in Dong Chan's plans.

Yeo Eui Joo - Moon Chae Won (24)

Bright, cheerful and lovable. She has grown up like a sister to Dong Chan. She constantly tells him off, but it is obvious she likes him a little bit. She is a shoe designer who at the start of the series gets a job working for Hye Na's horrible cousin Soo Ah.

Kang Soo Ah - Jang Ah Young (25)

Completely jealous of Hye Na in every way, not only is she jealous of Hye Na's looks but also of her choice of suitor and her heir status. Her and her family are always scheming ways of taking the successor title from Hye Na.

Director Kang - Kang Chul Goo (57)/ Jo Mi Ok (50)/ Kang Soo Ah (25)/ Kang Soo Min (7)

Hye Na's scheming family. Kang Chul Goo is Director at Kang San Group and works under Hye Na's Grandpa (President Kang). His wife Jo Mi Ok is always scheming with her daughter and is known for going under the knife a lot.
The youngest Kang is Kang Soo Min aged 7, he is the most intelligent out of Director Kang's family and has the tinyest, cutest pet dog ^0^

President Kang - Kang Man Ho

President of Kang San Group and Hye Na's Grandpa. President Kang is the only person Hye Na seems to respect at the beginning, she loves her Grandpa very much, he brought her up when her parents died.

Hye Na's Butler Posse
Jang Dong Gun (27)/ Jung Woo Sung (28)/ Lee Byung Hyun (26)

Hye Na's personal butlers, whilst they don't have the same position as Dong Chan who is assigned to go with Hye Na everywhere. These three are desperate to jump in Dong Chan's shoes and immediately take a disliking to him. They're pretty much idiots, but they're funny.