Tuesday, 20 October 2009

You're Beautiful

Korean Title: 미남이시네요
Also Known As: You're Beautiful/ You're Handsome
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: October 7th 2009 -
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

A.N.JELL is a big group in Korea, after the anouncement of a new member by the name of Go Mi Nam. Go Mi Nam's manager is put in a spot of trouble. After putting Go Mi Nam up for eye surgery and it going wrong he then has no new member to debut and the pictures have been sent out.
As luck has it Go Mi Nam has an identical twin sister called Go Mi Nyu who is in training to be a nun. Ma Hoon Yi the manager goes in search of Go Mi Nyu in the hope that he will find someone to stand in.
When he runs into her he finds the likeness uncanny and begs Go Mi Nyu to take her brother's place just for a month until he is recovered.
After a series of unimaginable events she ends up agreeing. She cuts her hair, ties up her boobs, put on mens clothes and joins the band.
The rest of the series follows Mi Nyu's escapades as her brother Mi Nam and goes behind the scenes with A.N.JELL.

Main Characters

Go Mi Nam (Male)/ Go Mi Nyu (Female) - Park Shin Hye

Go Mi Nyu identical twin sister of Go Mi Nam. Currently playing the part of her male twin brother who is the new singer in the famous A.N.JELL... how long can she keep the secret from everyone, including the band?
Wants to become a nun, but is taking her brothers place in the hope of making their dream come true... finding their mother.

Hwang Tae Kyung - Jang Geun Suk

The lead vocalist of boy band A.N.JELL. He doesn't get on well with people, possibly because of his relationship with his mother who is also a singer.
Tae Kyung has a serious OCD problem when it comes to cleanliness, his room has to be spotless and he doesn't like dirty things, which is one of the main reasons he takes an immediate disliking to Go Mi Nam. But is there a warm heart underneath that cool exterior?

Kang Shin Woo - Jung Yong Hwa

The nice guy of the group. He is the most welcoming to Go Mi Nam when he(she) joins. The strong and silent type but he is always there to cheer Mi Nam on and help her through her tough times (mainly with Tae Kyung)

Jeremy/ Kang On Yu - Lee Hong Ki

Half Korean Half British. Apparently his British family are aristocrats and he's a model. Jeremy is the crazy one of the group. He is very sweet and a little bit possessive. He doesn't know what to make of Mi Nam and is driving himself crazy by imagining him(her) acting provactively all the time. He is far from the smartest person in the world ^^; but he has such a lovable personality that even when he's being evil he's cute. He has a pet dog called Angelina Jolie :P

Yoo He Ri - UEE

Well known in Korea for being a big star who does a lot of charitable work. However when the cameras are off her true personality shines through...

Ma Hoon Yi - Kim In Kwon

Manger of Go Mi Nam. He messes up by sending Go Mi Nam for eye surgery just before his debut. The surgery goes wrong and Ma Hoon Yi is left without a singer.
Ma Hoon Yo is the one who persuades Go Mi Nyu to act as her brother and he always does his best to protect her secret.

Sa Yu Ri - Bae Geu Rin

President of the A.N.JELL Fanclub. Meets Go Mi Nyu as a girl originally and praises her on her nun outfit commenting that she will stand out :P
To begin with she isn't a fan of Go Mi Nam, but perhaps that will change?

President Ahn - Jung Chan

Responsible for A.N.JELL does not know Go Mi Nam's secret.

Wang Kko Di - Choi Soo Eun

Helps Go Mi Nam out, asks her to call her Noona. Is the first person after Ma Hoon Yi to know Go Mi Nam's secret. She is Ma Hoon Yi's trusted friend (Even though she beats him up a lot :P)

Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 16 (Finale)

So it's finally here, the last episode.... how the story ends! :o

Episode 15 ended with the break up of Hye Na and Dong Chan.

Episode 16 starts with Grandpa Kang returning home, Hye Na says nothing has changed except he is not there, as she says these words we flick to a scene of her writing a letter, it soon becomes obvious that she is writing to Dong Chan.
As the scene progresses we see her going about her daily life but as she does she keeps imagining Dong Chan there...

Later on Maid Jung happens to come across some rubbish on the floor, she goes to throw it in the bin nearby when she realises it is a letter, she takes a peek to find a letter from Hye Na to Dong Chan, which was never sent.

Meanwhile Dong Chan seems to have adapted back to life at the flower shop, which makes Eui Joo happy. However she knows something is not right with him. She tells him that President Kang was let back home. Dong Chan thinks this is good news but Eui Joo corrects him and explains that they've given up...

Later that night the KangSan group board arrive at the Kang Residence to see Grandpa Kang. However they arrive when he is asleep, they assume that this means he is too ill, but Hye Na assures them he always has a nap at this time and invites them for drinks. She has everyone's drink brought in and gets all the orders right without even asking, which impresses them all.

When they have gone Grandpa Kang wakes up, Hye Na tells him it went well and gives him the hat she got him from her part time job (painting the school).

The next day Butler Woo Sung decides to repay his debt. He contacts Dong Chan and tells him to meeet at the bamboo forests. Curious Dong Chan arrives and it turns out that Hye Na and Grandpa Kang will be there.
Dong Chan heads over and bumps into Grandpa Kang whilst Hye Na is away getting a drink. Grandpa Kang wonders why he is there, Dong Chan assures him not to worry but also asks him to live a long life for Hye Na's sake before leaving.
As he leaves Hye Na arrives, she watches him frozen as he walks past her.

Later on Dong Chan watches the clip he has saved on his phone of Hye Na in the wedding dress saying that she loves him (he wishes her a Happy Birthday). At the same time Hye Na holds the hair clip that he had been keeping for her and cries.

In the morning Hye Na gets down stairs to have Maid Jung pester her about having breakfast, she doesn't want to but Maid Jung ends up dragging her, she ends up in the breakfast room where all of the staff stand. There is a Birthday (cake?) on the table and they all sing to her. They also got her a present.

Tae Yoon and Eui Joo meet up. Tae Yoon wonders why he was invited there, Eui Joo explains that Hye Na and Dong Chan obviously still care about each other and that the two of them should work together to help them sort things out ^^;
Tae Yoon doesn't really want to be a part of it but he ends up getting dragged into it anyway.

Eui Joo contacts Dong Chan to meet her and Tae Yoon contacts Hye Na. The pair end up waiting on a boat where the event will take place.
Tae Yoon becomes confused as to why the date is on a boat, it seems weird. Eui Joo defenisvely tells him that it's her ideal date, Tae Yoon tells her it's not her date :P
Eui Joo ends up telling him she doesn't think she can form a united front with him again, to which he replies that's what he was about to say and he laughs. So cute and funny.

At the Kang Residence Grandpa Kang calls Manager Jang and Maid Jung and tells them he wants them to look after Hye Na after he has gone.
Maid Jung explains that it's not them she needs and hands him Hye Na's screwed up letter to Dong Chan.

Whilst on her way to meet Tae Yoon, Hye Na notices Dong Chan sitting at the water front. She turns to walk away but Dong Chan notices her and chases after her.

On the boat Tae Yoon and Eui Joo wonder why Hye Na and Dong Chan are taking so long, when both of them get texts messages saying they are not coming.
Eui Joo and Tae Yoon look at each other and realise they have both received the same text message. They run to get off the boat... but it's too late :P

Dong Chan wishes Hye Na a happy Birthday, he goes to say something else but before he can Hye Na says she will leave. Dong Chan stops her and asks if he can use the Birthday coupon now. His wish is to spend the day with her.
She agrees and the pair spend the day together as if nothing had happened.

Back on the ship Tae Yoon is suffereing terrible sea sickness and ends up in the toilet or hanging over the ship balcony for most of the trip.
Eui Joo states that Tae Yoon must be a delicately raised master, Tae Yoon thinks she is laughing at him though even he admits it is pretty laughable that she keeps seeing him like this. Eui Joo assures him that it's fine he doesn't need to be impressive it's not as if they are dating or anything. To this Tae Yoon laughs (from my point of view I find it funny too... aren't you supposed to be yourself with the one you love not impressive :P I think this is why he laughs).

As the boat ride is coming to an end so is Hye Na and Dong Chan's date. Hye Na admits it was good to see his face again and the pair share a long embrace.
As this is happening Grandpa Kang sits in his study reading Hye Na's letter...

The next day Hye Na is in a panic as she runs down the stairs and finds Maid Jung she asks frantically where her Grandpa is.
Maid Jung smiles and tells her he is fine he is just out on the grounds. Hye Na relaxes and goes out to join him.

Grandpa Kang tells Hye Na to live her life as she wants, with who she wants. He asks if she understands what he is saying, that basically if a life with Dong Chan is what she wants he agrees to it.
Hye Na is so happy she nearly cries and hugs her Grandpa. He comments on it being cold so she tells him she will run in and get him a blanket. However when she returns she realises Grandpa has died...

After the funeral Hye Na goes to the bamboo forests and tells Dong Chan he can come out from his hiding place. He does and she admits she knew he was at the funeral watching over her.
He asks if she is ok, she tells him she is scared because she is alone now and doesn't know how to live, he embraces her, but she doesn't tell him that Grandpa Kang consented to them being together.

That night she tosses and turns thinking about her Grandpa's words in her head.

The next day we see a short scene where Soo Min has won a modelling contest much to the joy of his family.
Director Kang is then invited to a meeting with Hye Na and the other board members. She informs them all that she will be studying abroad but will be returning as a good successor to Kang San group. She tells them she has a replacement in mind for the mean time and the board members leave, bar Director Kang who she holds back.
He obviously doesn't seem best happy with the situation, but then he understands Hye Na's meaning. She explains he is the only family she has left now and he will be left in charge of the company, but she will be back to claim it. Director Kang smiles and shakes her hand... for once he comes across as a nice person :o

Hye Na makes food for the staff members, Maid Jung tries it first then urges Manager Jang to. I'm not sure from their reactions whether they like it or not but they say it's good :P
She officially tells them that she is off to study abroad but that she will be back and hopes they continue to work with her and look after the house whilst she is away.

Eui Joo comes running to the flower shop and tells Dong Chan that he has to hurry Hye Na is headed to the airport she is going to study abroad. However because Hye Na didn't tell him herself there is a feeling that she doesn't want him there. What Dong Chan doesn't know however is that whilst he was outside he had a missed call from Hye Na.
When he gets inside he notices a voicemail on his phone and finds a message from Hye Na. She tells him that she is going to study abroad and that before her Grandpa died he consented to them being together. She tells him if they both still feel the same when she returns she would like it if they could be together.
Dong Chan immediately runs out the shop and jumps in a taxi.

Hye Na gets to the airport and leaves the butler trio whilst a familiar scene (a la episode 1) takes place. Dong Chan walks toward Hye Na but she doesn't realise he is there until he is only a metre away.
He tells her he can't let her go but Hye Na is adamant she is leaving.
The stand off goes on, Dong Chan for a second looks as if he believes she is serious ^^; I think Hye Na picks up on this and whispers "this is the part where you lift me up" he sweeps her off her feet and takes her out of the aiport assuring everyone that she really is his girl this time :P

In the closing scenes we see Soo Min in his modelling Job, his Mom and Dad both say he takes after them, Soo Ah assures the PD she doesn't take after either of them :P

Tae Yoon is now taking the Loan sharks case, they ask if he knows the gigolo Dong Chan to which he replies he knows him very well ^^

Eui Joo complains to Tae Yoon that Soo Ah stole her shoe design and wants his help. She moans when he won't help pointing out that he helps everyone else why not her. Tae Yoon agrees to help her if she calls him just Tae Yoon (as she uses honorifcs) how sweet ^0^

The butler trio go on a blind date only to find the mystery women are the 3 maids from the Kang residence ^^; none of them are impressed and leave.

Manager Jang and Maid Jung bump into each other back at the mansion for a butler love moment.

Finally we see Dong Chan and Hye Na again, she kisses him several times he jokes that his love has cooled off but laughs after :P

The End.

Phew series finished! It was such a happy happy sweet ending I really liked it =D

The replica of the airport scene in episode 1 was good, I really liked that and how when Dong Chan carried her off he said "she really is my girl this time" so sweet XD. It's quite a contrast if you put those two scenes together now, both characters have changed so dramatically. It's nice ^^

The scenes between Eui Joo and Tae Yoon stole the show for me this episode, the boat scene was amazingly cute and funny at the same time and you could definitely tell there was some chemistry bubbling between them. It's like their characters finally found their footing. The final scene between then was nice, it didn't actually show them getting together, but it implied they were headed that way when Tae Yoon asked her to drop the honorifics and she acted all shy and sweet ^0^

Grandpa's death scene made me cry a lot, as soon as he said his final peace and Hye Na disappeared you just knew it was going to happen >< it was very sad.

The episode seemed rather slow for maybe the first half hour or so, but then it picked up towards the end.

I have a couple of complaints. First of all Hye Na's first love... what was the point of my making a big deal of him at the start if he wasn't going to be mentioned again. I still want to know what happened with him, did he willingly leave Hye Na, did Grandpa pay him to leave or did he die? I would just like to know. It's one of those things... you can't bring something up and just leave it!

Also what was the point of Butler Woo Sung being calling Dong Chan to the bamboo forests to meet Grandpa and Hye Na? All he said was please live a long life... I'm sure Grandpa would if he could he doesn't need telling that... it was a little silly but ah well...

Director Kang -This one isn't really a complaint because even though it was weird, I really liked it. For the whole show Director Kang has been trying to get one over Hye Na and President Kang, at the end of the show he and Hye Na seem to be friends. The reason I don't mind this one is because I think it's sweet, Director Kang seems angry about Hye Na's decision, when Hye Na tells him he will be taking over, he doesn't understand. She tells him he is the only family she has left, I think his reaction is actually kind of sweet. He seems to soften and smiles and shakes her hand. Maybe a bit corny or out of character but I really liked it and like to think he was genuinely appeased by Hye Na's comment.

Finally... I assume Hye Na didn't go in the end? So what happens now? She's not going to study? Is Director Kang still taking over? Will she go back to the house? Maybe I am just too curious I have been accused of it in the past :P but when I watched this show these are the kind of questions came into my head.

Anyway overall the last episode wasn't the best finale I have ever seen but it was a decent enough try. It was sweet and happy so it did ok in my book :)

Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 15

After the killer ending of episode 14. We start episode 15 with Hye Na and Dong Chan waking up together. They have a cute moment where they mess about, the scene is cute but I don't know why the scene is a little weird to me with the absence of speech... :: shrugs ::

Anyway, Hye Na and Dong Chan leave together happily hand in hand ready to meet Grandpa :/
When they get there Grandpa is not happy to see them. Hye Na goes to talk but Grandpa demands the words from Dong Chan.
However things go better than expected when Grandpa Kang unexpectedly agrees to their relationship O.O

So Hye Na and Dong Chan set off to work together. When they enter the main entrance obviously people are curious about the article, no more so than Soo Ah followed by Eui Joo. She doesn't actually believe that Hye Na would go out with Dong Chan, but Eui Joo points out she loved him for years and he has lots of good points.
Their relationship is proven when Hye Na links arms with Dong Chan and pulls him in tightly.

Anyway it just so happens they bump into Tae Yoon... nice way to rub salt in a guy's wounds ^^; Tae Yoon however doesn't react badly. He and Hye Na go outside together to chat, where Tae Yoon admits he has given up but would like to continue being friends at least.
Pleasantly surprised Hye Na agrees she'd like to have a friend like him and shakes his hand =) yay.
At the same time Eui Joo sits alone on a park bench and realises she too now has to let go.
The scene where she says she will let him go (she speaks to the sky) and pouts like a child is very cute and Eui Joo like, I really enjoyed it =D

Later on back at the mansion Dong Chan finds Butler Woo Sung snooping around him in the dark, when Dong Chan questions him, Butler Woo Sung nervously tells him he was just cleaning before disappearing O.o
When he is alone he phones someone to say he couldn't find "it".
Voila, spy! This spy reports the information to Director Kang ><

The next day Grandpa Kang calls Dong Chan aside to let him know his true feelings about his and Hye Na's relationship ¬¬ (how ridiculous) apparently telling her no would have made her rebel and not work, so he went along with it. But soon he will be wanting Dong Chan to leave ¬¬ (oh also he is obviously to keep this information secret from Hye Na)
Hye Na waits anxiously for Dong Chan outside. When she asks what Grandpa wanted to see him about Dong Chan lies and laughs it off as nothing important.

The couple then proceed to go to the place where Dong Chan taught Hye Na to ride a bike. They play games and Dong Chan takes an unflattering photo of Hye Na and teases her with it :P Eventually Hye Na decides to ride her bike, however it soon becomes apparent that the brakes aren't working. Hye Na is injured (we don't see the accident) she arrives home limping and supported by Dong Chan and is greeted by a worried Maid Jung.

Dong Chan obviously not happy, wants to know what happened. He checks the bike and notices that the brake line has quite clearly been cut. After finding Butler Woo Sung acting suspicious in the dark the previous evening, he is the first person Dong Chan goes to. Butler Soo Wong promises that he would never hurt Hye Na, but admits that he was working for Director Kang.

The next day Dong Chan arrives at work and manages to catch Director Kang in the gents with his spy. Dong Chan quite clearly threatens to expose that Director Kang was looking for President Kang's will if he carries on with his stunts trying to hurt Hye Na. He also advises the director to clap the loudest and enthusiastically at Hye Na's presentation that day.
Director Kang is obviously nervous because his applause to Hye Na's presentation (About meeting the 15% increase) that day is hillarious ^^; the others that usually follow him look at him curiously whilst President Kang is obviously impressed and happy ^^; Director Kang even gets everyone chanting Hye Na's name.

Hye Na tells Dong Chan of the strange happenings in the meeting later to which he innocently laughs :P
Whilst together the pair bump into Butler Woo Sung who runs away. Dong Chan chases after him and finds him outside. Dong Chan assures him he doesn't have to worry he will keep the secret. When Butler Woo Sung asks why he doesn't ask why he did it. Dong Chan explains that he understands he probably had his reason (Butler Woo Sung doesn't realise that this is coming from Dong Chan's own experience). Butler Woo Sung is honest and admits that Director Kang knew he didn't go to the butler school he said he did. Dong Chan smiles and says it's fine he won't tell.
When he leaves the other two butlers join Butler Woo Sung and ask what happened. Butler Woo Sung watches after Dong Chan with respect, when the other two call him "that fella" Butler Woo Sung immediately defends him and yells at them lol.

Hye Na and Dong Chan decide to go on a date together but this time things will be different. Hye Na will be the butler. It's funny because she keeps getting things wrong, like she talks to him plainly, which she immediately gets told off for :P when Dong Chan asks for things she tells him to get them for himself to, which he answers that she is the butler :P At one point Dong Chan comments on her clothes saying they are too short and that everyone can see her thighs :P she tells him she has been wearing them all day, he tells her not to wear it again. When they walk away she asks if he is angry, he laughs and says no he likes her outfit ^^;
Anyway they go around the town mucking about trying stuff on and eating.

Meanwhile Tae Yoon and Eui Joo meet up at a basketball court, the pair play around for a bit before sitting down and talking. Tae Yoon admits he asked her there because he feels strange and he felt like she would hear him out. He apologises if he is being selfish but Eui Joo assures him he did the right thing and that it's fine ^0^
Eui Joo admits that it is going to take her some time to forget Dong Chan because she liked him so long it's like a habit and she liked liking him. She does go on to say that she doesn't have any regrets and that in future she'll be the first one to fall in love. Tae Yoon comments on her being cool, Eui Joo laughs and asks him if he only just figured that out :P

Back with Hye Na and Dong Chan, their date is coming to an end and Hye Na ends up seeing a wedding dress she instantly falls in love with and wants to try on. After being assured by the assistant they don't expect her to just buy it, brides usually shop around, Hye Na agrees to try it on :P Dong Chan is stunned when she comes out and Hye Na poses as he takes pictures of her. He begins to film her and asks her to do/ say something, she smiles sheepishly and tells him that she loves him. Dong Chan's expression is classic, so cute. He is obviously taken back. Hye Na asks if he will marry her when her Grandpa gives his consent. With the emphasis on consent Dong Chan agrees...

When they leave Hye Na picks up that he didn't say he loves her back and that she has been doing all the confessing so far. Dong Chan admits he thought he said he loved her ^^; good one Dong Chan XD and says he confessed to her before, but she quite rightly points out that he said he cleared his feelings for her at that time :P

The next Day Hye Na goes out with her Grandpa to the Bamboo forests. Whilst there Grandpa Kang reveals his true feelings about her relationship with Dong Chan. Hye Na is obviously upset. When he prompts her to see what she will do. She admits she doesn't want to chose but if he makes her she will have to pick Dong Chan. As she is telling him this she cries. Grandpa leaves angrily, but he doesn't get far before he collapses.
It seemed Hye Na would abandon her Grandpa, home and Kangsan group but as soon as her Grandpa collapses she panics and goes with him to the hospital. When he stabilises he asks if she will really go to Dong Chan and leave. By now Hye Na has found out that the President doesn't have long to live, so she obligingly agrees to his request ><

Dong Chan meets Manager Jang who explains the situation.
Dong Chan then goes to the roof where he finds Hye Na. She starts using the words he used when he was about to leave as her butler. He understands the meaning of these words and manages to tell her he knows what she wants. He tells her he will be the first to go this time.
Hye Na ends up crying. Dong Chan says let's break up.
As Hye Na walks away, Dong Chan tells her that he loves her, which makes her cry even more...

End of Episode 15 :s

So 1 more episode to go and Hye Na and Dong Chan have had the obligatory break up scene. I can understand why Hye Na went to her Grandpa, it's hard to turn someone down when you know they are dying, but at the same time she shouldn't have made that huge statement about being able to give everything up for Dong Chan if in actuality she couldn't :P I'm just being picky don't worry, I always get angry in the last couple of eps because I just want them to be together ^^ it's nothing the show has done wrong it's a defect with me ^^;

The last scene was pretty sad to be honest, when I first watched it my eyes were a bit wet I will be honest. I really felt for them both and Dong Chan finally said 'I Love you'

I thought the reversal of roles was fun... and sweet I really enjoyed it, especially because Hye Na kept getting told off for doing things wrong :P
The Wedding dress scene was cute, but so random... who does that!?!?!?! XD Maybe I'm weird because I don't do that ^^;

I actually really loved Butler Soo Wung in this episode, up until now he'd annoyed me a little bit because he was always being snooty to Dong Chan and being a general pain. In this episode we found out that he was involved with Director Kang but it actually made me like him more, he came across as a sweet person and when Dong Chan promised to keep his secret, his reaction was so sweet and lovable... I absolutely loved it when he told the other two off for calling Dong Chan "that fella" :P

There was some more development between Eui Joo and Tae Yoon in this episode, Tae Yoon thinks Eui Joo is cool :P they shared some nice smiles... I always thought they suited each other well because of their personalities and the way they work, but they can also understand each other very well because they are both suffereing because of Dong Chan and Hye Na. They should definitely find comofort with each other :P

Oh one thing that DID annoy me this episode was Grandpa Kang ¬¬ sorry but his whole "yes you can be together" and then "you can't really be together" thing was crap! ¬¬ His excuse was Hye Na would rebel if he said no... but the problem is... she would say no anytime right? Does he think after a few days she'll just fall out of love with Dong Chan and come running or something? O.o in my opinion it seemed like the trick was pulled to give Hye Na and Dong Chan more cute time together. Whilst I like the cute moments I think it would have been a lot more bittersweet and interesting if Grandpa had given an outright no. It would have opened other possibilities... anyway just my six cents...

Anyway not the best penultimate episode I have seen, I expected everything to kick off to be fair, but it was nice enough.

1 episode to go :o