Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 14

Episode 13 ended with Hye Na asking Dong Chan to run away with her. In episode 14 they do just that.
Hye Na drags Dong Chan away and the pair hide, when they are safe Dong Chan grabs Hye Na and asks her what's going on. She explains the situation and Dong Chan immediately wants to head back. Hye Na assures him if they go back they won't see each other again, she tells him she can't live like that and asks if he can.
Dong Chan ends up agreeing to running away. However you get the feeling that he is doing it as a farewell trip rather than the extreme scenario Hye Na has in mind.

Obviously Director Kang is very happy about how this whole situation pans out, Tae Yoon reads about it in the paper and Eui Joo anxiously tries to reach Dong Chan on her phone (to no avail).

Hye Na and Dong Chan make it to some kind of sea side town. Hye Na can see Dong Chan isn't sure about the whole idea and tries to get him to smile. She eventually succeeds and the pair proceed to frolick in the sea. Later on we cut to the pair trying to barter a room with an old woman. Dong Chan takes charge and doesn't seem to do very well, Hye Na steps in and tells the women her prices are too high and they will go elsewhere. Dong Chan goes to yell at Hye Na but her tactic seems to work and the woman reluctantly agrees to give them the room for cheaper.

The pair get changed and end up on the beach again drawing in the sand. Hye Na gets curious and asks when Dong Chan first started liking her.
When Dong Chan doesn't tell her she starts guessing, but all her guesses are incorrect and the furthest she goes back to is when Dong Chan tried to teach her skin ship.
In the end Dong Chan admits it was when he first saw her cry (That's episode 2 people :o) he explains when he saw that he decided he never wanted to make her cry. Hye Na is touched and Dong Chan makes fun of this before stealing a kiss on the cheek and running off, Hye Na smiles sheepishly before chasing him.

Hours later the pair end up sitting on the beach together watching the sunset, she asks what he likes about her, she asks if it is her beauty to, which Dong Chan laughs telling her she's not very modest.
Hye Na asks him to sing for her (remembering he can from episode 3). Dong Chan agrees.

Meanwhile Eui Joo and Tae Yoon are at a karaoke bar together. Not sure whether Eui Joo is drunk but the way she sings one would hope she is :P Tae Yoon has no problem laughing at her especially as she begins changing the lyrics to incorporate Hye Na's name ^^ (this couple looks so sweet together ^0^)
Anyway when they leave the bar Tae Yoon remarks about her ability to sing in this kind of situation, to which Eui Joo explains it's better than the alternative of crying. She tells Tae Yoon that she is angry with Hye Na and Dong Chan. Tae Yoon's opinion of Hye Na however is the opposite.
Eui Joo accuses him of trying to be too cool and then proceeds to admit she is jealous of Hye Na for having two such men in love with her.

Tae Yoon drives Eui Joo back home and when she gets out of the car it is obvious her mood has changed along the way.
When she gets out of the car he tells her he's not giving up on Hye Na yet, so that if he does lose he can say he really tried.
Eui Joo's Ma witnesses the scene of Tae Yoon bringing her daughter back :P she is obviously not upset about the situation XD

Hye Na and Dong Chan are at this time preparing for bed. Dong Chan tells Hye Na she can have the room, which obviously leaves her feeling a little let down. She asks where he is going to sleep and he explains he will be outside.
Hye Na hints that she wants him to stay with her, whether he gets it or not is unknown but he at least pretends not to ^^;
Hye Na gets angry and when Dong Chan pulls the sheets out of the cupboard she angrily yanks them off him and he lands on top of her.
Dong Chan doesn't move for a moment, Hye Na takes the initiative and closes her eyes. It looks as if he will move in and deal her the kiss, but at the last minute he thinks better of it and leaves walking out onto the beach.

Whilst he is alone Dong Chan phones Manager Jang, worried about what is going on back home.
Manager Jang asks if he is sure he is doing the right thing, after all if Hye Na stays with him, she will lose everything.
This obviously hits a nerve with Dong Chan and he is left in thought on the beach.
Hye Na comes up behind him and puts her arms around him, it scares him at first but when he realises what is happening he smiles.
Hye Na can tell something is wrong and asks if he has any regrets, she explains that she doesn't.

The next morning Dong Chan wakes up to find that Hye Na has made his favourite meal for his breakfast. Dong Chan is impressed by her effort even if her skills aren't that great :P
Dong Chan explains that it is time to go back, Hye Na admits she thought they would stay longer and isn't sure whether her Grandpa will have calmed down yet, but agrees to go back with him and try, when he explains they won't be happy without it.
Dong Chan returns the hair clip of hers that he had been keeping, she admits she can't remember losing it.

Dong Chan arranges a meeting with Grandpa and then Grandpa arranges a meeting with Tae Yoon where they setup plans for an engagement meal with Hye Na and Tae Yoon's family.

How Hye Na does not pick up that something is wrong is a mystery to me, you'd think she'd be suspicious of Dong Chan's off beat behaviour.
He escorts her to an expensive hotel and into a lift trying to calm her down. He leads her into a fancy room where she comments on the size. Dong Chan makes up something about Grandpa not being able to find anywhere else last minute.
He then excuses himself, telling her he needs to use the bathroom. Hye Na buys it, Dong Chan leaves and as he does he steals one final glance at Hye Na happily making herself comfortable at the table, totally oblivious that she is being setup >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1Agk39zT8hs/St10uqnPKbI/AAAAAAAAA-I/MXe-Fu7sKQs/s1600-h/Ep+14+DC+and+HN+go+to+see+Grandpa.jpg">

Hye Na arrives at the flower shop where Dong Chan is shocked to meet her. She deals him a very deserved slap around the face and tells him she was willing to give up everything for him, but obviously his love for her wasn't that sincere if he could just give her away like that.
She then leaves in tears, Dong Chan is left not knowing what to do.

Back at the Kang Mansion, Manager Jang and Maid Jung argue about whether Hye Na and Dong Chan should be together. Maid Jung things they should whilst Manager Jang (though he likes Dong Chan) thinks they shouldn't (for Hye Na's own good).

When Hye Na refuses to return home and opts for staying in a hotel Maid Jung phones Dong Chan.

Dong Chan goes to the hotel ready to drag Hye Na back to the mansion, but she refuses to go, furious with him.
She asks why he thinks she asked him to run away with her, did he think she was bored? She explains that she was ok giving up everything if she could be with him, but he wasn't willing to do the same. She calls him selfish and a coward.

Dong Chan pauses and admits maybe he is a coward but she gave up everything for him and he had nothing to give up in return. The most important thing to him was her and that was the only thing important enough to him that he could sacrifice for her.

It obviously wasn't how Hye Na imagined the conversation would turn out. Dong Chan ends up leaving, it's obvious he was hurt by her words. Hye Na cries but it doesn't stop him from leaving.

Dong Chan makes it all the way to the lobby before his recent memories of their conversations together kick in and he is urged to turn back.
He ends up running back to the room and banging on the door. When Hye Na opens it there are still tears in her eyes.
Dong Chan pushes through and embraces her tightly before kissing her, as the door begins to shut us out of view, we see Hye Na removes his jacket ;) ... end of episode!

What a way to leave us hanging for a week! :o

So wow! Nice ending <3 haha this had people on the edge of their seats and it certainly had me :P the last scene of the show was very powerful, I really enjoyed it, it gave the show some of it's spark back, it was a really emotional few minutes and I felt so bad for Hye Na.

The episode like the previous was very laid back in its approach, the last 4 episodes are usually the most angst ridden and it's a fight to get to the finish. But for some reason this show hasn't gone so dark. It may be because of the lack of a strong evil other character. In most shows this is about where the Other woman gets her way for a moment or where the other guy stirs things up. In this show the only real angst comes from Grandpa who really doesn't want Hye Na and Dong Chan together. Whilst I was expecting it, it was a bit bizarre for me to watch. In most Korean dramas the parents/ guardians don't like the other person in the relationship from the get go. I guess this drama put Dong Chan in a more awkward position. He was originally liked by Grandpa Kang to have that respect and then lose it and have to try and regain it again would require putting his pride down.

Hye Na and Dong Chan running away together was fairly expected, as in a lot of Korean dramas they had a moment to be happy together and escape it all, but as in all drama they both realise they can't run forever and the only true way to be happy is to face the problem head on.

The episode was sweet, to be honest not a huge amount happened, but it was sweet... the Eui Joo, Tae Yoon push is obvious but at the same time I like it so I won't complain ^^

Episode 14 fighting <3


  1. just want to thank you so much for these! mysoju doesn't have these eps, and i dont want to search up for them. thanks for taking the time! i <3 eui joo, how shes not the typical mean girl.

  2. Yeah, thanks for writing it, I also watch on mysoju but this ep can't be found. I'm still looking for it because those last episodes where Dong Chan and Hye Na are happy together are just best of all, I'm quite pissed off because I've already missed many episodes. So thanks for your hard work ;)

  3. where is this ep can watch??thx