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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 11

So Episode 10 ended at the party, which is where episode 11 takes off. Eui Joo angry at witnessing the scene between Dong Chan and Hye Na, tells Tae Yoon the truth. She tells him all about Dong Chan being a Gigolo and conning Hye Na and she also tells him that Dong Chan is very much in love with Hye Na. Obviously Tae Yoon isn't happy.

Before Tae Yoon can say anything however, Hye Na's speech takes place. Director Kang and his group of sheep get up and start to leave only a few seconds after she has begun. Hye Na tells them they should at least hear her out, she explains that she only wants to take over KangSan Group if she can do it well. For that reason if she can't do the tasks they assign for her, she will willingly give up her position. Director Kang smiles evilly at this.

When the speech is done Dong Chan tells her how proud of her he is, President Kang however tells Hye Na off for her stupidity asking her what she will do if she can't do what she says now. When Hye Na says she will do as promised and not become the President, Grandpa Kang doesn't take it very well.

Whilst Hye Na is chatting with her Grandpa, Dong Chan is busy taking a blow from an angry Tae Yoon.
When Hye Na finds the pair acting awkwardly at her arrival she asks what is wrong, both of them deny anything is going on.

As Tae Yoon drives Hye Na home she explains from now on because of work she won't be able to see him as much. Tae Yoon takes the opportunity to ask her to become his wife if she doesn't want to work.

When Hye Na arrives home she is in a daze. She explains what happened to Dong Chan. Dong Chan puts on a brave face and congratulates her.

The next day Dong Chan and Tae Yoon meet up and Dong Chan promises Tae Yoon that he will be leaving Hye Na's side soon so he will have nothing to worry about. He also assures him that he has nothing to worry about as his love is one sided.

Grandpa Kang's fears come true when Hye Na is set the impossible task of raising her online mall shopping figures by 15% in 1 month. Because of her pride Hye Na agrees to the impossible task.

Outside Dong Chan corners Eui Joo who has been avoiding him since she tattled to Tae Yoon on him. Dong Chan assures her he is not mad at her but rather thankful as he wanted everyone to know the truth. It's a relief. He admits that he understands Tae Yoon's behaviour and that he will be quitting soon, what he doesn't know is Hye Na hears the whole thing.

Hye Na sets her mind on the task ahead, encouraged as usual by Dong Chan. He brings the team food as the group huddle together to discuss plans, all the time Hye Na's eyes keep returning to Dong Chan, he smiles when he notices her looking at him.

The team don't finish until the early hours, Dong Chan takes Hye Na for noodles and when they are done he leads her to the rooftops to watch the sunrise. He admits he used to do it everyday when his mother was in hospital and explains that it gives one the confidence to start over and gives you the feeling of being alive. Hye Na can sense the finality in Dong Chan's voice and understands what's happening.
Hye Na takes the initiative and says "I suppose I shouldn't hold onto you" she worries if she will be ok without him, but she bravely lets him go. She tells him he's fired.

When Grandpa Kang comments on his sadness about Dong Chan's departure and wonders what brought it on. Manager Jang seems to know the reason, but doesn't comment any further.

Hye Na meets up with Tae Yoon and tells him that she fired Dong Chan, which makes him relieved, but not surprised (as he already knew from his conversation with Dong Chan that he would be leaving). Tae Yoon asks if she will get a new butler, when she says no, he wears a curious expression on his face that maybe implies he is thinking the reason is because she can't replace Dong Chan.

Whilst Dong Chan returns to the flower Shop, Hye Na gets frustrated about the sales figures, which are increasing but at nowhere near the rate she needs.
When she declares her fears to her colleagues, she is approached by some of her staff who say they know an easy way to increase the figures. Willing to do anything Hye Na stupidly agrees to use their method...

The figures are manipulated and Director Kang and Soo Ah are completely stumped the next day when they see the increase. Grandpa Kang however is very impressed.

Whilst Tae Yoon stares at the engagement ring he got for Hye Na pondering if when he should give it her, Hye Na is smiling at a photo she finds of Dong Chan.

When Tae Yoon and Hye Na meet for the proposal dinner, the atmosphere is strange and Hye Na's mind is on Dong Chan.
When Tae Yoon pops the question Hye Na is completely lost for words, she doesn't answer for some time making the atmosphere very awkward. When she finally speaks she tells him she is going through a tough time and isn't ready for this kind of question. Tae Yoon answers with something he will later regret. He asks if it is because of Dong Chan and then makes it worse by asking if he is the one she really likes.

Much later on Dong Chan gets a call from an unknown person asking him to come collect Hye Na from a bar. When Dong Chan gets there Hye Na is completely drunk and is pleasantly surprised when she sees Dong Chan. Dong Chan asks why she got the bartender to call him. She honestly can't remember and says she never did it.
She tells Dong Chan he is very cute and squeezes his cheeks. She goes to kiss his cheek however Dong Chan moves at the last minute and she ends up brushing lips with him. It's not a kiss really but they end up lips slightly touching for a few seconds before both pull away shocked.
Hye Na immediately asks what Dong Chan did to her :P he obviously isn't going to take that and yells back that he didn't do anything it was her.

When they leave Hye Na is so drunk she stumbles everywhere and so Dong Chan ends up giving her a piggy back.
Dong Chan asks if something bad happened but Hye Na adamantly refuses to tell him because he's not her butler anymore. She finishes by telling him it's all his fault and even sheds some tears.
If Dong Chan knew the entire situation, Hye Na's feelings would be obvious here. It's Dong Chan's fault because he made her confused and she is no longer satisfied with Tae Yoon.

Dong Chan shocks the staff and Grandpa Kang when he arrives back at the Kang Mansion with Hye Na. He lies her on the sofa and tells her she can't keep calling him anymore as he is no longer her butler, she needs to do things on her own and be dependent.

The next morning Hye Na is in for a rude awakening. Everything seems to be going wrong for her, first her love life now her business life. Director Kang and Soo Ah arrive to speak with Hye Na and President Kang.
It comes to light that Hye Na's figure tampering has been discovered and she is in BIG trouble. Director Kang and Soo Ah are quietly smug, President Kang is absolutely furious and what makes him more angry is that Hye Na doesn't even seem to understand what she did wrong. And so he throws Hye Na out of the house.
Hye Na protests and the staff are forced to drag her away. Grandpa Kang advises them if they don't get rid of her they will be fired, so they obey.

Hye Na is driven into town and dumped on the street with one little suit case. Absolutely furious Hye Na goes in search of the nearest hotel.
When she goes to pay she finds out that Grandpa has cancelled all of her credit cards. Reluctantly she ends up checking into the cheapest room they have.
When she gets to her room she realises she is hungry but she has no money left for food. She starts phoning her rich friends to prompt them into inviting her out for dinner. However they all seem to busy.
Hye Na gets frustrated she nearly resorts to contacting Tae Yoon and Dong Chan but stops herself. Instead she turns to the bottle and gets drunk.

Obviously Hye Na lost track of things somewhere along the way, because when she wakes up she is in unfamiliar surroundings and Dong Chan is looking at her... :o

I will admit, I am late reviewing the last half of the series... well just under half. I really did enjoy the series and I loved waiting each week to see how Dong Chan and Hye Na would pan out. If I am being honest I think the peak of this show was probably episode 10... but the series was still very much enjoyable for me after 10...
Was it just me or after 10 did it start to feel disjointed and maybe a bit rushed in places?
This show was highly anticipated being Yoon Eun Hye's comeback show, I have a feeling that they really did assume this would be extended so when it wasn't they maybe crammed stuff in... I could be completely missing the mark but it felt slightly out of pace and weird in a few places very much like Tempted Again, which we know got shortened...

Anyway enough about that and more about the episode.
So Dong Chan... he just can't decide ne? One minute he's Hye Na's butler the next he's not... then he is... then he's not etc etc. XDDD to be honest I can understand why he is like that, Grandpa Kang is nice to him and Dong Chan likes Hye Na so I guess he finds it hard not to accept when they keep coming to him. They seem to really rely on him.

If it wasn't before it become blindingly obvious in this episode where Hye Na's heart lies, especially after Dong Chan left. When she was drunk he was the one she called, when she got kicked out he was the one she called (I know she was drunk both times :P but they say you're more honest when you're drunk... so yeah).
When Dong Chan was giving Hye Na a piggy back and told him it was all his fault, it felt obvious to me that she was implying it was his fault because she is confused... before she could answer Tae Yoon honestly now she is wavering.
Also when Tae Yoon asked if she would replace Dong Chan, when she said no it felt as if she were suggesting he were irreplaceable

Eui Joo showed her nasty streak at the start of this episode by coming clean to Tae Yoon. I guess in a way it needed to happen and bless her she did feel really bad about it after. It's refreshing to see this type of character as the other woman. She was so sweet I found it hard not to love her even though she had done a nasty thing. She didn't take it TOO far like most Korean dramas do, she did what maybe any woman in her position would do, she acted out. She was upset to see Dong Chan that way with another woman and vented by telling on him to Tae Yoon. It wasn't a massive revenge but it was normal... more normal than the usual home wreckers Korean dramas bring in :P so yeah I can't help but like and understand her ^^

As for Tae Yoon it feels really weird for me to see him acting this way, he has been so laid back and cool for most of the series, even though his jealousy makes him a bit more real (and I guess less likable so fans will push him away and cheer for Dong Chan) it just feels weird and I do wonder if they did it just to make him that bit more unlikable so to boost Dong Chan's draw.

Anyway overall it was a good episode it flowed well enough, it was just a bit samey to see Dong Chan leave again, that's my only complaint really.

Bring on 12... Dong Chan fighting!

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  1. I note in passing, since I am late out of the gate, and Dramacrazy is currently not working (cheap & crummy server farm software, from the errors being thrown up), these postings are filling me in and keeping me engaged with series. The comments on the formulaic character of Korean drama are on the mark; it is a tribute to some of the casts that they can make these shows work. Gods most merciful, what I wouldn't give to see some of these folks cast in something with a bit more dramaturgic depth.

    Now, someone needs to wean the costume designers from Really Bad Taste: "Hooker heels" make women walk funny. They also look funny when worn with jeans. A coppery glow to the hair often emphasizes a certain sallow hue in East Asian complexions. And so on.