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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 13

Episode 13 and Hye Na and Dong Chan are finally a couple! YAY!

So after finally having a kiss at the end of episode 12, the pair leave the hospital together. As they sit outside together, Dong Chan seems in shock :P whilst Hye Na seems to be happily nervous.
Dong Chan asks why she likes him, Hye Na replies with "I didn't say I liked you" ^^; and then continues to say that she doesn't know why she just does. She shuffles towards him and links arms with him, which he responds to, he holds out his hand for her to take.

Back home Eui Joo worries about Dong Chan after hearing that he had an accident from her Ma. Eui Joo's Ma tells her that Hye Na went over so it's fine, but now Eui Joo is wondering as to why they still haven't returned.

Meanwhile Hye Na and Dong Chan walk down the street together hand in hand, happy. Eui Joo waits pacing the stairs when she notices Hye Na and Dong Chan walking towards her. She double takes when she sees the pair holding hands. She immediately moves to hide, not knowing how to react to the situation.

The two have a mini playful arguement about who was holding hands so tightly, then a little embarassed say good night to each other.
However it isn't long before Hye Na runs screaming into Dong Chan's room. Dong Chan panics pulling his shirt back on as he was in the midst of changing.
Hye Na screams as she realises what she walked in on, then Dong Chan reminds her she's not looking very suitable either, Hye Na immediately pulls the shirt she had on up to hide her bra straps.
She explains that there is a bug in her room that's why she was screaming, she wants Dong Chan to be the man and dispose of it for her.

Dong Chan obliges and enters her room. Hye Na flaps and slaps him on the back, he immediately winces in pain reminding her that he was in an accident. Hye Na immediately panics and starts lifting up his shirt trying to see if he has any serious injuries ^^; when she realises what she is doing she stops, she looks at Dong Chan awkwardly, he looks to her shoulder where her bra strap has fallen down, she immediately pulls it up and begins covering herself with her cardigan getting back onto the chair.

Eui Joo arrives at a bar to find Tae Yoon drinking himself into a slumber. She tells him about the Hye Na and Dong Chan development. He doesn't seem that surprised or bothered. He admits he thought Dong Chan was getting in the way but it was actually the other way around.
He ends up getting so drunk that he can't walk and Eui Joo not being able to drag him for long ends up checking him into the nearest motel.
She lies him down on the bed, but it isn't long before he his hugging her tight and muttering Hye Na's name.
When he finally let's go, Eui Joo starts to undo his tie, he immediately sits up to face her, she sits frozen, until Tae Yoon darts to the bathroom to be sick. Eui Joo follows patting his back.

Meanwhile Hye Na and Dong Chan sit outside the house, Hye Na wonders if they can stay together. Dong Chan admits he is unsure but that he wants to be with her until she returns to her Grandpa at least. He asks if she will be his lover at least until then. She smiles and hugs him.

At some point the pair ended up lying down together and falling asleep. Eui Joo's Ma finds them the next morning, Hye Na is lying on top of Dong Chan. When they wake to see Eui Joo's Ma both of them pretend they don't know how they got there ^^; but Eui Joo's Ma is no fool lol, not that she says anything.

In the meantime Eui Joo wakes up at the motel... alone. Angry and groggy she leaves for work where she is questioned by Soo Ah. Instead of assuming that Eui Joo had a seedy night at a motel with a guy she assumes that Eui Joo is too poor to do her own washing ^^;

Back at the house Hye Na checks on Dong Chan to find him asleep with a fever. She puts a wet cloth on his forehead and takes care of him until she falls asleep by his side.
He wakes a bit later to find her sleeping beside him. He puts the quilt over her and leaves.
Hye Na wakes again later to find Dong Chan gone.

Whilst this is going on Tae Yoon has taken in it upon himself to do a bit of soul searching :P he returns to the location where he and Hye Na volunteered together and became a couple. One moment he is happily taking pictures and another he is sadly reminiscing.

Hye Na talks with Dong Chan in the park about Tae Yoon, she admits that she was happy that she didn't find him that day to talk to him about their relationship ending, but that she is sorry to him.

Whilst working on her site Hye Na realises there are a lot of things she doesn't know about Dong Chan and she starts asking him questions.
A possible part time job comes through. Dong Chan takes Hye Na to the school where the job is. She is asked to paint a wall. A simple enough task.
Dong Chan disappears and when he returns he finds Hye Na has started painting trees, plants and animals on the wall.
Not sure what to make of it he asks what she did and she explains it seemed the right thing to do and that the children would like it. Dong Chan seems to agree and begins helping. After a while they get some of the young children to help by having their hands painted and leaving their mark on the wall.
When they are done Hye Na happily counts her money, until Dong Chan steals it off her and runs away laughing :P

Eui Joo meets up with Tae Yoon to prompt him to take action with Hye Na if he doesn't want to lose her to Dong Chan. Tae Yoon admits he is happy to give up but Eui Joo plays the disappointed card, saying she thought his love was real but it obviously wasn't if he only tried that hard.

Dong Chan reports to Grandpa Kang about Hye Na's progress with the online mall and the part time job she did.
Grandpa Kang admits that he is happy with Hye Na and ready to accept her back... not good for Hye Na and Dong Chan's relationship :(

Whilst Dong Chan is with Grandpa Kang, Hye Na finally bumps into Tae Yoon. Hye Na tries to explain the situation, but after his talk with Eui Joo, Tae Yoon admits that he is not ready to give up yet and leaves.

Dong Chan and Hye Na meet up again and are caught on camera unbeknownst to them by someone spying on them.
The pair go shopping together before they end up by the riverside with a cake to celebrate Hye Na's success at work. She gives Dong Chan a gift and asks him to always stay by her side. Dong Chan obviously wants to say yes but is also unsure of their future, especially now Hye Na is allowed to return home.
As they leave and walk along the river, Dong Chan tells her the truth that her Grandpa is willing to take her back. Hye Na wonders where that leaves them and asks if he'll come with her. He tells her he will and kisses her on the forehead sweetly.

Hye Na leaves the next morning in the clothes that were passed to her by Maid Jung (through Dong Chan) she thanks Eui Joo and her Ma and promises to repay them then leaves with Dong Chan.
Whilst Hye Na is preparing to go into the meeting, Director Kang is somewhere else receiving secretly taken photos of Hye Na and Dong Chan together by his spy.

Hye Na tells the board of her success with the online mall, however the meeting is soon interrupted by the late arrival of Director Kang and his sheep.
When Grandpa Kang asks what the meaning of the interruption is, Director Kang explains that Hye Na has once again disgraced the company.
Obviously everyone is confused. Director Kang throws the envelope on the table. President Kang pulls out a copy of the next day's newspaper on the front it tells of Hye Na being Conned into a relationship by a Gigolo working for her and has pictures of Hye Na and Dong Chan together.
When Hye Na finds out what is going on, she runs out of the boardroom to find Dong Chan.
Director Kang smiles triumphantly, whilst President Kang looks as if he might have a heart attack :S

Hye Na runs down the stairs to find a smiling Dong Chan, his smile fades when he sees her face. He asks what is wrong, she tells him to run away with her and the pair run...

End of Episode :ooo

Nyooooo how can they do that!?!?!?! XD

Ok so 13 is over and a tidal wave is headed Hye Na and Dong Chan's way.

So let's be honest Grandpa's reaction was 100% expected :P How many Korean dramas have people seen where the parents/guardians have been happy with the future husband/ wife prospect? ^^;;;; it would be nice to see them just happy for a change rather than having to go through all the angst XD

Anyway things were relatively calm for most of the episode, it was only at the end when thinks started to kick off. Still it was a nice episode for Hye Na and Dong Chan moments, plenty of cuteness.

I realise when I am blogging and I see pictures from old episodes how much this show has changed and what a different feel it has now. I still love the show but I miss how it used to feel in the early episodes... I think the main reason was for Hye Na's personality change, she went from being feisty and arrogant to being dependent and kind. The kindness is expected for a drama like this, though maybe not so much of a dramatic change(?) the dependency seems very unatural on the other hand. I suppose it was brought in to prompt more cute moments. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing but I do like sop ^^; I do miss her feisty, fiery personality though it was a lot of fun.

Not a bad episode, it wasn't AS choppy as the last one, but again there were scenes that maybe should have been added and maybe scenes that should have been removed(?) Dong Chan getting sick was completely unecessary and a waste, it only lasted for about 30 seconds of drama and didn't lead to anything apart from Hye Na falling asleep again. It was only Dong Chan that was sick... surely she should have been working and not sleeping :P if they had played it out and shown us a proper scene of her caring for him and made it sweet it would have worked, but it just seemed a waste really :(

Gosh I sound so negative writing this >< I really don't mean to be I do really enjoy the series believe it or not ^^; I just like to state the things that I would have maybe liked to have seen done better so it would have been perfect :) again it may be a timing issue... :(

Anyway overall lots of sweetness... though Eui Joo's character was a little contradictory in this episode and Tae Yoon was completely fickle and disappointed me.
Eui Joo was telling Dong Chan she was happy for him one moment and the next prompting Tae Yoon to make his move encouraging him to break Hye Na and Dong Chan apart.
Tae Yoon was weak, when he seemed adamant that he was going to do the mature thing and let go he seemed cool and I respected him, but when he caved after Eui Joo played the disappointed card I was disappointed in him. His holding onto Hye Na just makes him seem desperate and lame... sorry Tae Yoon, you should have stuck to your guns and let go with pride, that would have made you cool in my book.

Oh and I like Tae Yoon and Eui Joo cuteness even if their characters are gray at times... they are so adorable together and they fit so well ^0^ they should totally hook up! XD

Aja Aja!

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