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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 12

So episode 11 ended with Hye Na waking up to Dong Chan's face. I will be honest I really thought she was going to be dreaming. But as it turns out she got so drunk she called Dong Chan... again, this is becoming a regular occurence haha.

Hye Na tries to make excuses about her reasons for being in a hotel by telling Dong Chan she decided to leave home. However Dong Chan tells her he knows the truth after phoning Manager Jang.

Dong Chan believes Grandpa Kang will have calmed down and will accept her if she returns home. He drags Hye Na home, however when they get there they are turned away.
Hye Na walks off without Dong Chan and tells him not to follow her. Dong Chan however follows her but at a distance that he thinks she won't notice.

When she finally stops walking and sits down, Dong Chan approaches her. Hye Na gets angry and tells him to leave her alone, her hunger however gives her away and Dong Chan offers to take her to lunch.

Hye Na feels awkward and embarassed over the brush of lips incident that happened the last time they met, she tries to play it off by apologising if she did anything strange, she goes on to explain she used to have a habit of kissing animals when she was younger if she got drunk ^^; obviously Dong Chan doesn't seem to happy but he saves her the embarassment by telling her she didn't do anything of the sort ^^;
Dong Chan then moves on to find out why she didn't go to Tae Yoon. Assuming they fought again he tells her to make up with him quickly and go stay with Tae Yoon seeing as she will be marrying him soom anyway (he obviously doesn't know :P)

Meanwhile Tae Yoon sits at his office regretting the comment he made to Hye Na the night before. He tells Soo Ho that he said something that should never be said even if you are suspicious of it (he is talking about the " is it really me you like? " comment as now he has said it, it will start to make things clearer in Hye Na's mind).

So Hye Na is prepared to meet with Tae Yoon thanks to Dong Chan. However Dong Chan doesn't manage to leave before Tae Yoon arrives (making things strained) it's obvious that things are bad between them when they sit about a metre apart from each other on the bench with very closed off body language.
Tae Yoon wonders why she told Dong Chan she was not kicked out but not him. Hye Na admits she's ashamed but this only shows how wrong their relationship is if she can't go to Tae Yoon honestly in this kind of situation.
In the end things get hard and Hye Na doesn't know what to do, confused she apologises and leaves alone.

Whilst Hye Na is at this meeting with Tae Yoon, Dong Chan meets with Manager Jang who explains the real situation. Grandpa Kang has kicked Hye Na out so she can get some life experience... he requests that Dong Chan become her personal attendant (again o.O) and take care of her on behalf of the President in this time.
Dong Chan agrees, Manager Jang also explains that President Kang will die very soon :o ...

After leaving Manager Jang, Dong Chan gets a call from Tae Yoon asking if he met up with Hye Na. When Dong Chan finds out she is not with Tae Yoon he starts to panic. He immediately hangs up and searches the streets.

Unable to find her, he returns home to see if she maybe turned up.
Hye Na is waiting on the stairs by his house, however when she sees Dong Chan coming she makes a failed attempt to hide by the wall.
Dong Chan doesn't notice her until she is pretty much in full view. She goes to sneak off but Dong Chan grabs her and shakes her frantically asking where she was. It's obvious how worried he was.
Hye Na explains she is going to stay with Tae Yoon, which makes Dong Chan even more angry, he asks her why she can't be honest and that he knows she argued with Tae Yoon again.
Hye Na cries and admits she had nowhere else to go but to him. Somewhere along the way Dong Chan softens and pulls Hye Na into a tight hug.
He then leads her into his house.
He explains to Eui Joo and Eui Joo's Ma that Hye Na will be staying with them as she has nowhere else to go. They both agree, though Eui Joo very reluctantly ^^;

Hye Na is woken next morning by Dong Chan kicking her awake... well not quite kicking her :P but he uses his foot. He explains that she has to earn her keep and she half heartedly gets up.

Eui Joo makes it quite clear that she is going to make use of this situation and get her revenge.

With Director Kang and his family, it is obvious they are all happy about Hye Na being ejected from the Kang San mansion, however one member of the family isn't happy. Soo Min yells at them all for being so mean about Hye Na.

Meanwhile Eui Joo meets up with Tae Yoon and tells him about the situation with Hye Na being at her house, it's obvious that she has warmed to the idea. Tae Yoon however is not so happy about it. She has once again gone to Dong Chan over him.

Hye Na works at the flower shop, but doesn't do a very good job, making a mess and breaking things as she goes. Tae Yoon appears after hearing of her whereabouts and grabs her pulling her away to talk to her privately.
He is far from amused, he wonders why she is with Dong Chan again when he told her he dislikes it so much. He eventually calms down and apologises as he didn't meet her to yell at her he met up to apologise.
He ends up embracing her, an embrace that Dong Chan sees and assumes measn the pair have made up.

Later on however he finds Hye Na sitting on a swing alone looking far from happy. Dong Chan tells her he thought she made up with Tae Yoon, when she tells him she did she doesn't look that happy about it.
Dong Chan tries to cheer her up instead by doing silly impressions of her Grandpa amongst others, which does work ^^

After failing to get Hye Na a job ^^; Dong Chan and Hye Na end up talking about Hye Na's Mom. He asks her if she misses her, obviously Hye Na says she doesn't remember her but as long as she has her Grandpa she is fine, this makes Dong Chan feel sad and guilty because he knows the inevitable truth.

Meanwhile Grandpa and Tae Yoon meet up to talk about wedding arrangements. Grandpa is oblivious to the current situation and still things are going strong between Hye Na and Tae Yoon and Tae Yoon isn't in the right mind to set him straight. (This disappoints me about Tae Yoon as I didn't think he was such a clingy character at the start, he seemed cool... too cool maybe which is why I found him a little boring).

Maid Jung pays Hye Na a short visit (their closeness is cute) Maid Jung comments on how happy Hye Na seems.

After Hye Na is put to work... though it seems like fun :P Hye Na and Dong Chan end up doing the washing together.
When they have finished the days work, Dong Chan insists on Hye Na making dinner. However she explains she doesn't like doing what she is bad at. Dong Chan comments on how she is prettiest when she can't do something well but she throws herself into the task. How cute ^0^

After this Hye Na receives a phone call from Tae Yoon about meeting his parents some time. The show then jumps to that time. Hye Na is taken to the meeting, but it is obvious she doesn't want to be there. She acts polite... Tae Yoon's parents think things are going well and Tae Yoon is happy, however not far into the meal Hye Na gets a phonecall from Eui Joo's Ma telling her that Dong Chan has been in an accident and is in hospital... we are actually shown a shot of the accident during the meal... it seemed so random though... will comment on that later.

Anyway the point is Hye Na leaves!

Tae Yoon chases her and asks her who is it. Hye Na doesn't want to say, she apologises and Tae Yoon guesses that it's Dong Chan. Hye Na apologises again, she goes to leave her but Tae Yoon stops her and asks her not to go.
Hye Na apologises yet again and pulls free. In that scene we see the last thread of their relationship broken. In that moment Hye Na chose Dong Chan and you could see from Tae Yoon's expression that he understood that too.

On the way to the hospital Hye Na thinks about her time with Dong Chan, tears in her eyes, hands clenched together as she worries that something serious has happened.

She runs into the hospital in search of Dong Chan when she sees him walking down one of the corridors.
She runs to him and asks if he is ok. Dong Chan seems very confused here, he seems to wonder why she is there and why she is so worried... somehow he is still oblivious to her feelings :P (I guess though quite often when people are in love they are blind to the other person's feelings)

Finding out she worried for nothing Hye Na starts to walk off. Dong Chan chases after her asking her to wait. When she doesn't he asks if she is angry.
She tells him no, he asks why she is there explaining that he thought she had an engagement meeting with Tae Yoon and his parents.
Hye Na admits that she did but she left because of him. Alarm bells start to ring around here you can tell from the expression on Dong Chan's face. I think most people can understand his feelings well in this scene.
Hye Na on the verge of tears leans forwards and kisses him lightly on the lips holding there for a few seconds waiting for him to react.
But Dong Chan is completely frozen and just stands there.
When Hye Na leaves with a look of rejection, Dong Chan snaps back to it and chases after her, he grabs her and plants a big kiss on her, which she returns ^0^


End of Episode 12.... phew <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Whoooooooo finally they smooched! XD we all knew it was going to happen :P didn't make me any less excited about seeing it though ^0^

I will admit that with the new drama I am watching I am holding off reading spoilers and reviews because I think it may have ruined certain parts of this series for me :( it's not as exciting I guess when you are expecting things, still it kept me pretty entertained so I won't complain too much, I have just learned my lesson.

First of all I was keeping up to date with forums and reviews when this was out and boy did the first kiss bring some controversy ^^;
Basically it was those who thought it was lame and those who thought it was right for the situation. I fell into the latter.
Basically if it had just been the first kiss, then fair enough I wouldn't have been impressed... it wasn't really a kiss to be fair. Basically Hye Na pressed her lips against Dong Chan's but he was too shocked to react. I thought it was done well and to fit the character, I can't think of anything more embarassing than going in for a proper kiss and not getting anything in return ^^; XD I think what Hye Na was doing here was testing the water and by Dong Chan's initial reaction I think she was right to do so. He was frozen! Literally... but to be expected really, the poor guy has been suffering an unrequited love the whole series and has just realised its actually reciprocated.
Anyway when she walks away sadly, Dong Chan obviously snaps back into life, he runs after her and gives her the real deal.
He doesn't do it too full on, he's careful with her, which I think is real sweet and reflects his character, he has been taking care of her the whole series, it would be weird if all of a sudden he just flipped a switch and started passionately kissing her without a thought.
Anyway that's that...

Right the last 10 minutes... when I first read from people that they were choppy and not well done, I was hoping that I would feel otherwise when I saw it.
To be honest I think I would have still picked up on it if I hadn't read the comments... but because I had it made it really obvious and awkward to me.
The worst part was Dong Chan's accident, it was really not done well I'm really sorry to say :( We were torn from Hye Na and Tae Yoon's meal with Tae Yoon's parents to a random scene of Dong Chan driving merrily for a few seconds before we had one of those awful "shock" faces then skip back to Hye Na and Tae Yoon. It was INCREDIBLY random! I was like, where did that come from? O.o
The other bit that I felt was badly done was the arranging of the engagement meeting. Tae Yoon phoned Hye Na to arrange it, which I assumed would then happen next episode or something, but no it was the next scene O.o I'm not sure in the point of the phone call... I think it would have flowed so much better if they had not incorporated that scene.
Anyway it was just the last 10 minutes that seemed inconsistent really, the rest of the episode flowed at a nice pace.
Like I mentioned before I have a feeling that maybe they thought they would have more episodes to play with than this and so ran out of time and had to cram it in... still you would think they could have done a better job? Anyway enough with the negative let's get to the positive.

The whole episode really was building up to Hye Na and Dong Chan's kiss, you could feel it coming, things were just hovering on boiling point... there was only so long it could hold out before Hye Na finally gave in to her true feelings. Her feelings were obvious to everyone (bar Dong Chan it seems) for the whole episode. The episode consisted of her chosing Dong Chan over Tae Yoon again and again.
After building it up that much it was nice to see them finally kiss, it was like a happy release XD.

Eui Joo's revenge was surprisingly light, but then I have mentioned in the past that she is a really sweet and natural person. She is probably the most normal person in the show. So her idea of revenge is making Hye Na do every day chores rather than making her really suffer like some kind of Cinderella.

Anyway the episode overall was nice, the last 10 minutes were a bit of a mess but I think most of us can agree that the kiss saved it for us :P ... maybe us sops? XD

Anyway the calm before the storm? Go team Butler w00p w00p! =D

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