Tuesday, 20 October 2009

You're Beautiful

Korean Title: 미남이시네요
Also Known As: You're Beautiful/ You're Handsome
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast Period: October 7th 2009 -
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

A.N.JELL is a big group in Korea, after the anouncement of a new member by the name of Go Mi Nam. Go Mi Nam's manager is put in a spot of trouble. After putting Go Mi Nam up for eye surgery and it going wrong he then has no new member to debut and the pictures have been sent out.
As luck has it Go Mi Nam has an identical twin sister called Go Mi Nyu who is in training to be a nun. Ma Hoon Yi the manager goes in search of Go Mi Nyu in the hope that he will find someone to stand in.
When he runs into her he finds the likeness uncanny and begs Go Mi Nyu to take her brother's place just for a month until he is recovered.
After a series of unimaginable events she ends up agreeing. She cuts her hair, ties up her boobs, put on mens clothes and joins the band.
The rest of the series follows Mi Nyu's escapades as her brother Mi Nam and goes behind the scenes with A.N.JELL.

Main Characters

Go Mi Nam (Male)/ Go Mi Nyu (Female) - Park Shin Hye

Go Mi Nyu identical twin sister of Go Mi Nam. Currently playing the part of her male twin brother who is the new singer in the famous A.N.JELL... how long can she keep the secret from everyone, including the band?
Wants to become a nun, but is taking her brothers place in the hope of making their dream come true... finding their mother.

Hwang Tae Kyung - Jang Geun Suk

The lead vocalist of boy band A.N.JELL. He doesn't get on well with people, possibly because of his relationship with his mother who is also a singer.
Tae Kyung has a serious OCD problem when it comes to cleanliness, his room has to be spotless and he doesn't like dirty things, which is one of the main reasons he takes an immediate disliking to Go Mi Nam. But is there a warm heart underneath that cool exterior?

Kang Shin Woo - Jung Yong Hwa

The nice guy of the group. He is the most welcoming to Go Mi Nam when he(she) joins. The strong and silent type but he is always there to cheer Mi Nam on and help her through her tough times (mainly with Tae Kyung)

Jeremy/ Kang On Yu - Lee Hong Ki

Half Korean Half British. Apparently his British family are aristocrats and he's a model. Jeremy is the crazy one of the group. He is very sweet and a little bit possessive. He doesn't know what to make of Mi Nam and is driving himself crazy by imagining him(her) acting provactively all the time. He is far from the smartest person in the world ^^; but he has such a lovable personality that even when he's being evil he's cute. He has a pet dog called Angelina Jolie :P

Yoo He Ri - UEE

Well known in Korea for being a big star who does a lot of charitable work. However when the cameras are off her true personality shines through...

Ma Hoon Yi - Kim In Kwon

Manger of Go Mi Nam. He messes up by sending Go Mi Nam for eye surgery just before his debut. The surgery goes wrong and Ma Hoon Yi is left without a singer.
Ma Hoon Yo is the one who persuades Go Mi Nyu to act as her brother and he always does his best to protect her secret.

Sa Yu Ri - Bae Geu Rin

President of the A.N.JELL Fanclub. Meets Go Mi Nyu as a girl originally and praises her on her nun outfit commenting that she will stand out :P
To begin with she isn't a fan of Go Mi Nam, but perhaps that will change?

President Ahn - Jung Chan

Responsible for A.N.JELL does not know Go Mi Nam's secret.

Wang Kko Di - Choi Soo Eun

Helps Go Mi Nam out, asks her to call her Noona. Is the first person after Ma Hoon Yi to know Go Mi Nam's secret. She is Ma Hoon Yi's trusted friend (Even though she beats him up a lot :P)