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You're Beautiful - Episode 1

Ok so I had been waiting very impatiently for this drama for quite some time. I was excited about the first episode but not quite as excited as some. I made a conscious decision this time NOT to read spoilers in the hope that it wouldn't affect my feelings for the show. This one isn't one to disappoint...

Go Mi Nyu is a nun in training late for service. She manages to sneak in at the back alright but as she is chanting she notices a young girl across the aisle watching her mp4 player rather than paying attention to the service.
Go Mi Nyu attempts to get the girl to turn it off but the girl ignores her and angrily turns up the volume in response.
Being the innocent kind hearted person she is, Go Mi Nyu assumes the girl didn't understand her and walks across the isle behind the girls chair.
She takes out the girls earphone and tells her to turn it off, a fight ensues and the mp4 player ends up shooting across the church floor. As it does the ear phones are ripped out sending loud pop music into the room disturbing the service.
Everyone turns to see what the commotion is, after the mp4 player gets kicked around a few times, Mi Nyu finally gets her hands on it.
However with the shame already being too much to bare, instead of just turning it off, she lies on top of it on the floor.

As this is happening far away in a concert hall in Seoul. A.N.JELL are performing. After the concert the president of their music label advises them that they will be getting a new member to help Hwang Tae Kyung sing (as he has been having problems with his voice). Tae Kyung doesn't seem happy about this, but it really isn't his decision and so there isn't much he can do about it.

As punishment for her disturbance in the church service, Mi Nyu is put to work cleaning the sculptures surrounding the church. As she is doing this a shady man in glasses is watching her from behind a tree, in his hand he has a photo of a person who looks a lot like Mi Nyu but isn't her.
Once she is finished she goes to pick up her plane ticket to go to Rome. Mother Superior is worried about letting her go and makes sure she knows how to control the scooter, when she is sure Mi Nyu will be safe she allows her to leave.

Mi Nyu's scooter does not go very fast, as she drives down the country roads she notices that a car is close behind her. Assuming they want to get past she pulls to the side of the road. However when they don't take over she thinks she has it wrong and switches to the other side, this time the person does overtake, however when they are ahead of her they stop the car blocking the road. Mi Nyu is forced to step on her brakes.
The shady man who had been watching her from behind the trees gets out of the car and walks over to her. Even though his motive is completely innocent he comes across as being a pervert so quite understandably Mi Nyu deals him a couple of blows and tries to escape on her slow scooter.
The man immiedately jumps back in her car to chase her, he tries to shout out the window to her but she ignores him.
The likelihood of escape is small, but Mi Nyu is lucky a lorry drives across the road cutting the shady man off and she manages to scrape through.

The man turns out to be Ma Hoon Yi, Go Mi Nam's (Mi Nyu's identical twin brother) manager. He catches up to her back at the church where she apologises.
Hoon Yi explains that Mi Nam has had an accident but he is supposed to be debuting with A.N.JELL and he was wondering if she would step in and dress up as her brother to sign the contract on his behalf.
Mi Nyu reluctantly ends up agreeing and she follows Hoon Yi to meet the band.

Hoon Yi gives her clothes that practically fall off her, but no one else seems to notice this. She signs the contract but as she does Hwang Tae Kyung, A.N.JELL's leader walks in.
He explains that he can only allow Mi Nam into the group if he believes he can sing.
He drags Mi Nyu off to the recording room where Shin Woo and Jeremy (the other members) are and he locks the door behind them.
Tae Kyung demands that Mi Nyu sing, when she doesn't he says he can't accept her into the band and goes to tear the contract, however before he can Mi Nyu starts to sing.
She sings well (but blatantly sounds like a girl), all 3 members are shocked. Tae Kyung leaves the contract and walks off, Jeremy assures her that this means he has accepted her.
Mi Nyu is then allowed to leave, relieved she gets a pat on the back by Hoon Yi and President Ahn.

Outside Mi Nyu is back in her nuns uniform as she talks to Hoon Yi. She advises him that she is now going to Rome to train over there to be a nun,
Hoon Yi immediately tells her she can't he needs her to be Mi Nam, at least for a month.
Mi Nyu apologises and Hoon Yi admits the truth. He explains that he sent Mi Nam for eye surgery and the surgery went wrong now he can't close his eyes. The only reason he wanted to be a singer was that he thought he could find his Mom.
Mi Nyu is torn, but she apologises again and runs off.

The next day A.N.JELL are at the airport headed for a short trip before returning to announce their new member.
At the same time Mi Nyu is at the airport in her Nun's uniform heading to Rome.
Unfortunately for Mi Nyu fate brings her to Tae Kyung. Literally. The pair bump into each other, Tae Kyung drops his mp3 player and Mi Nyu drops her ticket. She picks up the mp3 player and goes to hand it back, as she looks to the person in front of her she gasps in shock as she realises it is Tae Kyung who she met only the day before.
Scared of being recognised she immediately runs. Tae Kyung yells after her that she left her ticket, but it's no good so he ends up chasing her.
Mi Nyu does a good job of hiding and Tae Kyung loses her. Mi Nyu can still see Tae Kyung but knows that he can't see her, she sighs in relief until she realises that the ticket he is holding in his hand is hers.
As Tae Kyung is searching for her, he gets a call from the other band members. He explains the situation and the pair offer to help him find the nun admitting it shouldn't be hard, she will stand out.
As Mi Nyu hides and tries to think of a way to get her ticket back she ends up getting spotted by both Shin Woo and Jeremy. Both of whom she manages to escape.
Almost giving up hope Mi Nyu sees her opportunity. She is behind Tae Kyung whilst he is on the phone with the ticket losely in his hand. She plans to run over, snatch it from his hands and disappear before he can see her.
She starts to make her run for it when Shin Woo and Jeremy join Tae Kyung, she immediately stops, runs away and hides giving up hope on getting her ticket back.
A.N.JELL decide they have done all they can and that as the nun has already missed her check in time they leave for their flight...

Mi Nyu remains in the airport sulking, at some point she plugs her earphones into Tae Kyung's mp3 player and starts listening to the songs that he has written for A.N.JELL. Mi Nyu is drawn to his songs. After hearing them and after missing her flight, she returns to Hoon Yi and agrees to cover for her brother.

Before the grand unveiling Mi Nyu cuts her hair and binds her chest before going out in front of the paparazzi and the other A.N.JELL members to be announced as the new member.

As the new member of the group she is also aloud to move into the A.N.JELL house where she has her own room. Whilst Tae Kyung is not around, Mi Nyu decides to put his MP3 player in his room without him knowing that it was her that had it.
She sneaks into his room and puts it into his drawer. However when she is done she hears footsteps approaching the door. She runs and hides in the bathroom as Tae Kyung enters his room.
Tae Kyung being a neat freak and OCD notices that someone has been in his room as his lamp has slightly moved.
He goes to check in the bathroom. With no where to hide, Mi Nyu shrinks back and ends up falling onto the toilet as he enters the room.
He doesn't look too impressed, Mi Nyu apologises and goes to push herself up but ends up accidentally pressing one of the buttons on the toilet, water is sprayed out at her and goes everywhere.
When the water stops Mi Nyu stands dripping looking at Tae Kyung. He lays down some ground rules, telling her not to come into his room, then he asks her to leave without touching him.

After the announcement the group are taken out to celebrate by President Ahn.
Here Mi Nyu is introduced to Hoon Yi's friend and assistant Wang Kko Di, he advises Mi Nyu that she knows that Mi Nyu is a girl. Kko Di immediately feels Mi Nyu's chest and advises him that it's fine she hasn't got much and so won't be recognised ^^;
Kko Di seems to have a violent relationship with Hoon Yi whom she then proceeds to hit!

Mi Nyu ends up drunk and needing the bathroom. She heads up on her own and finds her way into the women's bathroom. However she is immediately steered away by Jeremy who witnessed her enter.
She apologises and let's him lead her out, however when she realises he's leading her to the gents, she breaks free violently and goes off on her own. Jeremy decides to leave her to it.

Mi Nyu comes to the conclusion she is hot and begins to remove her jacket, under the impression that no one is around. When she swings her jacket behind her, it is taken off her by Shin Woo.
He smiles and tries to undo her top button. Obviously not wanting that she yells at him and takes her jacket back telling him she's not hot ^^;
Shin Woo tells her the way to the roof and that she may be best getting some fresh air.
Mi Nyu follows Shin Woo's instructions and ends up on the roof where Tae Kyung stands alone.

Mi Nyu walks to the balcony and leans over, however it soon becomes evident that she is needing to be sick, reading her heaving as a sign that she might fall, Tae Kyung runs over and grabs her arm spinning her around.
She makes it clear that she is going to be sick, Tae Kyung offers her several items to be sick into (all useless... including a water bottle ^^;) in the end he offers her a plant pot, he holds onto it whilst she is sick into it, this appears to make Tae Kyung want to be sick too.
He puts the pot on the floor when she is done and she admits that she feels better.
The remaining two A.N.JELL members make it up to the roof for a reunion, Mi Nyu gets onto the bench and starts talking to the sky, not a good idea when drunk.
She slips and goes to fall, all three guys run in to catch her and the clip freezes...

We then go into what appears to be Mi Nyu's dream, she lands from the sky (she has long hair) she walks past all three A.N.JELL members who stare at her as she walks past. Then the light takes over and when it disappears we see all 4 lying on the floor...

To be continued...

What a start!
Ok I wasn't as excited about this series as I was about My Fair Lady, but this was an amazing start to hopefully an amazing series. I really loved it so much and I really hope it can keep the momentum going that it had in this episode.

So Go Mi Nyu/Mi Nam she is sweet and innocent and doesn't pull off a boy very well at all :P but when I questioned myself I thought how many people question a person's gender anyway? If she says she's a boy and everyone else she knows goes along with it, how many people are going to turn around and say "you're not a boy" in my opinion, they'll just think she is a very feminine looking boy, this is why I am buying it. Plus it's too fun not too.

Hwang Tae Kyung is awesome, he has bizarre hair but it kind of suits his crazy personality, he comes across as pretty unfriendly but it seems he is OCD about cleanliness ^^;;; he noticed someone had been in his room just because the light moved!
I love his little sneers they're so cute and fun.

Shin Woo... here comes the "other" guy. Got to feel sorry for him, already ^^; he's such a sweetheart too and he's pretty good looking :P didn't learn much about his character from the first episode, bar that he's sweet.

Jeremy, ZOMG LOVE! He is so adorable ^0^ I LOVE the way he speaks he's so cute and enthusiastic and I love his hair. He doesn't look half British just because he has blonde hair :P but it's cute, I like it and I can't help but LOVE his character =D

There were plenty of laughs in the first episode, I am hoping this drama will keep me excited to the end like the Hong Sister's managed to keep me glued to my seat in My Girl (still my favourite Korean drama, I am hoping You're Beautiful will come and knock it off it's pedestal ^^)

A.N.JELL Fighting! <3

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