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You're Beautiful - Episode 3

So Episode 3 and the cat is out of the bag (so to speak). Tae Kyung shows her the clip he recorded of her admitting that she is a girl and then moves on to tell her that he will be showing President Ahn next... game over.
Tae Kyung leaves and Mi Nyu follows him trying to plead with him, but no matter how hard she tries, he's not having it.
He pushes past her to get into the elevator with a smug smile on his face. Mi Nyu only has moments to think of a plan to stop her world from crumbling around her.
As the elevator doors begin to close she puts her arm forwards and snatches the phone out of Tae Kyung's hand...

Tae Kyung immediately gives chase. Mi Nyu has a good lead but she ends up running down a landing that leads to locked doors. Unsure what to do Mi Nyu tries to dodge him and Tae Kyung lunges forward in an attempt to get his phone away from her. He manages to get his hands on it and the pair snatch it back and forth. That is until reality hits, Tae Kyung tells her that even if he doesn't have the phone he can still tell President Ahn.
Defeated Mi Nyu let's go, but Tae Kyung isn't expecting it and his phone flies over the balcony onto a lorry roof below.

The pair head downstairs together to try and regain the phone. Tae Kyung wanting it because it's his and Mi Nyu wanting it because she doesn't want anyone else to see the video.
When they get downstairs the lorry is still there thankfully.
Tae Kyung gives Mi Nyu a boost and she clambers onto the roof and passes him his phone.
Instead of helping her down right away Tae Kyung would rather worry about his phone that is (none surprisingly) no longer working.
He is so engrossed that he doesn't notice the lorry reversing towards him.
Mi Nyu not wanting to disturb Tae Kyung because she knows he's in a bad mood with her tries to get him to turn around. But Tae Kyung takes all her comments as she's talking about the phone, not the fact that the vehicle she is on is moving.
He turns around and realises that the lorry is closer to him, he looks up to see Mi Nyu looking down at him scared.
Then the lorry drives away, Mi Nyu cries for help but Tae Kyung stands frozen and confused.

Mi Nyu holds on for dear life as the truck makes it's way down the street, she screams out but the driver has his earphones in and cannot hear.
She asks where the truck is going and when it will stop. The driver answers unknowingly, the truck is going to Busan and isn't planning to stop! Too bad for her ^^;
Then Tae Kyung's screaming voice brings her some hope, Mi Nyu turns around to see Tae Kyung chasing the lorry down the street. He nearly grabs a hold of the lorry but ends up letting go. Soon he runs out of steam and the lorry begins to pull ahead.
Mi Nyu cries out to him and as luck would have it the car pulls up at some traffic lights. She hears Tae Kyung yelling at her to get off.
She realises what has happened and takes her chance, she nervously stands up, but it takes her some time. By the time she is up the lights are changing, thankfully Tae Kyung is nearly there.
He tells her to jump and as she does he is there to catch her.
She lands on top of him and the pair end up groaning in pain in the middle of the road.

As they walk home Mi Nyu follows Tae Kyung a few steps behind, very sheepishly.
She works up the courage to finally thank him and Tae Kyung wonders if he is on candid camera. When he realises he's not he gets frantic and asks why he is there acting like a crazy man, he see's a commercial of himself on a billboard and points out that, that is what he should be like.
He says he will have nothing more to do with her, Mi Nyu takes this as he will let her carry on being in A.N.JELL, but he tells her that's not what he meant, he means she should tell President Ahn and everyone herself.

Back with Yoon Hi and Kko Di, Mi Nyu explains the situation, that Tae Kyung knows she is a girl and he wants her out.
Hoon Yi comes up with bizarre plans to make it so that Tae Kyung can't talk. First of all he suggests they lock him up like Old Boy, then he suggests Mi Nyu pretend that, Tae Kyung actually met his twin sister but she in fact is a boy. Finally they parody Sorry Sorry by Super Junior.
Kko Di hits him for his stupid ideas...

Whilst Tae Kyung is given a little scene back at the hotel where for a moment he actually worries about Mi Nyu. The rest of the band are on their way from from the office. In the car Jeremy stares at Mi Nyu and wonders about the arguement he briefly witnessed earlier between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung at the lift. When he asks Mi Nyu about it she tells him she did cause another accident and she should be avoided. Jeremy thinks back to the situation and sees it in a completely different light. This time instead of seeing the actual scene he sees some overdramatic romantic exchange.

Back at the house Mi Nyu walks outside to find Shin Woo waiting for her. He saw her cut in the car and waited for her to come out so he could fix her hand.
Shin Woo tries to calm her mood but she ends up taking it the wrong way and thinking that he is calling her a dog. Shin Woo then proceeds to tell her a story about a guy with a Kyung Sang accent who fell in love with a Seoul girl but got dumped because of a dog.
At the end he admits that he was that boy and that ever since he has covered up his accent. He asks her to keep his secret to which she agrees. He tells her that this will mean they are closer.

Jeremy witnesses the conversation from the upstairs window (but doesn't hear it). He is confused and irritated about their closeness. Then Mi Nyu comes up behind him.
Jeremy drops his apple on the floor and Mi Nyu picks it up and passes it to him. However Jeremy sees this scene through his eyes in a very provocative light.
When he snaps back to normal he is so scared of what he saw that he tells Mi Nyu he no longer wants the apple and she can have it, he then runs off very scared.

The next day Go Mi Nam's aunt turns up at the A.N.JELL offices, she tries to explain to the guards to let her in, but they take her as a crazy fan and tell her she has to wait like the others.
The ajhumma gives up after a while and goes and sits with Sayuri and the others. She asks how long it will take to see the band and Sayuri tells her they can wait all day and hardly see them.

All of A.N.JELL bar Tae Kyung head to the offices. On the way Jeremy gets a call from Tae Kyung asking if anything has happened to Mi Nyu. Jeremy tells him nothing has changed. Tae Kyung is obviously not impressed but doesn't say anything, he just hangs up.
The band arrive at the office and walk through the crowds whilst Go Mi Nam's aunt just happens to be away in the toilet, she comes just as they are entering the building.
She chases after them but misses them, she gives a letter to the man carrying all the gifts. He agrees to give it to Go Mi Nam and heads inside.

Inside the offices Mi Nyu knows what she has to do, she solemnly heads to Presiden't Ahn's office, however he is not there so she sits down and waits for him.
Whilst she is waiting the guy who collected all the presents comes in and explains that he has fan mail for him. He tells her that it was an older woman in a red dress that handed it over.
Mi Nyu opens the envelope to find a photo of her and her twin brother with her father when they were children.
She chases after the man as he leaves and asks him where the woman is. He explains she said she would be waiting downstairs. However whilst this is happening Go Mi Nam's aunt gets an urgent call, taking her away.

Mi Nyu runs downstairs to find the woman gone. She runs over to Sayuri and asks if she saw the middle aged woman. Slightly stunned that a member of A.N.JELL is talking to her she admits she did and points out the direction.
Mi Nyu runs towards the subway as she runs down the street, Tae Kyung notices her as he drives past.

Mi Nyu runs into the station trying to find the mystery woman, however the woman is always just ahead of her and she slips away on the next train.
Resigned to the fact that she's gone, Mi Nyu sulks when some girls nearby talk about whether she is a member of A.N.JELL.
Tae Kyung comes up besides her and pulls her hood over her head asking her if she wants to be recognised. He goes to drag her but she won't come. Other fan girls begin to gather as they recognise the two band members. When Mi Nyu refuses to move again Tae Kyung asks her to think of the situation. Mi Nyu reluctantly follows.

Back at the offices, Mi Nyu explains what happened and that she has a chance to find her mother. She asks that Tae Kyung allows her to stay in the band until she meets with the aunt again. Tae Kyung seems touched however he refuses to agree.

Whilst Tae Kyung leaves to experience another unpleasant encounter with his mother. Mi Nyu walks to the offices depressed. When she arrives President Ahn is waiting for her.
She sits down ready to tell him that she is leaving, but at the last minute she changes her mind. Look at the snarling poster of Tae Kyung before her, she tells him to please let her stay.

Once the deed is done Mi Nyu knows that she has to tell Tae Kyung the truth.
She meets him outside his hotel and informs him that she is staying, he doesn't seem impressed but he also doesn't seem too surprised either. She tells him that she will give him her most important possession until she leaves as a promise that she will go soon. She hands over the ring that both her and her brother have, the only thing to remind her of her parents.
Tae Kyung takes it and throws it into the Water.
Mi Nyu is clearly upset but ends up making a bargain with Tae Kyung. If she finds it he lets her stay. He agrees and she starts her search.

Hours later and now into the night Tae Kyung returns to see Mi Nyu still searching, he whispers that she will never find it as he looks at the ring in his hand.
He assumes she will give up soon and heads back to his hotel to sleep.
However as he lies in his bed he can't seem to nod off, worried that she might not give up and will stay there all night.

Tae Kyung heads down to the water feature as soon as he wakes up the next morning, for a moment he thinks Mi Nyu has given up and smiles, but then Mi Nyu crawls out from behind a rock still searching. Tae Kyung is shocked.
He heads down and tells her to stop searching, but she won't. He tells her it's fine he'll let her stay if she stops searching, but she won't. In the end he admits she won't find it because he has it and he holds the ring up.
Mi Nyu looks over to see the ring in his hand, she jumps out of the fountain and smiles at the sight saying she found it.
She swipes it out of his hand and Tae Kyung moves anticipating a hit. Not impressed he wonders if she will go for another. He flinches as she moves, but he is caught by surprise when she instead throws her arms around him.
Unsure what to do Tae Kyung freezes, realising people are watching he tries to remove her but it won't work. Instead he pulls up his hood, holds his arms up and let's it happen.
Mi Nyu smiles and points out this means that she can stay because she found it.

Tae Kyung allows Mi Nyu back to his hotel room so that she can use the bath. He complains about the noise she's making but that's about it.
When she is done she notices that his bag is packed and asks him if he is coming home. He admits he is, which makes Mi Nyu happy, he explains that he will just overlook it he won't be helping her to which she agrees is ok.

Back at the house Mi Nyu acts overly friendly to Tae Kyung. He plays along and asks her if she is ready for the photo shoot. She says she is and Tae Kyung asks her if she is worried considering it will be at a swimming pool. Mi Nyu is obviously only just learning this information and begins to panic.

However her fears are short lived. When they get to the pool they find out they will be shooting in the water fully clothed so it's all fine. Whilst Mi Nyu is overly happy Tae Kyung seems a little miffed.
All 4 A.N.JELL members get in the pool to do their coming out of the water sequence, all of them bar Mi Nyu are fine. Min Yu however is made to do her scene many times because she comes out of the water coughing and not looking natural.

When she is finally done she sits on a chair at the side of the pool and Shin Woo joins her to give her a drink and cheer her on. Jeremy notices the closness between them and doesn't seem happy.
They are soon called to shoot again Mi Nyu tries to side step past Tae Kyung and ends up making a fool of herself when she falls over at his side. He laughs at her and pokes fun at her by saying she would have nothing to hide even if they were in normal swimwear. It's another conversation that Jeremy witnesses and again he is not happy about the closeness.

The group finish for the day and head to the changing rooms, Mi Nyu is faced with a dilema and Hoon Yi is not there to help her out.
Tae Kyung dares her to go into the male changing rooms before leaving her behind.
When the lights go out and everyone is gone, Mi Nyu sneaks back to the swimming pool to get changed.

In the changing rooms Shin Woo asks some of the workers where Mi Nam is, which Jeremy questions him about.
It seems that some of the equipment has gone missing and the workers are heading back to the pool to search for it. Only Tae Kyung realises what this means for Mi Nyu.
Fighting with his conscience he decides to go and help her even though he said he wouldn't.

When the workers enter, Mi Nyu is shocked and doesn't know what to do, at the opportune moment she jumps into the pool and hides in the water.

When Tae Kyung enters the workers think he is there to help but he doesn't respond to them. He finds Mi Nyu's clothes and assumes she must be somewhere nearby, he turns to the pool and his attention is caught by some air bubbles. He looks in and realises she is under water.
Knowing that the workers are still around he looks at his watch wondering if Mi Nyu is going to risk her life for her secret.
A few moments later Tae Kyung jumps in to save her. Mi Nyu almost out of breath comments to herself on an angel coming to save her...

To be continued...

Phew ok so this was an interesting episode. The series is still going strong and I am still really loving it!
It was good to see how Tae Kyung's knowing about Mi Nyu affected his relationship with her.
Pretty much as soon as he knew things started to change. Within moments of finding out that she is a girl he is chasing her down the street trying to save her. This could be down to his personality, he comes down as cold and uncaring, but I think it's evident that deep down he is actually a misunderstood and kind hearted person.
Anyway at great injury to himself he saves her.

The hug scene was so cute. Tae Kyung's reaction was so lovable, he is obviously not used to female contact and he wasn't expecting Mi Nyu to be so nice after the situation played out. I think Mi Nyu will make him change because of her sweet innocent personality. Instead of being angry and hitting him instead she hugged him, I think this side of her will seep through to him in the end and the pair will grow closer because of it. Also because she believes he is the only one of the band to know her secret, even though he says he won't help, he is inadvertently her ally now. I suppose it is also a relief to her that someone knows.
Anyway he could have been really nasty and thrown her off when she hugged him, after all he is a big strong man. But instead he pulled up his hood and held up his arms :P so cute!

Oh and so much for not helping her, loved him coming to the rescue at the end of the episode :P very sexy =D

Jeremy's increasing attraction to Mi Nyu is hilarious and I love him for it. I find it very clever and realistic that he is interpreting his jealousy at Tae Kyung and Shin Woo's closeness to Mi Nyu as instead jeaousy at her being so close with the other band members. Because of his unknown attraction to her he thinks the jealousy is because she is getting closer to his fellow band members and she is stealing them away.
The scene where she gave him back his apple was hilarious and so cute.

Shin Woo continues to be sweet, he is the guy that will always be there for her but she will never notice. It's a shame really as I really like him, but I much prefer the dynamic and chemistry between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung.

Anyway another amazing episode down, bring on episode 4 <3

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