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You're Beautiful - Episode 4

So episode 3 ended with our hero Tae Kyung jumping into the pool to save Mi Nyu, even though he specifically said he would not be helping her :P
In traditional drama style the guy saves the girl and the relationship develops... HOWEVER the Hong Sister's twist the story again. Tae Kyung reaches Mi Nyu and shakes her awake, when Mi Nyu wakes up she panics and hastily tries to make it to the surface, she is so desperate to get up that she ends up kicking Tae Kyung in the face.
Mi Nyu gets out of the pool not realising what she has done. In fact it's not until she is fully dressed that she remembers someone coming to save her. She turns to the pool to see Tae Kyung's body float to the surface.

Tae Kyung is taken away in an ambulance, Mi Nyu follows him out holding onto his hand and crying his name.
When the trolly stops and the medics prepare to put him in the ambulance Tae Kyung replies to Mi Nam's cries by saying her name.
Mi Nyu squeezes his hand in what one would think will turn out to be a touching scene, however Tae Kyung's hand moves towards Mi Nyu's and instead of holding it, he throws her hand off his before passing out :P

The next day Sayuri has all the fans outside A.N.JELL offices chanting thank you to Go Mi Nam.
When Tae Kyung hears this news from President Ahn, he obviously isn't very happy. And when President Ahn tries to get him to stay in hospital for the sake of Mi Nam's popularity Tae Kyung is angered even more and insists on leaving.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the hospital South Korea's fairy He Yi is filming. The reporter's are there in the dozens and He Yi has to leave because she gets too emotional at a hospital ward.
When she leaves it is evident that she is not what she seems. She was obviously faking emotion and wanted to escape.
She gets into the closest van assuming it's hers. She starts moaning about her work and asks someone from her staff to pass her tissues. However she gets something thrown at her.
She turns around and realises she is in the wrong van. Sitting behind her is Tae Kyung and he obviously doesn't look too happy.
The pair exchange unfriendly dialogue before Tae Kyung wins and He Yi leaves the vehicle angry.
When she walks out she is immediately joined by a reporter who starts asking her questions and taking photos.
He Yi puts on the emotion and manages to excuse herself, when she is far enough away for the reporter not to care, his attention is caught by the van that she got out of driving away. He realises that she got out of the A.N.JELL van and his imagination starts to run away with him.

Back at the A.N.JELL house Jeremy corners Mi Nyu and questions her about why she and Tae Kyung were at the pool... he suspects the pair were fighting again.
When she doesn't answer he sprays her with the hose pipe. This scene however takes an unexpected twist when everything slows down and Jeremy ends up watching Mi Nyu in a daze as she flails and screams like the girl she is XD.
He ends up stopping so he can regain his composure, when he is back together he goes to spray her again, but ends up getting the hose stolen from behind him by Shin Woo.
Shin Woo sprays Jeremy and tells Mi Nyu to go inside.
Jeremy is obviously upset with this and wonders why Shin Woo is taking Mi Nyu's side. When Shin Woo leaves Jeremy goes to Jolie for comfort, awww.

Inside the house Shin Woo helps dry Mi Nyu's head and asks her what happened at the pool.
Tae Kyung steps in at the right moment and takes the fall, explaining that it was his fault and that Mi Nyu saved him.
Mi Nyu immediately runs over to him and starts enquiring about his health, but he holds up his hand for her to stop. He asks Shin Woo if he has a problem with their being at the pool together, Shin Woo admits he doesn't and that it was lucky they were together.
Mi Nyu follows Tae Kyung to his room to explain the tea and porridge she left for him in the hopes of helping him recover.
However it seems she isn't being as helpful as she thought when it is revealed that her prawn porridge would kill him thanks to his shellfish allergy.
Mi Nyu is a little down and wonders how she can be useful, Tae Kyung explains to her that if she wants to be useful she should perform well in the upcoming show else she'll die. Mi Nyu agrees.

Later on the band practice together in their practice room Mi Nyu on Keyboard and vocals, Jeremy on drums, Shin Woo on Guitar and Tae Kyung on lead vocals.
When finished Shin Woo and Jeremy High Five, Mi Nyu goes to Hi Five Tae Kyung but he completely ignores her so she high fives herself instead ^^;;; lol

When the band get back to the house Hoon Yi and Kko Di are there waiting. Inside Hoon Yi apologises for not being there for Mi Nyu and nearly telling President Ahn (though I'm not sure why he needs to apologise for that as Mi Nyu DID say she was leaving) although Mi Nyu does point out that she was about to leave.
She tells them that she must stay to find the person who sent her the picture.

As they talk about the person who sent the picture, the person who DID send the picture Mi Nyu's aunt is in jail with cuts and bruises all over her face. Seems she and her friend ended up there after a fight. Mi Nyu's aunt hit a woman who had a 10 million won nose ^^; however she tells her friend money won't be a problem once she finds her nephew.

At the A.NJELL offices the band sit outside eating ice cream. Jeremy has his computer open and is watching the footage of He Yi at the hospital.
Jeremy is obviously a fan of South Korea's fairy and prompts the others to admit she is pretty. When no one else comments, Jeremy asks Shin Woo who responds with "is she pretty?" Jeremy obviously isn't impressed with the answer and asks Tae Kyung who he likes.
Tae Kyung isn't listening so when he says "Go Mi Nam" Jeremy is shocked and obviously upset. Tae Kyung however proceeds to tell Mi Nyu that she is dirty and it is annoying him ^^;
Jeremy then asks Mi Nyu what kind of girls she likes putting her in a curious position.
Jeremy asks if she likes He Yi and Mi Nyu admits she doesn't know who He Yi is, which shocks everyone... it seems Mi Nyu is behind on the stars. So much so that Hoon Yi and Kko Di end up teaching her rhymes to remember famous idols ^^;

Mi Nyu goes to the bathromm to wash her face. When she goes to leave she realises three of the dancers are coming. She goes to hide in the cubicle but the dancers notice her and corner her about it.
They tell her she should use the urinal like everyone else they aren't going to be perving on her. Mi Nyu pretends she is emptying her bowels but the trio don't buy it and demand she come out. In the end the trio get bored and leave.
Mi Nyu sighs and speaks out loud about how she is avoiding people so they don't find out that she is a girl.
When she finally gets the courage to leave the toilet, the trio are still there, it appears they pretended to leave. In not going they heard everything Mi Nyu said and now know that she is a girl.
The trio want to confirm that Mi Nyu is a girl but she obviously won't let them, she runs out the toilet and down the stairs chased by the trio who start shouting that Mi Nam is a girl.
When she gets outside the fans overhear and begin chasing her. Mi Nyu's world seems to be crumbling around her until Mother Superior pulls up in a car and gets out the back.
She asks Mi Nyu if everything that is happening seems a bit strange. She asks if she was hurt after being hit before Mi Nyu admits it doesn't. She turns arund to see the horrifying crowd freeze before her and realises that she is dreaming.
She wakes up in the toilet ^^;

Outside the usual fans are waiting for autographs and such. The guys do their normal thing, Mi Nyu stands there not knowing what to do when Sayuri approaches her. In a shocking turn of events Sayuri asks for Mi Nyu's autograph sheepishly. Mi Nyu is shocked but happily agrees to. She writes her name in block capitals, Tae Kyung looks over her shoulders and sniggers. When Mi Nyu hands the signature to Sayuri she looks over Tae Kyung's shoulder to see how he signs, he is obviously aware that she is watching and makes a display of it.

When they are back at the A.N.JELL house Mi Nyu goes to Tae Kyung's room and asks if he will help her pick out of her signatures which is the best as she admires his so much.
Tae Kyung flicks through and admits they are all awful.
Mi Nyu asks if he could design one for her, to which he flat out says no.
Mi Nyu leaves feeling deflated, but as soon as she is out of the room Tae Kyung starts designing signatures for her ^0^

Outside in the dark on the balcony Mi Nyu continues her fruitless task of designing a signature when Shin Woo joins her. He wonders what she is doing. When she explains that she is trying to design a signature he offers to help.
She admits she asked Tae Kyung first but he wouldn't help her. Shin Woo tells Mi Nyu to come to him first in future.

Some time later and Tae Kyung has designed a whole book of signatures for Mi Nyu and has finally come up with the right one.
He goes to her room and she is not there so he decides to leave the signature out for her. However when he goes to leave it on her table he realises that it would probably get lost with the papers.
Instead he decides to put it in her trunk O.o with only the tip hanging out.
As he heads back to his room he bumps into Mi Nyu. He goes to tell her he left her a signature when she cuts in and tells him that Shin Woo helped her design one.

Tae Kyung obviously isn't happy and goes back to his room to brood, it is then that he remembers he left the signature he designed for her in her room!
He imagines Mi Nyu finding it and laughing at it saying that Shin Woo's is much better... he has way too much of an imagination :P
He decides he must get the signature back at all costs.

Tae Kyung sneaks into Mi Nyu's room to find her asleep on the trunk where he hid the signature.
He makes his way over and attempts to lift her off the trunk without waking her and removing the paper all at the same time.
He manages to get the paper and admits smugly that she lost out on a good signature. However his moment of smugness comes at a cost, he loses his balance and falls back, knocking the lamp over and bringing Mi Nyu down on top of him.
Suffering from night blindness Tae Kyung is now put in a difficult position... getting out of the room.
He manages to get Mi Nyu off him miraculously without waking her; she is one heavy sleeper :P However getting out the room is not so easy. Because Tae Kyung can't see anything he ends up tripping over.
When he finally does get out of the room he is leaning forwards and holding his chest ^^;

On the TV Hwan Ran (Tae Kyung's Mother) is interviewed. During the interview they ask her about one song writting buy a man called Go Jae Hyun. They ask her why it is her favourite song and she admits it brings back memories of a time when she was loved so purely...

A.N.JELL go to work the next day for their first concert with Mi Nam playing. There the band bump into He Yi. Jeremy is excited and immediately runs over to her and requests she introduce them well.
He Yi smiles politely and asks if he is Jeremy. He is so happy that she knows his name it is cute. She also names Mi Nam and Shin Woo. Tae Kyung however she pretends that she doesn't know after the indcident the day before.
Tae Kyung is obviously a little miffed but doesn't do anything about it, when He Yi turns and walks away she is proud of herself for getting one up on him.

Inside the building Hoon Yi gets a phone call from the security office advising him that a lady is there looking for Mi Nam.
He immediately tells Mi Nyu and obviously she wants to leave right away to meet with the woman. Hoon Yi however won't let her. He insists she be there for the concert, in return he agress to meet with the woman to find out about Mi Nyu's mother.
Mi Nyu agrees, with the promise of a phone call when the manager knows anything.

Because of their little conversation Mi Nyu has been separated from the others. Hoon Yi tells her to go to B studio, but having never been there before Mi Nyu doesn't know where to go.

She ends up getting lost and in a completely different part of the building where she bumps into Hwan Ran who mistakes her without looking for one of her staff.
When she realises it isn't someone working for her she sits down to talk to Mi Nyu. Hwan Ran is surprised to hear the name Go Mi Nam and comments on there being someone else out there with that name.... (how ominous :P)
Mi Nyu explains that she is in a band with Tae Kyung who is a big fan of hers. Hwan Ran is surprised to hear that, but Mi Nyu explains he has all her videos and CDs. Mi Nyu ends up getting an autograph for Tae Kyung and then leaves.

President Ahn bumps into Kko Di and asks where Mi Nyu is. Kko Di admits that she doesn't know when the pair notice Mi Nyu running towards them.
Kko Di drags her away for costume and make up, President Ahn yelling at them from behind to hurry up.

After she is dressed, the band head out. Tae Kyung notices Mi Nyu step aside to check her phone. He obviously isn't impressed and drags Mi Nyu outside to talk to her.
He tells her that she promised to work hard for this band. Mi Nyu explains she is expecting an important call about her Mother but Tae Kyung doesn't appear to care.
He takes the phone off her and advises her that she can have it back after she does well in the concert.
Mi Nyu obviously doesn't have much of a choice and after seeing it from Tae Kyung's point of view she allows him to look after the phone.

The band go out on stage and perform.
As soon as they are done Tae Kyung disappears and Mi Nyu tries to find him but with no luck.
Wanting to know if Hoon Yi has contacted her she goes to Jeremy and asks if she can borrow his phone.
Reluctantly he agrees and Mi Nyu leaves the room to phone the manager. At the same time Tae Kyung is in another part of the building with Mi Nyu's phone.

Mi Nyu gets through to Hoon Yi who sounds upset, he comments on her not getting his text message and admits that according to her aunt her mother is dead...
As she hears the news from Hoon Yi, Tae Kyung reads the text message on her phone. He immediately leaves.

Mi Nyu hangs up the phone and begins to cry, after only a few seconds Jeremy appears looking for her. When he realises that Mi Nam is crying he panics not knowing what to do. In the end he goes to get Shin Woo.

Not long after Jeremy disappears Tae Kyung reappears and realises what has happened.
He walks over to Mi Nyu and comorts her holding her to his chest. As he is comforting her Shin Woo and Jeremy run in to witness the unusual scene...

To be continued :oooooo

Another exciting episode. Whilst the comedy still keeps coming you can definitely feel that the drama is starting to develop now as the leads start getting to know each other and the chemistry starts brewing. The comical moments are slowly replaced by the cute moments.

The opening scene was genius. Instead of the typical hero saving the girl, we were treated to the leading guy getting kicked in the face and almost drowing for his efforts ^^; it keeps the comedy coming a little bit longer and it leads you on with the romance, I like it. If the romance is too easy it can get boring, if they find interesting ways to lengthen the process like this, it's lots of fun =D

I must admit, I absolutely love Jeremy and the ways he deals his punishment. His idea of torturing Mi Nyu seems to consist of getting Jolie to lick her to death or spraying her with the hose pipe :P what is also hilarious and so cute is that Jeremy always ends up seeing Mi Nyu in a provocative light ^^; ... BRILLIANT!

Shin Woo continues to keep it to himself that he knows about Mi Nyu. Maybe because he doesn't realise Tae Kyung knows Mi Nyu's secret, he is holding back... but to be honest he is only hurting himself in the long run. With Tae Kyung knowing Mi Nyu's secret and Mi Nyu knowing he knows, it gives their relationship such an incredible lead. With Mi Nyu not knowing that Shin Woo knows, their relationship cannot move any further.
I actually don't mind this because I rarely prefer the second lead male to the main male and this drama is no exception.
Although Shin Woo is incredibly sweet and supportive I am a much bigger fan of what's happening between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung, it's much more fun and makes your heart skip more =D

Anyway another fantastic episode to a so far fantastic series. Can't wait for the next ep <3

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