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You're Beautiful - Episode 5

Episode 4 left Mi Nyu crying and surprisngly being comforted by Tae Kyung.
Shin Woo and Jeremy walked in on the pair to witness the scene, but the episode ended without Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung noticing.

Tae Kyung tells Mi Nyu not to cry as she will be discovered, Shin Woo asks what's wrong and the pair finally realise they are not alone.
Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung stand up. Tae Kyung explains that Mi Nam was just letting out his nerves after the show. Shin Woo obviously knows something isn't right but he doesn't say anything, especially not with Jeremy around.
Preisdent Ahn and Kko Di find the group to congratulate them on the show. President Ahn immediately notices something is up with Mi Nyu and wonder's what is wrong.
Kko Di ends up leading Mi Nyu away to sort out her make up and the others leave shortly after.

Tae Kyung follows Mi Nyu and Kko Di to He Yi's dressing room and gives Mi Nyu her phone back. He tells her she can't do the interview in her current state and that she should just go and talk to the woman who knows about her mother and he will cover for her.
Mi Nyu is thankful but there is a problem, there are reporters everywhere and there is no way of getting her out of the building without anyone noticing.
Kko Di has an idea, she borrows some of He Yi's clothes and decides to take off Mi Nyu's male disguise. Whilst the transformation is happening Tae Kyung waits outside.
Tae Kyung is spotted by the nosey reporter who notices he is waiting cautiously outside of He Yi's room and thinks he is going to get a scoop.

After a while Tae Kyung gets impatient and enters the room to ask how long it will take. Kko Di says they are ready and brings Mi Nyu from behind the curtain.
Mi Nyu is dressed in He Yi's black leather jacket, shorts, knee high boots and tights, she also has long hair and is wearing make up. Tae Kyung is quite obviously taken back by her appearance, so much so that he gives her a second stunned look as if to confirm what he saw. <3

Tae Kyung says he will wait outside where he goes to take a moment. Outside he comments on Mi Nyu really being a girl. The nosey reporter appears behind him and asks him what he is doing there.
Tae Kyung isn't really paying attention to the question, he looks at the guy and realises he's a reporter and what trouble this means, with Mi Nyu about to come out of the room.
The next second the door opens, Tae Kyung spins around to see Mi Nyu, without hesitating he grabs her hand and runs with her. Thankfully Tae Kyung was between Mi Nyu and the reporter so the reporter couldn't see Mi Nyu's face.
Mi Nyu runs with Tae Kyung, confused. The reporter runs after them desperate to get his scoop. He manages to take a few snaps but it is just from behind so nothing can be seen, the reporter assumes that it is He Yi.
The reporter ends up trailing behind because he was trying to take pictures. Tae Kyung uses it to their advantage, he tells Mi Nyu to run off through the reception and out the front door without being seen, in the mean time he will run the other way and distract the reporter.
Mi Nyu does as she is told, as soon as she has left the reporter appears behind, Tae Kyung runs and the reporter does as predicted and follows him.

Mi Nyu manages to make it to the front doors without being spotted. At the doors Kko Di has a shawl over her head and grabs Mi Nyu and leads her away.

Tae Kyung is left with the persistant reporter, both starting to get exhausted, Tae Kyung darts up the stairs and down the first corridor he sees. On the way He Yi steps out from a door. Tae Kyung is initially shocked and maybe a little worried to see He Yi (as Mi Nyu ran out pretending to be her). But then things click into place.
The reporter appears behind them and smiles when he sees the pair, Tae Kyung turns to He Yi and tells her he'll leave this one with her before running off.
The reporter sticks with He Yi and starts to question her but he feels inferior because of her height, so he rises on his tip toes in an attempt to be taller. ^^;

Tae Kyung heads back down to the press conference where Jeremy and Shin Woo are already sitting down. President Ahn asks Tae Kyung where Mi Nam is. Tae Kyung advises him that Mi Nam went home and before he can respond he tells him to deal with it like he usually does.
As Tae Kyung sits down Shin Woo gives him a curious look.

Seems the band found out about Mi Nyu's Mom, as on the way home Jeremy comments glumly on how he never knew that Mi Nam was looking for his Mom and now he's found out that she's dead. The other band members are silent, Jeremy asks them if they already knew and if that was why they were being nice to him.

When Mi Nyu gets back to the house the guys have a party prepared. Mainly organised by Jeremy, involving cut outs of famous actors in an attempt to make Mi Nyu laugh and cheer her up. There is also food cooked by Shin Woo. The group sit down to eat.

Whilst chatting during the meal, Jeremy starts talking about when they first debuted he mentions how they went on a show where Tae Kyung had to eat a raddish in front of everyone. Mi Nyu seems to find it amusing and Jeremy tells her that he has it on video if she wants to see it.
Mi Nyu tells him that she does and the pair disappear together. Tae Kyung sneers and says he doesn't have it but Shin Woo tells him not to be so sure. Tae Kyung looks slightly scared and runs after them to make sure that Mi Nyu doesn't see such a video.

When he gets in he realises that Jeremy already has the video on. He yells at him to stop so Jeremy quickly fast forwards it to the bit where Tae Kyung eats the raddish. Mi Nyu laughs very loudly whilst Tae Kyung chases Jeremy around the living room trying to get the remote off him.

Meanwhile President Ahn is meeting the nosey reporter. The reporter wants him to admit that Tae Kyung and He Yi are dating. President Ahn however knows nothing about it and denies the pair are going out.

At the house Mi Nyu is still laughing about the raddish scene. Tae Kyung approaches her about it, when she apologises he admits that he prefers her sassy laughing to her clingy crying. Mi Nyu tries to brighten the mood and admits that even though it was funny Tae Kyung was the most handsome back then. Tae Kyung however picks up on the "back then" and asks if he is not the most handsome now. Before she can answer he tells her to forget it he doesn't care for her tastes :P Mi Nyu tells him that she will remember him as the most handsome because he took care of her with his heart. She explains that she is leaving, she will keep her promise. She can't find her mother because she is dead. When Mi Nyu leaves the kitchen Tae Kyung comments on her not having any loyalty to her brother... I think he wants her to stay ^0^

Mi Nyu goes out to help Shin Woo with the dishes, when she meets him outside he takes her hands in his, the moment gets awkward, Shin Woo manages to save the moment by letting go of her hands and putting plates in them as if that was what he planned to begin with.
As Mi Nyu walks back to the house with the plates she bumps into Jeremy. He happily takes them off her, but as he goes to turn around he nearly trips up. Mi Nyu lunges forwards and grabs him sending him into stunned shock. He remains frozen to the spot unable to move :P so cute. Mi Nyu wonders if he is ok, before he can regain his senses Mi Nyu tells him she will take the plates and leaves with them. Jeremy comes back to reality as she walks off and scolds himself for nearly caving. ^0^

The next day, surprisingly, Tae Kyung ends up at the salon to get his style changed, he reverts to the old style he had when he first debuted (I'm sure it has nothing to do with Mi Nyu saying he was the most handsome back then :P)
When he goes to sit down he realises that sitting across from him, asleep in her chair with rollers in her hair is He Yi. Tae Kyung tries to ignore her but she is about to drop her phone so he moves forwards and grabs it as it drops.
He Yi is confused as to why he is there. She quickly moves on to the reporter the night before. She asks who the girl was that he ran with that the reporter thought was her. Tae Kyung is caught off guard, He Yi tells Tae Kyung she got a copy of the photo the reporter took and put it on her phone.
Tae Kyung immediately snatches the phone off her, she can't get it back because her hair is in the rollers, which are attached to the ceiling.
Tae Kyung finds the picture and is relieved, it looks like He Yi, he admits no one will be able to tell they can't write an article with that.
Tae Kyung deletes the picture and gives her the phone back before leaving. When Kko Di arrives she notices that Tae Kyung was with He Yi...

The rest of the band sit at the studio eating lunch and watching TV. Mi Nyu comments saying "pretty" Jeremy immediately assumes she means the models legs, but everyone is shocked when she corrects them and tells them not the legs but the shoes. Jeremy admits that most guys prefer to look at legs not shoes. Mi Nyu comments on not wearing such pretty shoes before, which makes the rest of them even more confused. Mi Nyu then realises what she has been saying and says it's because she is a guy she has never worn pretty shoes. Shin Woo mutters about the shoes under his breath... looks like he wants to buy her some.

President Ahn meets with Tae Kyung and Kko Di as soon as they get back. He questions him about the He Yi dating rumours. Kko Di seems to put something together as she remembers seeing them together at the salon.
Tae Kyung denies the dating rumours but President Ahn doesn't believe him and thinks he is just trying to cover his image.
As they are allowed to leave President Ahn informs Tae Kyung that they have a lunch date with a senior,

Shin Woo goes out to buy shoes for Mi Nyu. The plan is he will give them to her when he tells her that he knows she's a girl. He takes the shoes with him and goes to meet her for dinner. He also has disguises with him to so that the pair can go to the theme park together.

Meanwhile in the same restaurant President Ahn and Tae Kyung meet with the senior Preisdent Ahn mentioned. Unfortunately for Tae Kyung it happens to be his Mom Hwan Ran. She wants Tae Kyung to cover the most important song to her and she is adamant that only he can do it.
Obviously being bitter towards his mother he doesn't want to do it. What makes matters worse is the meal is shrimp, Tae Kyung takes a bite and spits it out. President Ahn tries it and immediately apologises to Hwan Ran. He tells her unfortunately Tae Kyung is allergic to shrimp and if he eats it he will probably end up in hospital.

Hwan Ran is obviously shocked and as Tae Kyung leaves we are treated to a scene of him remembering eating with he when he was younger and she forced him to eat his shrimps and when he started coughing and being sick she accused him of making a scene :(
He calms down in the bathroom when Mi Nyu walks in on him.

Tae Kyung quickly leaves the bathroom obviously not wanting Mi Nyu to see him likes this. Mi Nyu follows him.

Inside Shin Woo wonders where Mi Nyu is, he can't phone her because she left her phone so he starts searching for her.
After a while he gets a call from a pay phone, it's Mi Nyu. She apologises and admits that she is with Tae Kyung and will stay with him because he is down.
Obviously Shin Woo isn't happy his plans are ruined but he doesn't say anything to Mi Nyu, instead he is left a little bit heart broken.

Mi Nyu hangs up and goes to sit next to Tae Kyung to try and find out what has made him so down. He tells her he just had trouble breathing for a while.
Mi Nyu asks if he ate shrimp, which surprises him. He wonders why it's something even Mi Nyu can reember but his mother can't. He doesn't say out loud that it was his mother but it is quite obvious that it is someone important who forgot.

Tae Kyung asks Mi Nyu to get his sell phone from the restuarant. Without question she agrees and stands up, she asks what direction the restaurant is, the pair obviously wandered so far and forgot.
Tae Kyung is surprised she can't remember, he doesn't know either. He wonders how they will get back without their phones or any money and without being recognised.
Mi Nyu has her disguises from Shin Woo with her. She takes the wig and hands the glasses to Tae Kyung and the pair attempt to find their way home.

After arriving at the same ice cream store 4 times, Mi Nyu believes Tae Kyung's sense of direction to be off. She wonders if they should ask for directions ^^; (men don't ask for directions :P) Tae Kyung yells at her and tells her he can find the way. He says someone once said to him "If you seek earnestly you'll be able to find your way" Mi Nyu is shocked to here him remembering and repeating one of her lines. He tells her to trust him and follow, after that she doesn't argue.

Meanwhile He Yi is having a photo shoot. When they stop to apply make up, He Yi notices Kko Di enter with the missing clothes that the mystery girl with Tae Kyung wore. She sees this as her opportunity and approaches Kko Di.
She very slyly tackles the subject and hints that she is dating Tae Kyung to get Kko Di to talk. Kko Di admits they must be dating if he told her something as important as Mi Nam being a girl ><

Tae Kyung and Mi Nyu finally make it back to the A.N.JELL Offices, Tae Kyung walks ahead of Mi Nyu and tells her he told her he could get her home, when he turns around he truly smiles at her and Mi Nyu is slightly taken back.
His smile soon disappears and he turns back to his normal self before heading towards the building.
As they approach the building Mi Nyu comments on Tae Kyung's hair, he assures her he didn't change it because of what she said :P He did it for the album... apparently. But he does ask if Mi Nyu finds it cool why she doesn't give him the thumbs up. She smiles and holds her thumbs up saying he looks cool, Tae Kyung however isn't buying it, he tells her she sounds forced. Mi Nyu tries several times to convince him she seriously thinks he looks cool, Shin Woo witnesses the whole scene from the balcony above...

When Mi Nyu enters the house she bumps into Jeremy and asks him if Shin Woo is around. Jeremy is still jumpy around her and clings to Jolie. Mi Nyu assumes the reason for it is he was jealous of her taking Jolie's affections (like he told her earlier), but in actuality he is worried that he is starting to fall for her, (Jeremy however doesn't know Mi Nam is a girl.)
He tells her to go over there and points the directin Shin Woo is. Mi Nyu leaves and Jeremy is left to talk to Jolie about his confused feelings <3

Mi Nyu finds Shin Woo on the roof, however it is obvious that he is very angry at her. Mi Nyu however is not aware that the girl that stood him up is her and so leaves him blissfully unaware.
She heads back to the house and to her room where she gathers her stuff ready to leave.
Tae Kyung comes out of his room at the same time and notices her. He asks if she is leaving, she explains that she will keep her promise to go. But that thought is interrupted.

Mi Nyu's Aunt has arrived looking to stay; Mi Nyu can't leave whilst she is there. The Manager takes Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung outside and gets Mi Nyu to beg Tae Kyung to let her stay.
Tae Kyung is easily swayed and leaves the pair alone in relief.

Inside President Ahn tells Mi Nyu's Aunt that she can use Mi Nam's room. The thing is President Ahn thinks Mi Nyu is a boy and tells her even though they are related it's not proper for male and female to share a room like that so he asks Mi Nyu to share with one of the guys ^^;

Obviously Mi Nyu doesn't want that, but if it is going to be any of them she would prefer Tae Kyung because he already knows her secret.
After all 3 say they don't want to share President Ahn asks Mi Nyu to decide. She looks at them all, Shin Woo turns away still angry, Jeremy can't even look at Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung makes a kind of "do it and die face" ^^; surprisingly Mi Nyu still points at Tae Kyung. He is shocked and angry and says no.
President Ahn isn't happy and says forget it Mi Nam can stay with him and they can play together and scrub each other's backs ^^; Hoon Yi looks as if he will pass out in disbelief. Mi Nyu immediately turns to Tae Kyung and begs.
Tae Kyung not wanting Mi Nyu to be found out by President Ahn has no other choice so he says she can share his room. Mi Nyu is relieved, President Ahn however isn't convinced and says it's fine Mi Nam can come with him ^^;
Mi Nyu once again turns to Tae Kyung, he sucks up his pride and reluctantly tells President Ahn it's fine, they will have fun and play and scrub each others backs ^^; President Ahn happily accepts this time and Hoon Yi is relieved.

Mi Nyu goes to collect her stuff, Manager Hoon Yi gives her a taser and tells her to use it if Tae Kyung's eyes turn funny ^^;
She takes her stuff out of her room and as she gets to Tae Kyung's room he comes out of his room. He comments on the amount of stuff she has brought with her.
Mi Nyu admits it was packed anyway, also if her Aunt saw her stuff it would be weird that it looked like it belonged to a girl and not a boy.
Because Tae Kyung is keeping her there talking, Mi Nyu comments on her things being heavy. Tae Kyung tells her that she wouldn't dream of asking him to help :P she says of course not and is let into the room

There is a brief scene between He Yi and Kko Di, where He Yi asks Kko Di to tell her any secrets regarding Tae Kyung, as they are a couple now and she wants to know everything. ¬¬

Back at the house, Tae Kyung comes out of the bathroom to find that Mi Nyu has set up camp right next to his bed.
He tells her she can't sleep there, she assumes he means to sleep in his bed, but Mi Nyu says it's fine and lies down. Tae Kyung tells her he didn't mean that, he wants her to sleep away from the bed by the desk.
Mi Nyu sadly gets up and drags her stuff over. Tae Kyung sits down on his bed and comments on how she can think about sleeping so close to a guys bed ^0^
Mi Nyu offers to turn the lights off but Tae Kyung tells her he can't sleep with them off. Mi Nyu says she can't sleep with them on, Tae Kyung gives her an evil glare and she backs down.

Hours later Mi Nyu is still unable to sleep. She decides Tae Kyung is fast asleep by now and that she can probably manage to turn the lights off.
As she heads to the light switch by Tae Kyung's bed, she notices his sleeping face and admires him for a moment. Mi Nyu turns the lights off and then pulls the taser out of her pocket and worries that Tae Kyung would be upset if he knew she had it, she apologises and watches him once again. She remembers the different expressions she had seen from him through the day and puts her hand to her chest.
She shakes her head to bring herself back to reality but manages to taser herself.
She falls unconscious on top of Tae Kyung...

To be continued... O.O

Oh my gosh I love this series so much... now I got that off my chest :P

He Yi ups her status as the evil other woman this episode, we can already anticipate the bad vibes coming from this one.

There was some good relationship development moments for Tae Kyung and Mi Nyu this episode. It was the first time Mi Nyu saw Tae Kyung vulnerable and upset, but she talked him through it and he didn't snap at her, in fact he seemed to forget everything in the end and even smiled so cutely at her ^0^
The fact that he had his hair styled after Mi Nyu's comment was so cute. I also loved his reaction to Mi Nyu's reaction to it, he wanted to know that she sincerely liked it, it was so cute <3
The final scenes were to die for, Tae Kyung allowing Mi Nyu to stay in his room; this just shows how their relationship has turned around. Only in episode 2 did the guy hate her and told her to never enter his room again. Now he is helping her all the time, softening up and allowing her in his room it's so sweet. I don't think that she is bringing out new emotions in him as such. I think because of a lack of love from his mother Tae Kyung has been hurt deeply and tries to hide his emotions and true feelings, Mi Nyu is slowly bringing out what is already there but hidden and it's really sweet.
I loved when he commented on how Mi Nyu could think of sleeping next to a guy's bed, this sentence states that he truly sees her as a girl, whether he cares to admit it or not.

Jeremy was so cute this episode, I loved how he had to apologise even though Mi Nyu didn't even know anything was up between them ^^; I also like how his apology was a lie, but such a cute lie. Telling her that he was jealous she might take Jolie's affections away from him :P in reality he doesn't want to admit his true feelings, that he is falling for Mi Nyu, these feelings are brought right to the fore front when Mi Nyu goes to help Jeremy by grabbing him around the waist and he literally freezes.

Shin Woo had a bit of heartache this episode, although I don't want him with Mi Nyu, I do feel a bit sorry for the poor guy. Still, it's his own fault for trying to create the perfect moment. If he really wanted to be in with a chance he should just tell her before it's too late.

For anyone that IS reading this, I'd like to apologise now for my slowness! I love this series SO SO MUCH! And I would blog it up to date right now if I could! I have actually watched the most recent eps, but basically I am at University and at the moment it is completely hectic and I have assignments coming out of my ears :( so please bare with me! I bring cute pictures! XDDD

Yay Episode 6 <3 Fighting...

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