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You're Beautiful - Episode 6

So after the Taser incident at the end of episode 5, Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung inadvertently end up sharing the same bed... unbeknownst to Tae Kyung :P
Hoon Yi enters Tae Kyung's room the next morning to check on the pair and almost has a heart attack when he sees Mi Nyeo lying on top of Tae Kyung.
After regaining his composure he double checks what he saw before leaving to ponder over what happened.
He imagines Tae Kyung giving Mi Nyeo lustful looks and then Mi Nyeo using her taser on him before passing out. But this doesn't make sense to Hoon Yi who thinks if she had any common sense in that situation she would run away.
The next scenario he sees the opposite, Mi Nyu gives Tae Kyung lustful eyes and uses the taser on him so that she can sleep on top of him. Hoon Yi shakes his head again, certain that this didn't happen.

Mi Nyeo slides off the bed waking herself up, as she does her aunt comes in to drag her to breakfast, she also slaps Tae Kyung on the butt to wake him up... giving him a shock XD.

Downstairs Hoon Yi keeps staring at Mi Nyeo trying to figure out what happened from her expression, she seems to still be half asleep.
When Tae Kyung enters he tells Mi Nyeo's aunt not to touch his butt, in response she slaps it again, all the others look at him in shock, but immediately turn away when Tae Kyung turns to them.

Hoon Yi corners Mi Nyeo outside and asks her what happened. She explains the situation and Hoon Yi seems relieved. Mi Nyeo does explain that her chest feels a bit jumpy, Hoon Yi tells her it will be because of the taser and that she should drink a lot of water.
Shin Woo corners her after about how she slept, when she explains that she slept really well Shin Woo starts to believe he was worrying about nothing in regards to Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo's relationship because she obviously doesn't see him as a man if she slept without any thought ^^;
Mi Nyeo asks about the girl that stood him up and Shin Woo seems a little less down and angry the day before and admits there was another guy but the girl doesn't seem to see him as a guy :P Mi Nyeo assures him that the girl will like him, Shin Woo gets her to promise by linking pinkies, which she does, when she doesn't feel anything in her chest she is relieved and says "nothing" which confuses Shin Woo, what she means is because of the taser.

After the promise with Shin Woo, the pair decide to eat snacks and drink tea. Mi Nyeo runs inside to get snacks and bumps into Tae Kyung. He comments on Mi Nyeo being close to Shin Woo like she said, then he asks why she didn't share Shin Woo's room instead of his. Mi Nyeo repsonds with "because he's a man" and as she says it she realises and says "oh wait, you're a man too" Tae Kyung obviously not happy that she forgot he was a man for a moment ^^; he retaliates with "Go Mi Nam is a man too" XD
Getting awkward Mi Nyeo reminds him that she has to get snacks and leaves. When she does Tae Kyung comments on how well he slept that night :P

Wanting to confront Tae Kyung about the woman he ran away with from her dressing room, He Yi heads to the A.N.JELL studios where she talks to Kko Di. Kko Di guesses that He Yi probably wants to see Tae Kyung. He Yi goes along with it and the pair head to the studio together where Tae Kyung has locked himself in to write his new song.
After a while Kko Di admits she isn't supposed to know about their relationship and leaves.
Just after she does Tae Kyung looks up and stops when he sees He Yi. Not wanting to look like she's interested in him, He Yi tries to open the door, but it's locked ^^;
She tells him to opent he door but he ignores her and continues with his work.
She bangs on the window at him and writes on her note pad that she wants to know about the girl.
Tae Kyung ignores her messages until he notices that one of the notes has a spelling mistake. He smiles and heads over to the glass.
He writes the corrrection on the window and He Yi gets embarassed and angry.
She demands he opens the door and starts throwing a tantrum, until Tae Kyung writes CCTV and draws an arrow pointing behind her.
He Yi admits defeat and leaves. When she does Tae Kyung wonders what she wanted...

Not getting her way with Tae Kyung, He Yi heads up to where Mi Nyeo is and asks for a photo. She admits that she is a big fan. Mi Nyeo is nervous but Hoon Yi assures her this is good, because she has won over Tae Kyung, because Tae Kyung "likes" He Yi and He Yi "likes" Mi Nyeo.
Mi Nyeo agrees to the photo where He Yi purposely comments that Mi Nyeo is like a girl. Mi Nyeo is shocked and looks to Hoon Yi for help. But before he can jump in He Yi tells her it's because she is not smiling whilst she has a photo taken with her.
After the photo is taken Mi Nyeo walks away and watches as the other men fall over themselves to get her autograph and photo's with her. Mi Nyeo comments on Tae Kyung liking pretty girls and she saddens, He Yi notices this and smiles.

When Mi Nyeo leaves He Yi makes her excuses and follows. She stops when Mi Nyeo bumps into Shin Woo and Jeremy who treat her nicely. Then President Ahn throws his arm around her and offers to buy them dinner, as they walk off they bump into Tae Kyung who agrees to go with them.
He Yi comments on how Mi Nyeo is acting as a boy but getting treated like a princess. As she does Hoon Yi appears begging for a photo. He Yi reluctantly agrees. Hoon Yi goes to take the photo but then realises Mi Nyeo is leaving. He immediately throws He Yi's arm aside and apologises before running after Mi Nyeo saying not to forget him. This makes He Yi angry :P

The gang go to a buffet bar President Ahn's treat. President Ahn confronts Tae Kyung about He Yi and tells him to be careful about his relationship with her. Tae Kyung isn't impressed and says there is nothing going on.
After overhearing Mi Nyeo heads back to the table with no food and she sits with her head down. Not long after Jeremy joins her and sits a chair away, bless him :P
He worries about Mi Nyeo because she has no food, he gives her his plate <3 and Mi Nyeo asks if he likes pretty girls. Jeremy thinks that she is testing his sexuality he immediately explodes and says of course he does, he gets so flustered and angry that he takes his food back and starts eating it :P When the others arrive President Ahn announces that Mi Nam will release his next single alone and it will be the one that Tae Kyung is currently writing. Hoon Yi immediately interjects by saying that Mi Nam's current popularity isn't enough. But President Ahn assures him it will be fine. Outside Hoon Yi meets Tae Kyung along with Mi Nyeo. He begs Tae Kyung to talk to President Ahn, that Mi Nyeo is only standing in until her brother arrives. Tae Kyung tells them he doesn't want to be involved in their problems anymore and that Mi Nyeo should sing the song and sing it well, or leave! Whils this is happening the reporter is questioning the A.N.JELL fans about the mystery girl that Tae Kyung ran away with. The girls won't give anything away. He wonders around and looks at their photos when he notices the girl he chased alone in the foyer in one of their pictures. He puts two and two together and remembers that he chased Tae Kyung AND the girl so why is the girl in the foyer in this photo? This leads him to believe that the girl he chased was not He Yi. He steals the photo and runs (chased by the fangirls :PP)

Whilst Mi Nyeo worries about the upcoming single, Shin Woo reassures her that he will always support her. Mi Nyeo then brightens up as she asks if Myungdong Church is far.
Shin Woo tells her it's not that far and offers to take her, but she says it's fine and goes (she also thanks him for always comforting her.)

Hoon Yi confronts Tae Kyung again about the song, this time alone, he gets on his knees and begs Tae Kyung, but Tae Kyung is not having it. He tells Hoon Yi to get Mi Nyeo to sing it.
The pair part and Hoon Yi gets a text message from Mi Nyeo telling him she is going to Mother Superior.
Hoon Yi falls down and wonders what he will do, Tae Kyung asks what's wrong and Hoon Yi admits that Mi Nyeo has left.
Tae Kyung seems a little angry, he gets in his car and speeds off moaning about how Mi Nyeo didn't even say goodbye and she left him with all the mess to clean up.

Tae Kyung phones Mi Nyeo who is at a nearby bus stop. He tells her to stay where she is and not to get on any bus, Mi Nyeo agrees and waits.
When Tae Kyung arrives he screeches to a stop beside her and storms out of the car. After taking a moment to adjust to her feminine appearance he yells at her for leaving without saying anything and for leaving him to clean up the mess.
He tells her to get in the car, Mi Nyeo is confused but asks if he is giving her a lift, this makes Tae Kyung confused.
It transpires that Mi Nyeo wasn't leaving, just visiting Mother Superior who is in town at the local church. She explains this to Hoon Yi over the phone, Hoon Yi is incredibly relieved, whilst Tae Kyung is a little ticked off that he got worked up for nothing.
When Mi Nyeo gets off the phone, Tae Kyung asks if this is what she looked like as a girl. Mi Nyeo admits that it nearly is. Tae Kyung tells her he feels like he should speak formal to her, but Mi Nyeo waves him off.
When Tae Kyung calls her Mi Nam, Mi Nyeo corrects him and admits her real name is Mi Nyeo.
Mi Nyeo asks if she looks a little bit feminine, Tae Kyung admits the hair clip in her hair doesn't suit her and that she should take it out.
Mi Nyeo becomes low and takes it out, but it breaks. Tae Kyung tells her it's fate, even the clip knows it doesn't fit.
Mi Nyeo is even more saddened and Tae Kyung starts to feel bad.
When Mi Nyeo gets out the car, Tae Kyung tells her to leave her stuff, she is happy to hear that he will pick her up again in 2 hours.
When she leaves Tae Kyung looks at the clip and decides to go buy her a new one.
Whilst this is happening Hwa Ran meets with President Ahn wanting Tae Kyung to remake one of the songs she sang...

Whist Mi Nyeo is out meeting Mother Superior, Tae Kyung goes and buys a new hairclip for her. The clip only costs 3000 won but because there is a car getting angry behind him and he has no change he gives a 100 000 won bill and drives off.

As he is driving he receives a call from He Yi. He immediately hangs up, when she calls back she immediately shouts that she knows who the girl is to keep him on the line. Tae Kyung agrees to meet her.
When the pair do meet He Yi admits she doesn't really know who the girl is. Tae Kyung gets angry and asks if her car is close. She asks if he wants to ruin it and admits that it is far away. Tae Kyung smiles and says good before throwing one of her shoes into the river. He Yi screams and points at her shoe. Tae Kyung walks off and He Yi throws her other shoe at him, not one to take lightly Tae Kyung looks at her angrily before kicking the other show into the river, not what He Yi was hoping for :P

He Yi walks back to her car alone, covering her face in the hopes that she isn't seen walking the streets with no shoes on.
However luck isn't on her side, she ends up getting hit in the side of the head with a ball. The group of men playing run over to check she is ok and realise that it is Korea's fairy He Yi.
From the strike He Yi's nose is bleeding and the men immediately start taking photo's with their mobile phone cameras.
Tae Kyung swoops in from nowhere putting his coat around He Yi, he guides her away and asks them to stop taking photos.

Whilst Mi Nyeo is finished wondering where Tae Kyung is. Tae Kyung and He Yi sit in Tae Kyung's car. He Yi looks on her phone at the photos that have already been posted of the pair online, she immediately starts wondering if she should quit. Tae Kyung asks if that's what she wants to the last pictures of her to be.
He Yi asks why he helped her and he admits he knows what it's like. She continues to say people will now start to get the wrong idea, Tae Kyung says he doesn't care as he knows the truth.
He Yi asks him to leave the car whilst she blows her nose, reluctantly he does.
Whilst he is out his phone rings, He Yi picks it up and sees that it is Mi Nyeo so she answers and tells her not to wait for Tae Kyung as they are together then she hangs up.
Outside the car Tae Kyung keeps looking at his watch, he opens the door and tells He Yi to go and wait in her own car.
She moans that he said he'd wait with her until her manager came, he irritably lets it go looking at his watch again.
In the mean time back at the A.N.JELL offices the management are being bombarded with calls about He Yi and Tae Kyung.

After a while Mi Nyeo gives up on Tae Kyung coming and heads into town.
She is not there long when she gets a call from Shin Woo telling her he'll pick her up. Mi Nyeo immediately says she's fine and instead Shin Woo suggets a good place for her to eat.
She orders what he tells her too, what she doesn't notice is that Shin Woo enters the restaurant and sits behind her in desguise ordering the same meal.
When she is finished he phones again and suggests ice cream. Mi Nyeo goes to the ice cream store, again Shin Woo sits behind her, again she doesn't notice him. Mi Nyeo gets a free ice cream or so she thinks, the waitress heads over to Shin Woo after and advises him that she gave her the ice cream.
Next Mi Nyeo tells him that she needs some good but cheap clothes. She goes to the store he advises, it is pretty pricey but when she gets to the till she is told there is a big discount. After she leaves however it is evident there is no discount, Shin Woo pays the remainder of the cash.
Finally as they are walking down the street Shin Woo tells Mi Nyeo over the phone that if she turns around she will get a surprise. He hangs up and waits, the surprise is him.
Mi Nyeo walks through the crowds and doesn't notice Shin Woo at all. She gets a call from Tae Kyung and immediately leaves happy. Shin Woo is left heart broken.

Tae Kyung meets Mi Nyeo and asks her if she will go back as a girl and he will help her explain to President Ahn. Mi Nyeo however is adamant she must keep up the disguise and gets changed. As Mi Nam, she explains to Tae Kyung that she will sing his song and she will sing it well.
On the way home, Tae Kyung asks Mi Nyeo if she found anything whilst she was getting changed. Mi Nyeo says no and checks her bag. She finds a pin and marvels at its beauty whilst Tae Kyung eyes her curiously.
Mi Nyeo however mistakes it for He Yi's and admits she knows they were together earlier and that they met up as He Yi answered his phone. Tae Kyung obviously isn't happy and yells the clip is for her as a replacement for the one she broke. Mi Nyeo is happy and admits she will wear it when she is a girl, Tae Kyung mentions that he probably won't get to see it then.
Tae Kyung tells her to take care of it as it cost 100 000 won, but Mi Nyeo spots the 3000 won sticker. The pair then continue to argue about the price :P
Whilst this is happening the reporter compares the picture of Tae Kyung and He Yi from earlier that day against the one he stole from the fangirls earlier. He wonders who the other girl is. As he wonders He Yi arrives and goes to President Ahn's office to wait for Tae Kyung.

When Tae Kyung gets back he immediately heads to the office where He Yi is and the pair are left alone to sort things out.
Tae Kyung wonders why she is there making things worse, He Yi admits since people already assume they are together maybe they should confirm it.
However Tae Kyung doesn't take it very well, he gets angry and tells her he doesn't want any part of it. She embarassed herself by going there and she can go and explain to the reporters that there is nothing going on.
He then leaves, He Yi is left both upset and angry.

Tae Kyung goes back to Mi Nyeo, she asks if everything is ok. As the pair are talking Tae Kyung gets a picture message of He Yi and Mi Nyeo together. Then he gets a phonecall. He Yi says "I told you I know who she is" she tells him she is busy as she is going to talk to the reporters now and hangs up.
Frantically Tae Kyung turns to Mi Nyeo and asks again if she has to remain with A.N.JELL as a boy. Mi Nyeo tells him she does and Tae Kyung leaves to do what he has to.

Tae Kyung catches up with He Yi and grabs her arm but she pulls away and tells him it's too late.
As the pair reach the top of the stairs where the reporters wait below Tae Kyung grabs her again and this time pulls her into a kiss to shut her up. It's a kiss that the reporters witness and Mi Nyeo...

To be continued :o

Wah! He did it all for Mi Nyeo ^0^ I must admit I knew this kiss was coming thanks to the mass amount of spoilers ^^; I thought there would be a good reason behind it and I was counting on it too, as if Tae Kyung had turned around and said he liked He Yi for real I wouldn't have been that happy with the series. The fact that he did it for Mi Nyeo is absolutely adorable he's so lovely and a softie deep down <3

I actually did feel heartbroken for Shin Woo in this episode, his acting wasn't fantastic but it was well enough. Even though I am not supporting him and Mi Nyeo I still felt incredibly sad for him when she turned away from him and went to Tae Kyung. If the boy would just step up and tell the truth he might be in with a chance... alas.

Anyway overall it was a pretty good episode lots of funny bits including the bit where Tae Kyung threw He Yi's shoe, which was absolutely hilarious.

Mi Nyeo fighting! <3

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