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You're Beautiful - Episode 9

After the upsetting ordeal with his Mom, Tae Kyung sits in the offices quiet and alone. Mi Nyeo watches from afar wondering what she can do for him when he runs out of water. She decides to get some for him, she replaces it but he doesn't notice someone has been there and simply starts drinking the water. Then he moves into the recording room where the light flickers, he leaves the room and when he comes back the light are fixed. He is confused and takes a sip of water then remembers he already finished, he now catches on that someone must have replaced his water and the light. He shouts out loud he wants hot coffee and Mi Nyeo runs to get it.
He waits at the stairs and he see's Mi Nyeo appear after a while with the coffee. When she realises she has been spotted she tries to hide the coffee. Tae Kyung asks what she has done that has made her feel the need to butter him up. Mi Nyeo admits that her aunt opened his parcel, but she doesn't admit the scene she witnessed. Tae Kyung says she is finally getting the right idea and accepts the coffee. Mi Nyeo also takes him by surprise and wishes him Happy Birthday. She admits the parcel was a Birthday present from his Dad.

At home Mi Nyeo's Aunt tries to ascertain whether the legends about the band members she heard are true, she asks Shin Woo first who admits he was in fights at school, then she asks Jeremy if he knows the British Princess to, which he admits he is still in touch lolz.

Mi Nyeo decides to help Tae Kyung celebrate his Birthday. First of all she takes him out for soup but then realises he can't eat it because of his allergies ^^; She then takes him to buy a present. The only shop available is a stationery shop where (much to Tae Kyung's annoyance) they find A.N.JELL Pogs. Mi Nyeo buys them as a gift for Tae Kyung and the pair head to the park where they play them.
Mi Nyeo has trouble getting Tae Kyung's to go anywhere but is fine with the others. Not happy with that Tae Kyung attempts with the Tae Kyung pogs but much to his irritation they don't do very well :P
Back at the A.N.JELL house Mi Nyeo tells Tae Kyung there is 5 minutes of his Birthday left so she wants to do one more thing for him. She feels he might not like it, he advises her not to do it if she thinks he won't like it, but she does it anyway.
She steps forward and hugs him whilst saying (informally) "thank you for being born." Tae Kyung is a little taken back but manages to tell her not to speak to him so informally :P (it's one of those uber cute choked up moments ^0^)
The whole scene is witnessed by Shin Woo...

The next morning Mi Nyeo shows the pogs to the others who also knew nothing about them. They ask Mi Nyeo which she likes the best. Mi Nyeo admits Shin Woo's pog is her favourite as it is smiling. Jeremy gets upset and says his is cute too, which Mi Nyeo admits. He asks if his is her second favourite and she says yes, which irritates Tae Kyung :P what irritates him more is that Hoon Yi admits he is responsible for them lolz.
Hearing Mi Nyeo say Shin Woo's pog is her favourite sends Hoon Yi's mind wandering again, when Tae Kyung goes outside to moan to himself about Mi Nyeo choosing his most popular pog last Hoon Yi arrives and tells him they need to keep an eye on Mi Nyeo and Shin Woo... obviously Tae Kyung isn't in the mood for it and snaps.

Whilst A.N.JELL go to work Mi Nyeo's aunt bumps into Hwa Ran (who was there visiting President Ahn). She tells Hwa Ran that her brother wrote one of her songs but she can't remember the name, she also asks for an autograph. With that Hwa Ran leaves, if she knew who Mi Nyeo's Aunt's brother was, it would have been a different story...

Mi Nyeo and the others meanwhile are at the second day of their shoot for the music video. Whilst He Yi is getting her makeup applied, Mi Nyeo watches and comments on her beauty. He Yi notices and smiles smugly before getting up and leaving. Mi Nyeo looks across the table and sees lots of beautiful hair accessories, she marvels at them but then says to herself it is fine because she has her own pretty clip.
She gets it out to compare it and He Yi arrives as she gazes at it. He Yi immediately storms over and yells at her for touching her stuff, but Mi Nyeo assures her that the clip is her own. He Yi looks down at the clip and realises that she doen't recognise it, so instead she comments on how it's weird for a guy to have a girl's hair clip. Mi Nyeo admits it her sister's. He Yi comments on how it would suit Mi Nam because he looks feminine and gets her staff to hold her whilst she applies lipstick to test it out.
Mi Nyeo doesn't want it but can't fight back, at the last minute Shin Woo and Jeremy step in to save her :P

The next scene filmed is Mi Nam watching from afar sadly as Tae Kyung and He Yi share a loving moment in front of the church. Tae Kyung and He Yi move in close and pretend to kiss. The director can't film it right and takes time. Tae Kyung and He Yi exchange none so friendly words until He Yi takes the initiative and kisses Tae Kyung, shocking him. The director loves it and has his footage. Mi Nyeo leaves sadly without either noticing. He Yi leaves Tae Kyung before he can say anything but after she he is gone he mutters angrily to himself, he obviously isn't happy about the kiss.
As things are starting to be cleared up, He Yi notices Mi Nyeo's precious clip on the floor and steals it. Mi Nyeo comes running back literally seconds after and realises her clip is missing when she searches her jacket. She tries to look for it but Kko Di drags her off telling her they need to leave and that she can come back after.

The group go on to an after party to celebrate the completion of the video. Mi Nyeo is down about losing the clip but she cheers up when Shin Woo heads over to her and offers to go back with her to find the clip. Tae Kyung sees this and shows his jealousy, which isn't helped when Hoon Yi sits next to him and comments about Shin Woo and Mi Nyeo getting close. He tells Tae Kyung to distract Mi Nyeo and he will distract Shin Woo, with that he heads over and tells Shin Woo he wants to speak to him, Mi Nyeo is left alone and her expression returns to being sad.

He Yi decides to have some fun with Mi Nyeo and puts the hair clip of Mi Nyeo's she picked up in her hair, with that she goes over to talk to her.
Mi Nyeo immediately notices the hair clip and comments that He Yi found it, but He Yi assures her that the clip in her hair is her own clip.
Mi Nyeo is sad but doesn't say anything and leaves much to He Yi's satisfaction. He Yi then bumps into Tae Kyung and tells him about how Mi Nyeo had the guts to think the hair clip she is wearing was hers. She laughs and flashes the clip, which Tae Kyung immediately recognises, he notices the price sticker and frowns. He asks if she knows how much the clip cost, she tells him it was 3000 won but Tae Kyung corrects her and tells her it was 100 000 won. He Yi asks how he knows that. He tells her he knows because he got it for Mi Nyeo, he then demands the hair clip back :P Tae Kyung mocks her before leaving, He Yi is left incredibly embarassed lolz.

Tae Kyung finally manages to catch up with Mi Nyeo where he tries to skirt around the issue of her hair clip without letting her know that he knows she doesn't have it. Mi Nyeo admits she lost it but it's probably fate as it doesn't suit her anyway.
Tae Kyung gets annoyed and agrees before leaving.
Whilst Hoon Yi and some of the other staff are on stage dancing to Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra, He Yi decides to get revenge on Mi Nyeo. She calls her aside and tells her she should sing in front of everyone. Mi Nyeo agrees and gets up on stage.
She begins to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, everyone seems to be enjoying it and eventually Mi Nyeo regains her confidence and begins to sing happily. However He Yi has plans of her own, she presses a switch upstairs, which releases a bucket of water onto Mi Nyeo, leaving her soaked. She immediately stops and panics that her top being wet may reveal she is a girl.
After a few intense seconds Shin Woo and Jeremy stand up and start singing, then Tae Kyung darts past both of them with a table cloth and wraps it around Mi Nyeo on the stage. Finally all 4 sing the remaineder of the song together, much to He Yi's annoyance.

On the way home Jeremy questions Shin Woo about why Mi Nyeo was upset. Shin Woo tells him that Mi Nyeo told him she lost something very important to her and wanted to find it but later she said she was fated not to have it. Shin Woo goes on to explain that she seemed really upset to say she wasn't going to find it, but it was like she had to leave it. Tae Kyung listens to this and realises they are talking about the hair clip.

Back at the house he wonders how he can get the clip back to her. In the end he goes through the old stuffed toys in one of the spare rooms and finds a rabbit and a stuffed animal with a pig nose. He takes both stuffed toys and performs surgery. He takes the nose from the pig nosed animal and sews it onto the rabbit. When he is done he attaches the clip to the ear and puts it by Mi Nyeo's bed. When she wakes up to find it she is so happy and Tae Kyung pretending to be asleep smiles to himself about her reaction.

Mi Nyeo gets up happy in the morning, she goes to breakfast with a wide smile on her face. Everything seems good until she sneezes. Hoon Yi comments on how she might be coming down with a cold. Immediately all 3 boys provide different beverages for her, Shin Woo produces tea, Jeremy produces Juice and Tae Kyung produces water, she must pick :P because she might have a cold she goes with the tea. Jeremy is sad for a moment but tells her to have the juice anyway for after, which she accepts. Tae Kyung leaves irritably ^^;

That day the group head off for a mobile phone photo shoot. Each of the guys are put into colour coded outfits and are given an object to correspond with that colour. Mi Nyeo is in white and is given white flowers, Shin Woo is in black and is given a dog :P Jeremy is in yellow and has to eat bananas and Tae Kyung is in green and has to munch on sour limes :S
At the end of the first shoot all are complaining bar Mi Nyeo who is happy with her flowers. It seems the dog keeps biting Shin Woo XD the limes are making Tae Kyung's tongue numb ^^; and Jeremy is feeling sick from all the bananas haha.
President Ahn arrives and tells them someone has arrived to cheer them on, He Yi steps out from behind but no one is happy to see her and she realises this.
President Ahn tells them why they are in each colour, Tae Kyung's lime is a colour that attracts young women, which is his target group, yellow is for kids who Jeremy is usually popular with, black is for Shin Woo who is popular with the male audience and White is for Mi Nyeo because it's a pure innocent colour, which the audience will respond well to.
He Yi comments on liking Tae Kyung's colour the best and asks if Mi Nyeo minds, she says she doesn't, this leads on to everyone wanting to know Mi Nyeo's favourite colour. She admits it is black because she is a man :P

Whist Mi Nyeo's aunt meets up with Hwa Ran, who contacted her to find out about the children of the man she loved. Feeling a bit unwell Mi Nyeo leaves the shoot alone; not happy with the good treatment Mi Nyeo is getting He Yi follows her until Mi Nyeo bumps into Tae Kyung. He Yi hides behind the wall to listen.
Tae Kyung isn't happy about her choice of colour or her choice of beverage or her choice of pog in fact. He comments on how she has been putting him last all the time and he doesn't like it.
He corners her and asks her what her favourite colour is. She answers black and he tells her she said that was her favourite colour as a man, he wants to know what her favourite colour as a woman is. Mi Nyeo says white and Tae Kyung smiles and comments on how good she is at getting herself out of tricky situations. He leaves her and she takes a moment to regain her composure from her intimate moment with Tae Kyung.
Once Tae Kyung has left He Yi appears shocked that Tae Kyung sees Mi Nyeo as a girl.

Mi Nyeo goes into the mens toilets and He Yi follows. Inside He Yi bangs on the door and tells her to come out. Mi Nyeo is shocked to hear He Yi has come in there. She peers around the door and tells He Yi she is in the mens. He Yi tells her she knows and wonders why Mi Nyeo is in the men's when she is a woman. Mi Nyeo doesn't have time to be shocked, He Yi grabs her arm and drags her back to the studio.
She demands to know Mi Nyeo's favourite colour, black, yellow or lime. When Mi Nyeo doesn't answer He Yi tells her she'll make it easier and yells who do you like the most, Shin Woo, Jeremy or... Tae Kyung? She yells Tae Kyung's name and the others appear to see it. Mi Nyeo freezes and Tae Kyung frowns at what is going on...

To be continued :ooo

So He Yi has finally revealled that she knows hrm. Well I really enjoyed this episode there were some very good moments such as Mi Nyeo trying to help Tae Kyung overcome his sadness about his Mom and celebrating his Birthday together with him. The scene where Tae Kyung made the pig rabbit for Mi Nyeo was absolutely adorable, I think it's quite obvious that he likes her even if it isn't to himself ^^; what man does that for a girl? So sweet ^0^

A recurring theme this episode was Mi Nyeo picking the others over Tae Kyung ^^; it gave his jealousy a chance to shine lol. First Mi Nyeo picked Shin Woo's pog followed by Jeremy's, then she picked Shin Woo's tea and accepted Jeremy's juice, finally she said Black (Shin Woo's colour) was her favourite colour. It was cool to see Tae Kyung finally snap and confront Mi Nyeo about it. It's obvious he's jealous whether Mi Nyeo realises it or not. The scene where he confronts Mi Nyeo and asks what she thinks as a woman is sexy, I LOVED the way Tae Kyung leaned forwards over her and looked directly into her eyes, when he left Mi Nyeo was left all flustered =DD who wouldn't be? XD

The scene where the guys saved Mi Nyeo and sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with her was very cute, the voices were gorgeous especially Tae Kyung's I loved his voice it was so pretty and perfect. Anyway a fantastic scene and very festive ^0^

Overall a brilliant episode with a tough cliffhanger to chew on =/I think He Yi will get even WORSE from here on :s... Next episode, fighting <3


  1. Hello. :) I found this blog from your YouTube page when I was viewing your music videos. :D They are all so good. >.<

    Your summaries are amazing! I love the pictures you choose and how you recap everything. Thank you! And I definitely agree with you. You're Beautiful is amazing. ^^"

    I noticed somewhere that you said that My Girl was your favorite drama until You're Beautiful, and I thought that was really funny. >.< It's the same here. I loved My Girl. Well anyways, I'm loving your blog! Have a great day. :)

  2. Thank you ^^ it takes me quite a while to do each ep which is why I'm so behind, because until recently I had LOADS of reports to do, now it's Christmas and they are out of the way hopefully I can get it up to date and start blogging the next drama <3 XD
    As for the pics I usually end up with more than I actually use... I take so many pics there are so many pretty choices lolz
    Thank you for leaving me a comment ^^ I really appreciate it and yay for You're Beautiful <3 and My Girl... Hong Sisters rock ^^ x

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