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You're Beautiful - Episode 10

So then, episode 9 ended with He Yi confronting Mi Nyeo about liking Tae Kyung. When Mi Nyeo doesn't answer her subtle question about, which coulour she prefers; lime, black or yellow, she repeats the question but uses the boys names instead asking Jeremy, Shin Woo or Tae Kyung! She shouts out Tae Kyung's name drawing the boys' attention.
All three head over as Mi Nyeo falls to her knees and shakes her head at He Yi pleadingly. He Yi bends down to her level and tells her she will have to follow her terms if she wants her secret kept. Mi Nyeo remains silent but nods quickly.
When the other ANJELL members arrive He Yi calls out to her Oppa and tells him that Mi Nam must be sick and needs to go home. The others buy it and President Ang and He Yi take Mi Nam home.

It seems Mi Nam really HAS come down with a cold, at home she breaks down before crawling into bed. When the others finish up at the shoot all three of them (without each other knowing) bring back limes for Mi Nam, hearing that they are good for illness.
Tae Kyung happily takes his lime to prepare in the kitchen only to find that Shin Woo and Jeremy are already there preparing limes of their own. He is shocked and a little bit angry. Jeremy looks up and comments on Tae Kyung having a lime too, Tae Kyung says its for himself. When Jeremy points out he said he didn't want to see another lime again, Tae Kyung lies and tells them that they grew on him and takes a bite of his lime to prove it (although he can't help but reel at the taste :P).
After they are done using the limes, Shin Woo takes the tea they made for Mi Nyeo to her room.

Later on that night Tae Kyung gets up to go get a drink. He opens the fridge door to see the limes to which he makes a face :P when he closes the door he is shocked to see Mi Nyeo looking like some kind of zombie.
He realises she is really sick and feels her temperature, but as he checks she collapses onto him. Tae Kyung swipes her up in his arms and drives her to the hospital.
However, when they get to the hospital Mi Nyeo is awake again. Tae Kyung tells her where they are and she tells him she won't go in because they'll find out she's a girl. Tae Kyung gets frustrated when Mi Nyeo tells him she won't go because she doesn't want him to get into trouble when they find out. He has to reluctantly back down when Mi Nyeo is so adamant she starts walking off on her own.
Tae Kyung puts her back in the car and puts his coat on top of her, he tells her its ok for her to cry or be sick, but Mi Nyeo doesn't, she silently cries with her head turned away.

Back at the house Tae Kyung starts preparing things in the kitchen to help Mi Nyeo when he is joined by Shin Woo. When Shin Woo finds out what has happened he tries to go to her, but Tae Kyung grabs his arm and tells him to go to bed, he can deal with it. Shin Woo watches sadly as Tae Kyung takes the things he prepared and heads to Mi Nyeo's room.

Tae Kyung spends hours taking care of Mi Nyeo trying to get her temperature down using drinks, medicine, fans, ice etc. Sometime after 5am her temperature is back to normal and Tae Kyung is knackered. Mi Nyeo sits up, but before she can speak Tae Kyung says the words before she can "sorry" and "thank you" she nods.
Tae Kyung tells her he is completely on her side now, that he will take care of her and take responsibility for her. So sweet ^0^ Its obvious from Mi Nyeo's expression when he leaves that this is not what she wants, she says to herself that she has to give up before he gets hurt or before anything else is revealed.
Outside the door Shin Woo watches as Tae Kyung leaves and heads back to his room, he wonders if that means Mi Nyeo is recovered.

The next day Manager Ma and Kko Di sit in a cafe. Manager Ma is looking at the ANJELL pogs talking about Mi Nyeo's pog. He decides he needs to come up with a legend for Mi Nyeo like he did for the others, he runs some ideas by Kko Di. He imeagines Mi Nyeo as Bruce Lee, as an Indian Prince with a Princess and as a dynasty queen. However Kko Di doesn't believe any of them are any good.

Meanwhile, now in his role as protector Tae Kyung goes out on his first mission, to buy some new clothes for Mi Nyeo in case she needs some as a girl. He considers various models around the shop before finding the perfect look for his tastes :P when he pays at the till the cashier seems happy and explains that it is great He Yi will finally be wearing clothes from their shop, after they had tried for so long. Tae Kyung doesn't correct her but he doesn't seem very happy.
The shop are so happy that they contact He Yi to tell her that her boyfriend brought clothes from them. He Yi wonders who they are for. Not being able to reach Tae Kyung on the phone to find out she decides to go to his house.

At the house Jeremy drags Mi Nyeo outside for some fresh air, telling her it will be good for her ^^ Shin Woo joins them by bringing a blanket for Mi Nyeo and putting it on her. Then He Yi arrives with flowers. She explains that she came to check up on Mi Nyeo and to see Tae Kyung, they explain he is not there but she still goes in.
Inside she sends Jeremy out to get something for her and asks Shin Woo to get her a drink so she can be alone once again to confront Mi Nyeo.
He Yi tells Mi Nyeo to tell them that she's a girl, which makes Mi Nyeo drop the glass she was holding. Shin Woo comes running. He Yi isn't happy but talks her way out of it.
On her way out she asks Shin Woo and Jeremy what they would do if they found out Mi Nam was keeping a big secret from them. She is not happy to find out that they wouldn't care and that they'd trust he had his reasons.

He Yi heads outside just in time to bump into Tae Kyung, she immediately notices the bag but doesn't ask him about it. He decides he's not in the mood to talk with her and walks past her, but He Yi stops him. She tells him she needs to give him something, a couple ring to prove he's hers.
He takes the ring and comments on it being pretty before putting it on her thumb, he says they look nice together and turns to leave. But before he does he turns back telling her just in case she's confused he is not hers.
With that he walks into the house :P

He Yi is left outside alone to think, whilst Tae Kyung enters the house to find Mi Nyeo has gathered everyone to tell them something.
Outside He Yi realises that maybe Tae Kyung likes Mi Nyeo and if she tells everyone that she is a girl and that she likes Tae Kyung he might be happy.
She decides she has to stop her. He Yi runs inside, not being able to stop the conversation without sounding suspicious, He Yi pretends to go to vomit just as Mi Nyeo goes to speak. All three men turn around. He Yi looks up sadly and utters Oppa before pretending to nearly hurl again.
Everyone gets the wrong end of the stick bar Tae Kyung who is incredibly angry, he decides to chase after her.

From inside the bathroom that she has hidden in He Yi phones Mi Nyeo and tells her not to confess yet but do it at the press conference instead.
As He Yi leaves Tae Kyung questions her, but she blames him for not taking her ring. Tae Kyung not being one to lose, takes her phone from her sweetly and comments on how he is not her number 1 speed dial but her dad is.
This makes He Yi happy and she asks if he is jealous. Tae Kyung asks if her dad is scary, she tells him he is really scary so he should be careful. Tae Kyung smiles and says "good" before showing her the message he has typed on her phone saying "dad I'm pregnant" He Yi gasps and dives for her phone, but Tae Kyung is too fast. He holds the phone up in the air and presses send. He hands her, her phone with a smirk on his face before leaving her.
He Yi reluctantly answers the next call that comes in from her dad and tries to assure him that she's not pregnant ^^;

When Tae Kyung returns the others ask what Mi Nyeo was going to tell them, she admits she just wanted to apologise for being a burden.
Meanwhile Mi Nyeo's Aunt talks with her friends about the likelihood of Mo Hwa Ran having a baby.

Later on that night Tae Kyung heads out to the balcony to find Mi Nyeo. When he asks, she tells him that she is looking at the starts. He tells her that she would see them better with the lights off. The next moment the lights are off and Tae Kyung comments on how he can no longer see much.
Mi Nyeo explains that even when she leaves she will be able to see the stars and him. Tae Kyung looks to her, but doesn't see her very well, he explains that it is frustrating not being able to see her properly in the dark and that she should never go where he can't see her. ^0^
Mi Nyeo comments that he can't even see her very well when she's right in front of him. She waves her hand next to him thinking he can't see, but she is shocked when Tae Kyung grabs her arm and tells her he can see. He tells her he can see well enough to know she's there. She asks if he can really see her, he says yes and demands that when its dark she stays close to him so he can see her.
Mi Nyeo then tells him that when she is a girl he must not look at her, he must pretend not to know her and she will do the same back. Tae Kyung says that's fine, but it is obvious that he isn't very happy.
In the end Mi Nyeo goes inside leaving Tae Kyung alone to simmer.

In her room Mi Nyeo finds a bag with clothes in them. Surprised she gets a message from Tae Kyung telling her they are clothes for when she needs to leave and if she wears them he will pretend not to know her. Mi Nyeo re-utters the message out loud about how he must not let on that he knows her.

The next day is Mi Nam's press conference for the new video. Mi Nyeo leaves saying her final farewell to the group. She goes with Manager Ma to get her hair and make up done, but when Manager Ma gets off the phone he realises that Mi Nyeo has gone.
The others find out and decide to search for her. Tae Kyung goes to his room to see Mi Nyeo's hair clip is missing from her stuffed pig rabbit. He quickly goes into Mi Nyeo's room to find her female clothes and bags gone too.
He and the others immediately head to the press conference.

Meanwhile Mi Nyeo walks the street dressed in the clothes that Tae Kyung got for her.

Tae Kyung tries to phone Mi Nyeo to tell her they are there and not to appear as a girl, but Mi Nyeo doesn't check her messages.
Deciding they need to split up to save time Tae Kyung tells Shin Woo and Jeremy, but before they leave he tells them to look for a girl. Jeremy is confused and wonders why they are looking for a girl. Tae Kyung explains that Mi Nyeo is a girl, its a shock for Jeremy, but obviously Shin Woo already knows, the realisation that his suspicions about Tae Kyung knowing hit him though.

Tae Kyung leaves and as he walks down a set of stairs he sees Mi Nyeo in front of him. He chases her into the press conference, which is completely dark :P
Frustrated that he cannot see her Tae Kyung panics and yells out loud "I told you not to be where I can't see you" Mi Nyeo stops in her tracks and turns to see Tae Kyung looking for her in the dark.
She mutters to her self praying for him not to see her, but literally as she does the lights turn on. Tae Kyung looks up in shock before looking down to see Mi Nyeo's watering eyes looking at him.
Everyone starts screaming as they see Tae Kyung. Then out of nowhere Mi Nyeo is pulled into Shin Woo's arms so he can hide her face.
The cameras swarm him, he tells them that its his girlfriend and he wants to keep her private. Tae Kyung and Jeremy are left to look on...

To be continuted... :o

Nooooo, lol how can they end it like that? XD I must admit though it was a really good cliffhanger. Nice one guys.

Overall a really good fun packed episode. My absolute favourite scene is going to Tae Kyung and He Yi, when Tae Kyung sends the text message to her Dad saying that she's pregnant :P That is absolutely hilarious! Her expression when she finds out XDDD I love that her little white lie about pretending to be sick because he wouldn't take her ring, got her into so much trouble :P

Lots of cuteness in this episode too, Tae Kyung taking care of Mi Nyeo and telling her that he will take responsibility for her ^0^ who would have thought this is the same Tae Kyung from episode 1???? I love guys that break for love! XD also their stars conversations are always really cute. The fact that Tae Kyung acts so haughty when Mi Nyeo tells him to pretend not to know her as a girl is adorable. If anything is an obstacle in their relationship its themselves :P love it, but isn't that always the way?

Also I am really happy that Jeremy finally found out! Yay. Also Shin Woo's suspicions were confirmed, I say suspicions... I thought it was pretty obvious throughout the last few episodes... Shin Woo has been stealing curious glances at both of them and to me it seemed obvious that he was suspicious about two things 1 - Tae Kyung knows Mi Nyeo is a girl and 2 - Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo have feelings for each other, whether Tae Kyung wants to admit it or not :PPP

Anyway another brilliant episode, bring on episode 11 =D
Also, how long did it take me to get around to writing this! Gah Essays, Tests, Presentations! Sucks! I wanna review all of this series AND Stars Falling from the Sky so I need to get my skates on methinks! Me need time!!!! <3

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