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You're Beautiful - Episode 7

The kiss was as fake, as suspected. They didn't even touch lips! Well it seemed like they did at the end of ep 6 :P but now they're showing us how it really happened it doesn't seem to be that way at all.
Tae Kyung says he'll go along with their fake relationship, in return she must keep her mouth shut about Mi Nyeo. He then leaves, He Yi is left angry and stunned.

When Tae Kyung gets back the band have thrown a party to congratulate him on his relationship with He Yi. Mi Nyeo congratulates him before disappearing. Tae Kyung goes to his room ignoring the party and unhappy. In his room he complains about Mi Nyeo having the guts to congratulate him when he's doing it for her.

Outside Jeremy approaches Mi Nyeo, he hands her a book on love, he mistakes Mi Nyeo's sadness as her upset over He Yi getting a boyfriend, when in fact it is because Tae Kyung has a girlfriend.

Later on Tae Kyung wonders where Mi Nyeo is and why she hasn't come to bed, he goes looking for her and finds her asleep under the piano. He wakes her up and realises she's drunk. he tries to drag her out so she'll go to bed but she refuses to let go of the piano. Tae Kyung bangs loudly on the piano keys to get her out. When she doesn't leave Tae Kyung starts playing the song he wrote. Mi Nyeo listens quietly, meanwhile Shin Woo sits outside looking at the shoes he brought for Mi Nyeo and Jeremy sits with Jolie.
When Tae Kyung has finished his song, he looks down to see Mi Nyeo has fallen asleep again. He comments on how he should never have found out that Mi Nyeo is a girl, because of her his life is being twisted into taking care of her.

The next day Mi Nyeo starts recording her solo single. However it doesn't go very well, she sings it fine but there is no emotion in the song.
Hoon Yi calls it a day and tells her to go and get inspired by love.

Later on all of A.N.JELL are forced to go to He Yi's film premier because of Tae Kyung's relationship with her. When they get there the interviewer interviewing He Yi immediately goes over to Tae Kyung and asks how he feels about He Yi kissing another guy in the movie. Tae Kyung looks at He Yi and says he doesn't care.
The reporter assumes he means because he knows it's acting, but after He Yi tells him off and tells him he should make it seem more real. Also she tells him he will come to the after party with her.
Later on Hoon Yi advises Tae Kyung that he is taking Mi Nyeo to her father's grave. Tae Kyung tells the manager that he will take her so that she can practise his song on the way, Hoon Yi agrees. He also goes along with the favour to take his place in taking He Yi to the party.

He Yi is not happy when she gets in Tae Kyung's car to find Hoon Yi in the driver's seat.

On their trip to Mi Nyeo's father's grave, Tae Kyung pulls over so the pair can have a break and get some drinks.
Mi Nyeo runs off to get a couple of cans, when she returns she gives one to Tae Kyung, who opens it to have it explode all up his shirt.
He goes mad, not being able to stand dirty things he has to change, but the only thing available is some of Mi Nyeo's spare clothes, which are too short on him, still he wears them...

When they arrive at the village Mi Nyeo's aunt greets them. She has already told the towns folk that her nephew and friend are really famous so everyone is excited. However when they arrive they look far from stars in clothes the wrong size and a small car so the towns folk don't believe her and leave.

The pair head to Mi Nyeo's father's grave along with Mi Nyeo's aunt. At some point Tae Kyung stays behind and let's the other two continue alone.
As they walk down the path they pass Hwa Ran but they don't acknowledge each other, not knowing who the other is.

When Mi Nyeo and her aunt get to the grave they see new flowers and realise someone has just been there. Remembering the woman they passed on the way up Mi Nyeo runs back.

Mi Nyeo gets back to the car and the mysterious woman has already left, also Tae Kyung is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile Tae Kyung is in a nearby field listening to his mp3 player and enjoying the scenery. After a while he notices a man at the top of a hill waving to him. Except the man is not waving at him he is yelling at him to run. The sharade goes on for a few minutes before Tae Kyung takes off his earphones and realises a dirty pig is running towards him.
Tae Kyung runs chased by the pig.

When Mi Nyeo gets back to the village Tae Kyung still hasn't returned and the farmer has already told everyone that the young man was chased into the forests by a pig.
Mi Nyeo imagines it on the TV before deciding to go out looking for him.
As she heads into the forest she choses each path by imagining things Tae Kyung would say such as him not liking the dark and mess, she uses these ideas to chose her paths in the hopes of finding him.
In the end she finds her way to a stream and a clearing. She shouts his name and he sits up on a rock.
He admits he is lost but only because he has never been before, Mi Nyeo shows all the things she prepared for him and he is impressed.

The pair end up walking until it gets dark. As they make their way through the fields Tae Kyung hears a noise and wonders about mountain lions. Mi Nyeo tells him it's probably a rabbit, however this doesn't have the effect that Mi Nyeo expected. Tae Kyung goes on about how he is not afraid of pigs and rabbits. But rabbits look cute and innocent and then they bite you. He then admits that Mi Nyeo is like a rabbit in this way, also a pig in that she's dirty, for that reason he calls her pig rabbit XD not liking it Mi Nyeo starts singing songs about rabbits, Tae Kyung tells her to stop it several times but she carries on.

Eventually the pair make it to a bench near the road and they decide to sit down and have a rest. They end up looking at the stars, which Tae Kyung admits he can't see because of his night blindness. Mi Nyeo asks if he can see the moon, he says he can. Mi Nyeo muses how the only star he can see is the moon. Tae Kyung tells her the moon isn't a star as it only reflects light it doesn't emit it.
Mi Nyeo moves on to say how the moon is more useful because it lights the way in the night when light is needed, Tae Kyung laughs and tells her the only reason it's light in the day is because of the sun, Mi Nyeo hits her head XD
Mi Nyeo tells Tae Kyung she must be the moon using his light (as the sun). Tae Kyung tells her the moon isn't completely useless he admits "no matter how many other stars there are in the sky at night, the only thing I see is the moon" (Schweeeeet) Mi Nyeo is taken back by this comment.
Not looking at her because he can't see, Tae Kyung remains looking at the moon. Mi Nyeo tells him that there is a star that she likes, but she wonders if that star will allow her to like it.
Tae Kyung tells her to ask it.
So she does, what Tae Kyung doesn't realise is that as she asks she is not looking at the stars but at him.
The conversation is soon distracted by headlights, Tae Kyung turns around to see a car and then looks at Mi Nyeo who is still staring at him with a tear on her cheek. His look immediately changes he seems shocked. (I have my own thoughts on this I will comment later).

The headlights are from He Yi's car ¬¬ she found out where he was from Mi Nyeo's aunt who wanted someone else famous to arrive in the hopes that her neighbours might recognise her.
He Yi isn't happy to see the pair together and charges towards them but ends up falling into ... cow pat? (I'm not sure what but something :P)

Back at the village Mi Nyeo's aunt cleans He Yi up whilst some of the other village people watch, they ask if He Yi is famous, she nods but they don't seem so sure.
He Yi notices Mi Nyeo and questions her about what she and Tae Kyung were talking about. Mi Nyeo tells her honestly that they were just talking about the stars. He Yi accepts it and then tells her to stop taking Tae Kyung's time because she doesn't get to see much of him as it is ¬¬
Mi Nyeo agrees as Tae Kyung appears in clean clothes (and looking pretty hot :P). He tells her they are going home but Mi Nyeo tells him she will stay on until tomorrow. Tae Kyung tries to get her to go back with them but because of the eyes He Yi is giving her, Mi Nyeo says no and that she will return tomorrow.
Tae Kyung says she better had and reluctantly leaves.
As he waits alone by the car three of the village women approach him and ask if He Yi is his girlfriend, Tae Kyung reluctantly says yes and they ask what he was doing with the other girl all day then :P (they mean Mi Nyeo, wise old women lol)

However the next day Mi Nyeo doesn't return. She decides to stay where she is until she can get rid of these feelings that have appeared so strongly for Tae Kyung.
When she doesn't return Shin Woo goes looking for her. When her aunt tells her a young man has arrived for her, she assumes it's Tae Kyung and goes running, however she is a little let down to see Shin Woo and he realises it.
He agrees to be there for her and support her as a friend only and tells her that she must return, she agrees.

Back at the A.N.JELL offices Tae Kyung sits deep in thought when he is interrupted by Jeremy who tells him that Mi Nam has returned. Tae Kyung mutters to himself that one more day and he would have gone, he also comments on because of that she is lucky. He follows Jeremy to the recording studio where Mi Nyeo is and Shin Woo already watches.

The first time Mi Nyeo is too quiet, she is already nervous and on edge because of her feelings, she waits for the music to start again and Jeremy and Tae Kyung enter.
Any closure Mi Nyeo managed to get over the past couple of days is obviously immediately gone. When she starts to sing again this time it is perfect and full of emotion, she sings it whilst looking only at Tae Kyung (and he seems to realise this, more on this later :P)
Shin Woo seems to notice this also and looks at Tae Kyung sadly. Mi Nyeo remembers her times with Tae Kyung as she sings. When she gets to the end President Ahn tells her it was amazing, but it's too much for Mi Nyeo to handle. She runs for it, Shin Woo immediately runs after her. Tae Kyung is stunned for a second before he also takes the initiative and runs to follow.
Outside Mi Nyeo has her back to Shin Woo as he approaches, she tells him not to come near because if he does her cover will be blown. Shin Woo tells her to let him shield her and pulls her into a hug as Tae Kyung appears to watch...

To be continued :ooooo

Ok so I have to get one thing off my chest, I am going to try and skirt around the issue but if you want absolutely no chance of spoiling episode 8 don't read the rest of this paragraph. Until I saw episode 8 I was absolutely convinced that Tae Kyung knew Mi Nyeo liked him after this episode. The way he looked at her when they were star gazing and he realised she'd been watching him, then the way he acknowledged her looking at him whilst she sang his song. The emotions in this episode were intense and both scenes gave me butterflies they were so well played. Like I said until I saw episode 8 and Hoon Yi ruined things I was convinced Tae Kyung knew... whether he would have acted on it or accepted it I do not know, but it seemed to be realised at least... Anyway that's what I felt the actors were giving off and it's so good to see a scene where characters have to portray these kind of things through emotions rather than speech <3

Anyway my thoughts on the episode - this is an incredibly strong episode, it's amazing, there is the incredibly funny pig chase, the cute love scenes at the stars and singing at the end, also there's the angst with He Yi getting her way with Tae Kyung. Overall really well done I defintitely approve.

Episode 8, Fighting! <3

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