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You're Beautiful - Episode 8

So Tae Kyung follows Hoon Yi out and asks what is happening. Hoon Yi tells him that it is obvious that Mi Nyeo has fallen in love with Shin Woo ¬¬ (where he got this from I do not know ¬¬) Tae Kyung is obviously not happy to hear the news. Hoon Yi tells Tae Kyung that Shin Woo can't find out her feelings, but Tae Kyung is reluctant to help after hearing.
He gets downstairs in time to see Shin Woo hug Mi Nyeo as she cries >< Mi Nyeo looks up and locks eyes with Tae Kyung for a moment before running away. Tae Kyung moves to go after her but Shin Woo stops him and tells him to leave her. He obeys but the pair exchange dark looks. Mi Nyeo runs to the parks and sits on a bench in the hopes of disappearing, however just as she is about to "disappear" she notices Jeremy sitting opposite her. She asks if he can see her and he says yes. Jeremy takes it upon himself to cheer Mi Nyeo up, he takes her on his bike, the pair eat curry so hot that they cry, then they go to an arcade where they play games eagerly watched by fans. Finally Jeremy takes Mi Nyeo onto his magic bus. He advises her that it's magic because it takes 1 hour to do a circuit and once that circuit is complete all your troubles are forgotten. For that hour the pair leave each other alone. Mi Nyeo cries to herself whilst Jeremy allows himself to like Mi Nyeo just for that hour (so cute <3)

When they get back Mi Nyeo meets up with Hoon Yi and he tells her how to hide her feelings. He teaches her to push her finger to her nose whenever she feels she can't control her feelings, he assures her it works... she believes him :PP

Mi Nyeo enters Tae Kyung's room coyly hoping not to be noticed, but as soon as she enters he beckons her over. She walks over and immediately puts her finger to her nose.
When Tae Kyung turns from his desk he jumps back in his seat in shock at her expression. Then tells her off for teasing him about the pig incident lolz! Anyway he tells her to keep her finger there whilst he talks.
He explains that he knows she likes Shin Woo and he thinks she should tell him she's a girl. She goes to object saying she doesn't like Shin Woo like that, but Tae Kyung won't accept it ^^; we all know the truth of course!
He draws a chart showing the outcomes of her telling Shin Woo, whatever the outcome Tae Kyung wins, he points this out smugly.

Outside Mi Nyeo sits looking at the table that Tae Kyung drew her when Shin Woo comes out. She immediately hides the paper and tries to turn it into a paper aeroplane so that he can't see what's on it. However she turns it the wrong way so it will reveal the text. Shin Woo takes it off her and without looking starts making a paper aeroplane so he can't see what is written.
He tells Mi Nyeo a story about a guy who knew a girl was acting as a guy but she didn't know he knew and he tells her how he looked out for. Mi Nyeo doesn't get he's talking about her (because she's sooooo slow ^^;) she asks why the guy didn't tell the girl the truth and he admits the guy decided for her sake and her safety it was best to leave it for now...

When Mi Nyeo still hasn't returned to her room Tae Kyung goes looking for her. He first of all goes to the piano where he found her last time. When he can't find her he goes back to his room and she is already there hidden under the covers. He finds out she has not told Shin Woo. He goes back to bed and smiles.

The next day President Ahn and the managers talk about the video for Tae Kyung's song (that Mi Nyeo will be singing). Hoon Yi comes up with a spy typed video, which President Ahn dismisses, Kko Di suggests a romantic bed scene, which again is rejected. Eventually President Ahn comes up with a school setting.

At the school setting Tae Kyung tells Mi Nyeo to stick by his side, which makes things difficult for Mi Nyeo who promised to back away from Tae Kyung for He Yi.
As they film their first scene in the classroom, Tae Kyung notices one of the extras keeps looking at Mi Nyeo. He asks Mi Nyeo if she knows the guy. Mi Nyeo takes a look and immediately hides recognising him as one of Mi Nam's old school friends. Tae Kyung tells her to just say hi, but she admits she can't remember his name.
When the shooting finishes, Tae Kyung grabs the guy on his way out of the class and asks him for his name pretending to assume that the guy was looking at him because he wanted an autograph :P He eventually gives his name as Kim Dong Jun.

Tae Kyung relays the name to Mi Nyeo and she immediately goes to greet her brother's friend.
Dung Jun is elated to know that Mi Nam remembers him, he admits he was worried Mi Nam would have forgotten him now that he is a star.
He comments on why he looks more feminine and where the scar on his hand went. Tae Kyung jumps in and tells Mi Nyeo not to be ashamed of admitting his surgery to his friend. Dong Jun buys it.
He then says that they should go and see who can take the longest pee like in the old days, he drags Mi Nyeo off, she who looks back to Tae Kyung begging for help.
Tae Kyung follows and tries to distract Dong Jun by asking if he knows any of their songs. When Dong Jun says he doesn't he goes to look at Mi Nyeo but Tae Kyung quickly says "what about this one?" and starts singing "I will promise you" Dong Jun admits he recognises it, Tae Kyung eyes Mi Nyeo who takes the queue and says she has finished much to Dong Jun's disappointment. She leaves, Dong Jun quickly follows.

The group head back to shoot the second scene, which happens to be in the canteen. Mi Nyeo has a nice expensive lunch, whilst Tae Kyung is supposed to be a poor student and so has a poor lunch. Mi Nyeo comments on her lovely egg and Dong Jun remembers how Mi Nam used to collect food from his friends at school for his sister. Dong Jun admits he asked his mom for her favourite every day just so Mi Nam would give it her as he liked his sister.
Mi Nyeo is obviously shocked but happy at the fact that he liked her, Tae Kyung on the other hand is throwing daggers :P Dong Jun comments on Mi Nam now looking more like his sister. Mi Nyeo seems to like this and smiles but Tae Kyung bursts her bubble and says she's not supposed to be happy at looking like a girl when she's a man :P Mi Nyeo immediately sobers.

After shooting Dong Jun finds Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung again. Nervous that he'll follow her to the toilet Mi Nyeo runs off leaving Tae Kyung to keep him occupied. Dong Jun asks if Tae Kyung ever sees Mi Nyeo, Tae Kyung admits she appears from time to time. Dong Jun seems happy at this. Much to Tae Kyung's horror, Dong Jun admits that when he finishes his military service he intends to ask Mi Nyeo to marry him :o

In the mean time, He Yi arrives on shoot. The reporter corners her and asks if she remembers the photo he took of Her and Tae Kyung running away from him. He Yi admits that it was her and the reporter questions this as he has already heard from Jeremy that Tae Kyung was with Mi Nam at that time and also the girl that he took a photo of running away with Tae Kyung left straight after, he tells her that he is going to question Mi Nam.
He Yi tells him to do that and leaves considering whether she should tell Tae Kyung about the development.

For the next scene the director wants to film Mi Nyeo and Tae Kyung playing. However as they sweep up leaves the pair are actually arguing. Tae Kyung ends up teasing Mi Nyeo about becoming Dong Jun's wife when he leaves the military. Mi Nyeo bites back. The director tells them to be more playful, Mi Nyeo aggressively throws leaves at Tae Kyung, then Tae Kyung does it back. Mi Nyeo shovels more leaves Tae Kyung's way and then goes to run away, however Tae Kyung grabs her and wrestles her to the ground.
He throws leaves down at her face aggressively the director loves it, somewhere along the way Tae Kyung's coldness breaks and he begins to laugh. Mi Nyeo stares at him stunned until she presses her finger to her nose. Tae Kyung thinks she is making fun of him again and he immediately stops laughing and gets off her.

As they finish filming He Yi arrives and joins them. It's obvious neither Tae Kyung or Mi Nyeo are happy to see her.
He Yi starts dusting the leaves off Tae Kyung, which is Mi Nyeo's clue to leave. He Yi seems happy about this but Tae Kyung not so.
She tells him to act and he tells her he can't he's not as good at lying as her. He Yi congraulates him on the good acting he did just now with Mi Nyeo. Tae Kyung smirks and tells her it wasn't acting before leaving.
He Yi gets angry and hisses at the fact that he laughed and acted so natural with Mi Nyeo. For that she decides not to tell him about the reporter.

Meanwhile Mi Nyeo's aunt meets up with some of the fangirls and they tell her about the legends of the band members. That Shin Woo took on dozens of men by himself, Jeremy was engaged to a British Princess and supposedly Tae Kyung's secret is about his birth and that he has a famous mother (if only they knew :o) whilst they are talking about this Tae Kyung is on the phone to his father in his van, his father tells him he has sent him a present for his Birthday.

Mi Nyeo is left alone with Dong Jun, she signs Dong Jun's shoe for him. He is happy and by surprise steals hers, he puts it next to his own and realises the size difference... he asks Mi Nyeo if it is really his shoe, she admits it is. He wonders in his head before they are distracted by He Yi. She plays the nice girl but as she leaves she notes how Mi Nyeo is probably doing this to get all this male attention and how they are both stupid.
Shortly after Tae Kyung arrives and beckons Mi Nyeo. Obediently Mi Nyeo waves goodbye and leaves. As she disappears with Tae Kyung, Dong Jun wonders if you can have surgery to change your shoe size...

As they walk off Mi Nyeo talks to Tae Kyung about Dong Jun and shortly realises her mistake. She remembers that Dong Jun was confused about her shoe and realises it was probably because her shoe size is much smaller than Mi Nam's.
Both run back to Dong Jun to find him standing opposite the reporter. Nervous to what has been said, Dong Jun looks over sadly and holds her gaze before smiling and admitting that Mi Nam has been his best friend since high school.
The reporter lets go and leaves and Mi Nyeo smiles with relief.

Mi Nyeo and Dong Jun are left alone, Dong Jun knows now that it is Mi Nyeo but he doesn't actually say it. He just tells her that he will come looking for Mi Nyeo when he has finished his military service :P he hugs her and runs off much to Tae Kyung's disbelief.
Meanwhile He Yi arrives to get Tae Kyung to take her home. Tae Kyung reluctantly follows but refuses to carry her bag (lol), they leave behind a sad Mi Nyeo.

Back at the set Tae Kyung leaves with He Yi. As he drives off Shin Woo's car passes him, he looks out of his window to see Shin Woo pull up to Mi Nyeo and get out of the car.
He Yi asks if Shin Woo knows that Mi Nyeo is a girl because he pays her a lot of attention. Tae Kyung doesn't respond.

Shin Woo tells Mi Nyeo that he has come to take her home, Mi Nyeo explains it's fine that she could have just taken the work van, but Shin Woo insists.

He Yi tells Tae Kyung that she wants to eat Italian and tells her there's a nice restaurant nearby. As they drive Tae Kyung gets a phone call from his Mom, obviously not very happy, he drops He Yi off at the restaurant alone and tells her he has something he has to do.
He Yi isn't impressed, but not wanting to ruin her image, pretends that was what was planned ^^;

At home Mi Nyeo aunt has opened a package for Tae Kyung. It's his Birthday present from his Dad. Mi Nyeo knows he won't be happy about it and puts the parcel in his room. She notices it's from his Dad and that it says Happy Birthday so she questions Jeremy. Jeremy tells her that they celebrated his Birthday a few months ago, which confuses Mi Nyeo. She heads over to the A.N.JELL offices to find him.

Tae Kyung meets his mother at the restaurant his mother requested. Tae Kyung goes expecting it to be a Birthday meal, however when he gets there it's a meeting with a producer for the song she wants him to sing. Tae Kyung apologises to the guests and leaves.
At the A.N.JELL offices Hwa Ran questions him about why he wouldn't stay and why he had to embarass her like that. She moans about how she lost her true love because she gave birth to him. Tae Kyung tells her if she wants to claim that she gave birth to him she should at least remember the day. She then guesses that it was today.
Tae Kyung ends up leaving on the verge of crying.
Mi Nyeo witnesses the whole scene from behind a tree.
Inside Tae Kyung falls agains the wall and starts crying hard, Mi Nyeo watches from afar and talks to the heavens, she says "Mother Superior, my star is crying, alone in the dark" T_T

To be continued...

Why oh why oh why Hoon Yi? Why on Earth do you think Mi Nyeo fancies Shin Woo? And why did you have to go and tell Tae Kyung? ^^;;; I was so sure Tae Kyung understood Mi Nyeo's feelings at the end of episode 7 but that was all ruined within seconds :(( ah well I suppose it wouldn't really worked if things started happening so early, ne? :P

Anyway overall a powerful episode, especially the last scene. Jang Geun Suk did a superb job of the angst at the end of the episode, crying over his mother. It's so sad to see him crying because he's such a proud character and he has to wait until he thinks he's alone before he allows himself to break down. Mi Nyeo of course witnesses the scene and her reaction is equally as heart breaking. Her comment is so cute about her star crying. I really liked it, it was a nice touch.

On a lighter note it was nice to see Tae Kyung getting jealous for once, whether he realises it or not :P his reaction to Dong Jun was hilarious, I thought at points that he would go in there and break the pair up and the leaf fighting scene is so funny because the pair seem to be having a proper arguement about it but it's just so petty ^^;

Anyway didn't have the butterflies that episode 7 gave but it was still an awesome epsisode with plenty of fluff, love, comedy and angst, I loved it <3

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