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You're Beautiful - Episode 2

The episode begins with Mi Nyu waking up to find herself asleep with the rest of the A.N.JELL members, shocked and not remebering how she got there she quickly leaves to ponder what happened the night before.

After much pacing she realises her lip hurts. She looks in a mirror (that just happens to be lying on the table :P) and realises she has a cut, she immediately recollects falling from the bench and landing onto one of the A.N.JELL members the night before. The thing is she can't remember, which one.
She sits down on the bench and cringes as she mulls over what happened, when Jeremy comes and joins her.
Jeremy tells her off and tells her she best apologise to "Hyung" because what she did was unforgivable.
That knocks one off the list, Mi Nyu agrees to apologise with only two choices left and leaves Jeremy be to go to the kitchen.

In the kitchen Shin Woo is pouring tea, he pours a cup for Mi Nyu and passes it across to her. Mi Nyu is still unsure whether it was Shin Woo or Tae Kyung that she kissed so she tries to skirt around the issue to find the answer.
She comes to the belief that it was Shin Woo from their conversation when Jeremy enters the room to yell at her. He thought that she was going to apologise. Shin Woo makes it clear it's probably Tae Kyung she should be apologising to and not him.
Reality sinks in and Mi Nyu recalls the everything where she not only landed a kiss on Tae Kyung but also threw up in his mouth >< Mi Nyu recoils at the realisation and heads to Tae Kyung's room with a peace offering in the form of tea.
When she enters the room Tae Kyung immediately freaks out and tells her to leave. He is also sporting a cut on his lip and is not happy at all about what happened, no one would be happy about that but Tae Kyung's Cleanliness OCD makes it a thousand times worse.
Tae Kyung leaves for the bathroom angrily deciding he once again needs to clean his teeth and take another shower. Whilst he is in the bathroom he comments on how Mi Nyu should have waited for him to calm down... aww he does have a heart ^-^

Mi Nyu is left alone (which is never good) and decides to leave the tea in his room for when he gets out of the shower.
However as she places the tray down a bit of wax manages to drip onto the floor. Knowing what a clean freak Tae Kyung is Mi Nyu immediately tries to wipe it up, stupidly she uses her finger, which obviously hurts. She recoils and ends up falling back into his glass shelves. The shelves immediately topple forwards at the pressure of Mi Nyu's body.
She holds her arms out in an aim to stop the shelf from crashing to the floor, but what the point is I do not know as all the CDs and books end up falling to the ground anyway.
Just when Mi Nyu thought things couldn't get any worse, the air conditioning turns itself on, Tae Kyung's song lyrics are blown across the room towards the burning candle.
Mi Nyu immediately puts all her effort into blowing the candle out. After several failed attempts she has an epiphany and attempts to spit on the candle.
Unfortunately for Mi Nyu, just has she projects her spit out onto the candle (amazingly blowing it out) Tae Kyung re-enters the room to witness the scene.
Obviously being a clean freak he is more disgusted than the average person and gets incredibly angry.
He pushes the shelves back and Mi Nyu tries to escape, however at the force of the shelf moving a statue falls from the top and lands on Mi Nyu's head knocking her cold.
Tae Kyung picks up the statue and looks at Mi Nyu and yells at her to see if she's ok.
Unconscious she doesn't answer, however in all the commotion the other two band members and Hoon Yi enter to see Tae Kyung standing above Mi Nyu meancingly with the statue in his hand :P obviously all assume he did it (lol).

Mi Nyu is rushed to hospital in an ambulance, but on the way Hoon Yi realises that if she goes to hospital they will realise she is a girl... he tells the medic that she is fine and they are let out.
Manager Hoon Yi takes care of her in a nearby park, putting a bandage across her head and giving her ice to rest against it.
In the midst of this Hoon Yi receives a call from Tae Kyung who is uncharacteristically worried about Mi Nyu. He orders Hoon Yi put her on so he can check she is ok and he obeys.
Mi Nyu tells him that she is in A&E as Hoon Yi advises her, however as we flick to Tae Kyung, we realise he is in the hospital looking for her and she is not there.
The ruse is blown when a cart drives behind them blaring out about fish for sale. Tae Kyung gets angry and hangs up.

On the way back to the offices Hoon Yi and Mi Nyu bump into a reporter. He is very driven and intends on getting a story. He is surprisingly happy to see a bandage on Mi Nyu's head and asks if it was Tae Kyung that did it.
As he does Tae Kyung enters from behind him. Mi Nyu is shocked and the reporter takes it the wrong way. Mi Nyu assures him that Tae Kyung did nothing, but it comes across that Mi Nyu is scared of Tae Kyung.

The news gets out and the fans aren't impressed. The fan club manager Sayuri even takes it as far as getting the A.N.JELL fans to boycott Mi Nam to get him out.

Jeremy isn't happy either, he respects Tae Kyung a lot and isn't happy that all the trouble has started since Mi Nyu moved in. He sets his Golden Retriever Angelina Jollie (lol) on Mi Nyu, however it doesn't seem like much of a punishment as the dog licks her and that's it :P still Mi Nyu squirms.
When she finally gets away Jeremy grabs her putting his arms around her shoulders, being a girl she immediately flinches knocking Jeremy off and running away, leaving him confused.

Mi Nyu makes it into the house and decides it's time to make it up to Tae Kyung. She goes into his room without his knowledge, (even though he specifically told her not to) and she begins tidying his shelves. She realises that he has all the CDs for one particular artist.
However before she can read too much into it Tae Kyung enters the room and is livid to find Mi Nyu there.
He drags her down the stairs where he tells the manager Mi Nam leaves or he will...

Shin Woo advises President Ahn that it's probably best this way, if Tae Kyung moves out for a while it will give them space to recover.
Mi Nyu not happy runs out the house to chase Tae Kyung, she tries to get him to stop but Tae Kyung says he was right she keeps doing the things that bother him, he also advises her he'll hit her if she continues... of course he doesn't know Mi Nyu is a girl.

Hoon Yi leaves the house to find Mi Nyu sulking on the bench. He tries to give her a pep talk but she manages to keep making his points negative. Hoon Yi assures her it will be fine and that she should stick at it to find her mother.

Across town we see an Ajhumma talking with her friends about Go Mi Nam, she brags that she is his aunt and that she took care of him longer than his mother did when he was young, but she had to give him up...

Meanwhile Tae Kyung ends up staying in the same hotel as his mother... not a good thing. It appears that mother and son don't get on and after an unfriendly conversation in the elevator Tae Kyung leaves without looking back. (The woman is the singer of all the CDs Mi Nyu found in Tae Kyung's room...)

Back with Mi Nyu, Hoon Yi and Kko Di approach her to advise her that she will be doing a photo shoot. Mi Nyu obviously isn't happy about it and says that it should be her brother doing it not her.
Kko Di gets angry and blames it on Hoon Yi, she starts beating him and so Mi Nyu reluctantly agrees to do the shoot.
What they don't realise is that their whole conversation was overheard by Shin Woo.

When Jeremy approaches Shin Woo, he asks him what he is looking at. Shin Woo advises him he was watching something very interesting before walking off. Jeremy looks down to see Hoon Yi, Kko Di and Mi Nam walking away and gets confused.
He follows Shin Woo into the house where the pair sit down. Jeremy comments on Mi Nam being a weird guy saying that he heard him crying. He also comments on how slight he is and how smooth his skin is.
After Jeremy comments on Shin Woo taking care of Mi Nam after the incident with Tae Kyung we see a flash back of him carrying her. It is from this scene that we realise that Shin Woo found out she was a girl when he picked her up and his chest was against hers...

Meanwhile Mi Nyu has now began her photo shoot. To begin with she looks awkward and uncomfortable, but after Hoon Yi and Kko Di show her some poses she gets into it and starts looking like a pop star.

When Mi Nyu returns home she is treated to an unfriendly welcome. Sayuri still has all the fans gathered around the front of the A.N.JELL offices and they are all chanting to get rid of Go Mi Nam.
Hoon Yi and Kko Di protect Mi Nam and make sure she gets safely through the crowds to the building.

Inside Mi Nyu spends hours working hard on her dancing so that she can show Tae Kyung she can be useful to the band.

Somewhere else in the building President Ahn contacts Tae Kyung via video conference. President Ahn explains the situation wanting Tae Kyung to return so that they can try and resolve some of the rumours that he and Mi Nam hate each other. President Ahn tells him if he doesn't show up to the Asian Music Festival it will only add fuel to the fire. Tae Kyung looks resigned to the fact that he will do it but he says he will think about it.
President Ahn says he doesn't need to think about it and asks him to check the schedule he sent him. Tae Kyung goes to open it and starts reading some kind of love letter to a woman.
President Ahn falls off his chair and yells at him to stop reading, he sent the wrong one. He yells at him to stay on video call whilst he runs to get the real schedule.
Tae Kyung agrees and as President Ahn leaves his arm knocks the camera as he walks away leaving it at another angle.

A few moments later Mi Nyu and Kko Di enter the room. Kko Di holds a ball in her hand and tells Mi Nyu she needs to be careful of them falling out ^^;;; apparently she is to put them down her trousers so she looks like a boy... I'm not sure how tight they expect her trousers to be but her current ones are baggy XD
Tae Kyung watches the conversation confused, but he literally coughs his water all over the monitor as Kko Di tries to pull down Mi Nyu's trousers.
At the worry that someone may enter, Mi Nyu turns the lights off and all we can see are the two glowing balls.
When the lights come back on Mi Nyu smiles and admits she will be careful from now on so that no one will discover that she is a girl, unbeknownst to her Tae Kyung is watching the whole scene and he even records the last part...

Tae Kyung immediately leaves and heads over to the offices to confirm what he has seen.

When he arrives he marches right into the practise rooms where Mi Nyu and the other A.N.JELL members are working.
When he sees Tae Kyung enter Hoon Yi goes to stand up but Kko Di slaps him and tells him to leave it lol.
Mi Nyu is confused and says hello nervously as Tae Kyung stares at her intensely trying to figure out how to find out if what he saw is true or not.
In the end he makes his move and pulls her into an embrace, shocking everyone watching. His supicions are immediately confirmed, he looks to Mi Nyu and pulls away he says "You!" but before he can say anything else President Ahn and the reporter enter the room and the reporter starts taking snaps.

When they are done Tae Kyung chases after President Ahn to try and talk to him about Mi Nyu, but President Ahn is too happy about what has just happened to listen. Tae Kyung gets frustrated and gives up, he decides to go to the lady herself.

Outside the studio Hoon Yi admits that he thought Tae Kyung was going to hit Mi Nyu and was surprised when he hugged her. Mi Nyu tells him that his eyes seemed scary. Hoon Yi waves it off and tells her to go have her shower upstairs whilst no one notices she is missing. She obeys.

Shortly after we find out that the showers on that floor are not working so all the men start making their way upstairs to where Mi Nyu is. As Hoon Yi has walked away on a phone call he is not there to stop them...

Thankully Mi Nyu has already finished showering, the only obstacle in her path is getting past all the naked men.
She calls on Mother Superior to help her and it works. We are treated to a funny dialogue where Mother Superior appears and tells her to think of them as God's little Angels.
When Mother Superior disappears, Mi Nyu turns around to see all the naked men have turned to small children with clouds covering their private areas.
She walks through the locker room in a happy daze, until she bumps into Jeremy and is snapped out of it.
She is horrified as Jeremy whips his towel from around his waist and behind him, she doesn't look down, instead she remains frozen until he leaves, then her eyes are covered by Shin Woo's towel. He leads her out of the room and tells her he can't shower with her around.
She happily agrees to leave them to it.

As Mi Nyu walks out into the hallway happily, she thinks she is safe. She laughs out loud about how she was lucky she wasn't caught, however her happiness is soon ended as she turns to see Tae Kyung watching her smugly. He tells her she has been caught. She looks slightly disbelieving, so Tae Kyung tells her she has been completely discovered by him...

End of Episode :o

So first of all, BIG SHOCK! Was NOT expecting the leading guy to find out at the end of the 2nd episode... BUT, I really REALLY liked that! When the camera was left on I was so hoping he would witness the scene, so wasn't I treated? ^0^ we've already seen the ignorant male in Coffee Prince, so it's nice to see the Hong Sister's putting a new spin on it and playing it out differently in this one. It will also be nice to see how the dynamics change now that Tae Kyung knows, no matter how cold hearted he is his character is going to change because of this twist.
Also it seems Shin Woo knows too! He found out at the end of episode 1, but doesn't look like Mi Nyu is going to find out about it... I think she's maybe a little too dense :P so 2/3 band members already know and we're only 2 episodes in haha! I like it.

Talking about finding out, I absolutely loved the discovery scene, Tae Kyung's face was a picture, I liked how he didn't overact it, I was expecting some dramatic reaction, but instead you could just feel his anger/ confusion.

There were some great funny scenes in this, the glowing balls :P Why she needs these balls I do not know :P surely they only become necessary if she wears leggings ^^;;; which I doubt she'd wear.
The shower scene with Mother Superior was hilarious, Mi Nyu imagining all the guys as babies with clouds over them.
I would say the fall on kiss was funny :P It was good that they put a twist on that but it was also disgusting ^^; we have seen so many dramas where the leading lady falls on the leading man and oh they kissed! In this one it's oh she threw up on him ^^;;; nice! When I actually see it, it actually makes me feel a bit nauseous myself, I feel so sorry for Tae Kyung lolz!
The scenes where Mi Nyu is trying to work out WHO she kissed are funny, she keeps focusing on their lips and getting distracted and I LOVE when Jeremy throws a tantrum because she is with Shin Woo and not apologising to Tae Kyung.
Anyway I could go on, there were so many fantastic, funny moments in this episode :P Now the introductory period is over, I am looking forwards to seeing the relationship develop between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung <3

After episode 2 I am absolutely hooked! What a fantastic series!!!!!!!!

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