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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 2

So... it's episode 2. Dong Chan is now officially Hye Na's Butler and Hye Na is determined to get rid of him by any means necessary.
Dong Chan's appearance gets a mixed response from the staff at the Kang residence. Whilst Hye Na's 3 personal butlers are not happy that Dong Chan has come from nowhere, to get the position. The maids seem more than happy with Dong Chan's handsome appearance. They even help him fit into his role by providing him with Manhwa about butlers ^^;

After seeing Hye Na try to persuade her Grandpa to drop Dong Chan, we are once again introduced to Dong Chan's loan shark buddies and the plot is designed.

Part 1 of Dong Chan's Dream Sequence

So Dong Chan needs to make 50 Million Won... and fast. To get the loan sharks off his back, he tells them his plans to seduce Hye Na and get her to pay the money.
The boss agress to this on one condition... he has 1 month... and he will only give him another month if the bill is increased to 100 Million Won :o ... Dong Chan agrees.

Dong Chan has been shown around, introduced to the staff and now it's time to work. He is informed by Hye Na's Butler posse that Hye Na is looking for him.
He heads over to the gym where she supposedly is but no one is there, when he turns around he sees Hye Na running at him with a Kendo stick. After taking a few hits, Dong Chan gets the rhythm and dodges, before rolling away and grabbing a kendo stick to fight back.
Whilst they are fighting Hye Na quizzes him, wanting to know why he agreed to be her personal butler. Dong Chan explains, which Hye Na quite rightly doesn't buy. In return Dong Chan comments on her shoddy Kendo skills, embarassing her a little.
Dong Chan actually wins the fight and drops his Kendo stick in hopes of peace.
He bows his head asking for a fresh start, earning himself a smack on the back of the head by Hye Na.

Round 5 - Hye Na

Finally we are introduced to the shows last title character. Wealthy Lawyer Lee Tae Yoon. In the lamest entrance :P Tae Yoon is on the phone in his car in the middle of a foxtail field.
When he hangs up, he counts down and all the road lights turn on... he smiles... WHAT?!? This expresses my usual feelings for this character :P
He wasn't written the greatest role, a lot of people ignore everything else because of his pretty face, but if we're being honest, pretty face or not his character really isn't that interesting. I find him quite dull.
But I'm willing to leave him to it for the time being because he seems like a nice enough guy and his values are in the right place.
He seems to be working on a case that involves the Kang group and he is wanting to meet President Kang to discuss matters.

In the mean time, whilst Dong Chan has just got a new job, Eui Joo is at an interview. After designing all those shoes on sketch pads, it seems she's actually making a move to get into the business.
Her interview is with none other than Soo Ah.

Anyway back to the adventures of Hye Na and Dong Chan.
Hye Na isn't happy. After failing to figure out Dong Chan's ulterior motive, Hye Na goes back to planning how to get Dong Chan fired.
Dong Chan is sent on an endless shopping errand, whilst he is away Hye Na advises the rest of the servants and the cooking staff that Dong Chan has gone to get a master chef and has advised her that he wants to show off his skills and prepare the meal for the dinner party that night, all by himself.
Dong Chan of course is completely oblivious to this whilst he is picking up the hundreds of boxes of shoes and clothes.

When he comes back he is in for a nasty shock. He storms into Hye Na's room and yells out her, but she acts all innocent.
Not to be beaten Dong Chan goes to the kitchen to try and gain the help of the kitchen staff, but they are done and leave the residence for the night.
Hye Na's other 3 butlers and the maids reluctantly leave Dong Chan to it, figuring it's better to let him take the entire blame rather than risk helping. It is left up to Dong Chan to make the entire meal.
Flicking aimlessly through a cook book, Dong Chan is interrupted by a small voice asking for Juice.
He looks for the source of the voice, but sees nothing so he returns to the cook book.
The voice speaks again saying Not orange, but Pineapple. Dong Chan looks around and looks down to see Soo Min.
Such a cute scene ensues ^0^ when Dong Chan calls him 'little boy' Soo Min demands he be called 'young master' Dong Chan being the sweet guy he is obliges and starts calling him young master, but tells him to get his own juice because he is very busy :P Soo Min says the cutest thing 'Oh Sad' in English and goes to walk away, but Dong Chan stops him and ask him what the people of the house like to eat.
Soo Min replies with a list of European foods, which Dong Chan has never heard of, so he waves the child away, but Dong Chan is inspired... let the challenge begin.

Dong Chan gets to work all alone in the kitchen. Hye Na hears Manager Jang talk to her Grandpa about Dong Chan making the meal. He seems to go to tell President Kang about the situation Dong Chan is in thanks to Hye Na, but Hye Na jumps in and manages to save her plan, she advises her Grandpa that Dong Chan insisted he cook.

They go out to the table and Hye Na is shocked to find there is food and Dong Chan is smiling!
She sits down and the meal is revealled.
Soo Min comments on how it looks like fried rice and Hye Na smiles smugly at Dong Chan.
Dong Chan however is ready to correct the hiccup and turns to Hye Na's cousin Soo Ah saying 'You've tried it before haven't you?'. Soo Ah jumping at the chance to show off says she has, saving face and saving Dong Chan. It even gives her a chance to be smug toward Hye Na who isn't happy.
The Meal goes off without a hitch.

Round 6 - Dong Chan

The next day Dong Chan's 3 maid fan girls run over to him and warn him that Hye Na is planning to visit the stables, which doesn't bode well for him. In all the hysteria Dong Chan becomes nervous of what Hye Na has planned for him at the stables... especially with horses around.

It seems Tae Yoon and his work partner Park Soo Ho have discovered that President Kang is due to be at the stables that day for his monthly visit, so they head over in the hopes of catching him.
However this time it is just Hye Na and her butler.
Tae Yoon comes across a man who works at the stables and knows him, they chat and the man offers Tae Yoon the chance to ride on his old horse.

Outside Hye Na is with her horse and realises that Dong Chan is nervous she is going to do something to him involving the horse. She laughs at this, then she notices Tae Yoon riding, he looks like her old boyfriend so she wanders towards him... right into the path of on coming racing horses.
Noticing the situation Dong Chan runs across the field as fast as he can and dives on Hye Na knocking her to the floor, thankfully out of harms way.
However Hye Na doesn't thank him, she gets him up and runs across the field towards the car that Tae Yoon is getting into. She grabs the nearest horse and chases after him.

Getting up off his feet, Dong Chan realises the situation, he runs for the car so that he can catch up to Hye Na.

When Soo Ho realises they are being followed by someone on a horse, he stops the car and he and Tae Yoon get out.
When Hye Na sees Tae Yoon she realises her mistake, it wasn't the man she thought it was. Dong Chan arrives in time to apologise and steer her away.
Soo Ho and Tae Yoon leave, not fully understanding what just happened. Dong Chan follows Hye Na, he goes to stop her from walking away, when she turns he realises she's been crying and he stops shocked.

Hye Na sits on a bench by a foxtail field wiping away her tears. Dong Chan runs over pretending not to know she's been crying, he grabs her hand and starts cleaning the cut for her.
Hye Na is distracted and gets up, the pair start walking home. Hye Na makes Dong Chan swear not to say anything about what happened. Dong Chan swears saying of course 'I'm your Butler' with a melodramatic hand on heart making Hye Na smile.

So they've had their first moment, the 100% we hate each other phase has ended. The pair walk off into the sunset... not sure what happened to the car :P maybe they felt like a walk home? How romantic! XD

So things are starting to run a bit smoother now. However trouble lies ahead for Dong Chan when he gets home, looks like Hye Na will finally get her wish.
Manager Jang confronts Dong Chan, it seems they found out about Hye Na's near accident at the stables. When Manager Jang asks what happens, keeping his word Dong Chan says it was his fault, that the pair argued and she ran out. Manager Jang tells him they can't have people around the lady who will put her in harms way and tells him he is fired. Dong Chan tries to reason with Manager Jang, but he won't listen, until Hye Na comes in and asks who said he could fire him?
A little shocked, Manager Jang agrees that Dong Chan won't be fired and goes to find President Kang to tell him about the development.
Dong Chan follows Hye Na smugly, when she notices she explains it wasn't because she likes him but rather that she wants to keep tormenting him HAHA poor Dong Chan :P

It seems Eui Joo got the job! She is now working for Soo Ah along with 2 others, when Soo Ah asks all 3 to comment about her shoes, the other 2 jump in giving comments that satisfy Soo Ah. When Eui Joo doesn't speak up, Soo Ah turns to her and asks for her opinion. Eui Joo's words really impress her and so Eui Joo is kept by her side.
When Soo Ah leaves Eui Joo turns around and sees what looks like Dong Chan walking through the store.
She chases after him but he disappears...

Dong Chan is in the store with Hye Na, the reason he disappeared was he dropped a bag and bent down to pick it up. When he looks around he realises Eui Joo is there and hides.

Eui Joo phones Dong Chan to find out if it was him she saw. Dong Chan takes the call but pretends he is at the beach whilst watching her from behind a pillar (in the mean time Hye Na has already walked off and not realised Dong Chan is not following).

Dong Chan hangs up and apologises quietly, which earns him a slap from behind by an older woman who thinks he's hiding because he's having an affair :P Poor Dong Chan
He then runs out of the store to look for Hye Na.

On their way to meet Hye Na's Grandpa, Hye Na and Dong Chan bump into an angry Soo Ah who is just leaving. It seems Hye Na's new husband candidate is to Soo Ah's liking. She asks Hye Na to do her usual and dump him before disappearing.
Hye Na gets angry that her Grandpa is trying to set her up again. Dong Chan seeing that this could cause a problem in his seduction plan, decides to "help" Hye Na get out of it. He tells her to run away and he'll deal with it.
Hye Na agrees, curious as to why Dong Chan is being so helpful. Hye Na hesitates coming back saying he'll get in a lot of trouble if she just leaves and that she should at least him somewhere visible so it looks like there was some kind of trouble.
Dong Chan tells her nervously that she doesn't have to, but she insists. As she goes to deal the blow, Dong Chan winces, but Hye Na's fist is caught.
It's Tae Yoon :ooooo ¬¬
Dong Chan removes Tae Yoon's hand from Hye Na's and asks who he is. When Tae Yoon repeats the question back at him Dong Chan explains 'I am her personal butler' rather smugly, Tae Yoon replies back 'I'm her Date' dun dun duuuuunn...

Round 7 - Tae Yoon

Phew... ok so Episode 2... much better and much more fun than episode 1. We actually got to see different sides of people in this one.
First of all Hye Na softened a little her character was a little less agressive later on, especially when it came to Dong Chan. She seems to be herself and have fun when she's around Dong Chan, which is what I think her character needs. She needs someone who is fun and can support her so she can finally break free of her first love. What (in my opinion) she doesn't need is someone that she can't be her self around and someone that reminds her of her first love, like Tae Yoon. That can't be healthy.

Dong Chan's character was explored more this episode, it was funny to see his darker side as he unveiled his plans to seduce Hye Na and take her money.
He also showed a sweet and sensitive side when Hye Na was upset after running into Tae Yoon for the first time.
He still kept his comedy about him, the poor guy has to suffer so much being Hye Na's butler, he's gonna end up in ER in the future if Hye Na keeps hitting and abusing him like that ^^;

I find it really interesting to see the interacting between Eui Joo and Soo Ah... in a way their relationship puts Eui Joo and Dong Chan's relationship in a strange position.
Dong Chan is working for the heiress and Eui Joo is working for the wannabe heiress.
The girls hate each other and Dong Chan and Eui Joo are standing at either side... by their side.

In this episode the last of the main characters was introduced, Tae Yoon... I commented in the episode summary about how I find his character slightly dull.
He's got no feist in him, he's too laid back about everything. The fact that he resembles Hye Na's first love is meh! But I suppose this kind of character was needed to push Dong Chan that little bit further so that he realises what he's missing.

The episode was a lot of fun, with just a little bit of cuteness and a tiny bit of angst. There are methods that have been used many times before, but with the amount of dramas these days you can't expect to find a drama that is completely fresh! Really you have to decide whether the drama did it well to decide whether the drama is good or not.

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