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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 9

Episode 8 left us on a mighty cliff hanger... it looked as if Dong Chan was found out! But it seems us viewers took the bait.
In this episode we are shown the scene before Dong Chan arrived, the loan sharks are recognised by Soo Ah who tells Hye Na they attacked her in the car park. Hye Na becomes suspicious and the car park ploy is revealled.
Dong Chan arrives and is dealt a blow, Soo Ah wants to deal some punishment but Hye Na won't allow it, pointing out that Dong Chan is HER bodyguard and she should do the punishing.
Hye Na leads a down trodden Dong Chan away, however as soon as they are out of ear shot of Soo Ah she turns around and asks if it hurt. Dong Chan is confused and Hye Na explains she had to do it to get Soo Ah off her back, she then progresses to ask if she was really that bad that Dong Chan needed to resort to such a scare tactic. Dong Chan goes to protest but Hye Na tells him it's ok and all is left well.
Dong Chan then leaves to meet his "friend".

Outside Dong Chan bumps into Eui Joo who is relieved to hear that his cover is still intact, Dong Chan, however still needs to meet the loan sharks and the pair quickly part.
Not able to see the trio Dong Chan decides to call them.
When the loan sharks put the phone down we see they are not alone, Hye Na is with them and she asks to know everything.

What a cruel but good twist. I must admit that being a Romcom drama I have loved this SO much but I will be honest and say it hasn't been completely original, however this little twist was good, it dealt us a shock then lulled us into a false sense of security, then bam a few minutes later everything is ACTUALLY revealled.

When Hye Na returns to the company Dong Chan is trying to stop the board from leaving before she gets there.
A near fight between Hye Na and Director Kang ensues, however Dong Chan is in the middle to stop it.
The meeting is put to an end and Dong Chan leads Hye Na away.
When they are alone, Hye Na wants to confront Dong Chan now she knows everything, however she finds herself unable to, instead she looks heart broken and like she is about to cry, she makes the excuse that she quarrelled with Tae Yoon, which Dong Chan seems to buy.
Later on Hye Na is left alone to her thoughts where she recalls instances where Dong Chan told her not to trust him and when she went to his house and he tried to hide what looked like gigolo clothes.

Downstairs when dinner is served Hye Na is obviously not in a good mood and takes it out on the staff whilst Dong Chan is left to watch.
Maid Jung serves dinner, which Hye Na states is unappetizing and throws the plate on the floor, a bit of the smashed plate cuts Manager Jung and Dong Chan gets angry.
He chases Hye Na out of the room where he lectures her, telling her even if she is having a hard time she shouldn't take it out on others it's not right to treat people that way. The latter end of the sentence hits a nerve and Hye Na asks if Dong Chan is qualified to say something like that to her. She then leaves and Dong Chan is left confused once again.
In her room Hye Na resorts to throwing and screaming to release her anger and hurt. Meanwhile Dong Chan checks on Maid Jung and her cut, here Maid Jung tells him she doesn't hate her and never will. (aw)

Hye Na decides to go out, she meets up with Tae Yoon (it feels like Tae Yoon is being really badly used here, even though I don't much like him that's kinda sad for him)
They eat candy floss together and Hye Na watches him play basketball.
When he is done the pair chat, Tae Yoon knows there is something wrong and Hye Na explains that she was betrayed by a close friend, that everyone wants her for her money.
Tae Yoon takes the nice guy approach and says that she should continue trusting this friend if they mean that much, that she should find out the reasons behind it before completely giving up her trust in them.
Eventually Dong Chan gets through to Tae Yoon on the phone. After Hye Na just disappeared everyone has been worried. Tae Yoon explains Hye Na is with him and Hye Na goes home.
When she gets back she watches Dong Chan from afar, he is outside waiting for her looking at flowers.
She admits to herself that she wants to trust him but she doesn't know if she can, then she goes inside.
When Dong Chan hears the door close he realises she's back and goes back to the house.

The next day Dong Chan asks for more time to go and see his "friend" as the loan sharks were with Hye Na the day before (unknown to Dong Chan) he wasn't able to meet them.
Hye Na agrees, but as soon as he leaves she follows him. Seems she has everything planned out, when Dong Chan arrives at the base of the loan sharks he is just in time to see them get arrested.
Hye Na watches Dong Chan from her car when a detective comes over to her and hands her the piece of paper she asked for.
Hye Na rips up the contract Dong Chan had with the loan sharks...

Dong Chan immediately phones Eui Joo and tells her of the news. She is relieved, however Dong Chan still seems worried still but Eui Joo assures him this is a good thing as now they are in jail they can't do anything.
After Eui Joo ends up having an arguement with her mother. Her ma voices her opinions that she never wants Eui Joo with Dong Chan, she sees Dong Chan as a son but that can never be. Eui Joo gets upset and angry and leaves.

Hye Na is by now at a bar getting drunk and has called for Dong Chan to meet her. When he gets there she explains the reason she argued with Tae Yoon was because he lied to her. (This is obviously to prompt Dong Chan). She explains that if he'd just been honest she would have been able to understand, but the fact that he lied and still lied when she gave him the opportunity to be honest, meant she couldn't forgive him.
Using his own situation and already feeling guilty at her comments, Dong Chan defends Tae Yoon as if defending himself.
Hye Na then asks him straight if he has lied to her about anything and whether he has anything he wants to tell her.
Dong Chan hesistates for a while, even when he is prompted by Hye Na again, he ends up bottling out and saying nothing, which obviously makes Hye Na angry.
Hye Na leaves and Dong Chan chases her outside.
It's here that it is revealled she knows everything, which shatters Dong Chan's world, she tells him he is fired and gets into a cab where she cries and remembers the good times she had with him.
Dong Chan is left alone to realise his situation. (Why wasn't he just honest ^^; oh the love of Kdrama haha)

The next day it seems that Soo Ah and Director Kang have managed to get their spy to steal Hye Na's presentation idea for the Kang San online Shopping Mall.
Director Kang isn't impressed with the idea but Soo Ah is and thinks the idea might work.
They are interupted by Jo Mi Ok, as soon as she appears Director Kang closes the laptop and he and Soo Ah stop talking.
Jo Mi Ok wonders why and Soo Min says it's because his Mom can't keep a secret :P
She is upset at being kept out even though she is a member of the family. She is given the job of visiting Eui Joo's Ma to find out some background information on Dong Chan.
However when she gets there Eui Joo's Ma knows what she is after and tells her she's not getting anything.

Meanwhile back at the Kang San Residence Dong Chan reports to duty. Hye Na asks why he's there she fired him, but Dong Chan points out Hye Na can't fire him only her Grandpa can.
She concedes and opts instead to call her Grandpa and tell him everything that has happened so that he will fire here.
Dong Chan however calls her bluff and tells her that he will make the call himself.
Hye Na is obviously stabbed by the comment and retorts with now she understands how he was a gigolo she then moves on to saying how seeing him makes her feel sick before she leaves. Dong Chan is left cut up :(

In the presentation Hye Na is obviously not with it, but she goes ahead. It's obvious that Director Kang has some plan as he is smug throughout the whole presentation.
When it comes to an end he says it would have been good if it was original. He then shows them Soo Ah's previous idea, which was pretty much exactly the same but with Soo Ah as the model instead of Hye Na.
Hye Na tries to defend herself but in her current situation it doesn't work and the board gang up against her.
Hye Na returns to her office and throws her slides on the floor angrily, Dong Chan follows her and picks them up, he tries to hand them to her but she pushes him away.
He moves into one of his speeches about how she should not give up and it's not like her to. He tells her to cheer up and keep at it, her idea must have been good for Soo Ah to copy.
Hye Na however is still bitter and retorts with 'So this is why women like you?' Dong Chan is obviously stuck for words. She goes on to comment about how his kindness was all an act.
Dong Chan is stabbed again (metaphorically of course :P) when he tells her he'll wait outside for her instructions he seems to be trying not to cry :( when he leaves Hye Na's expression is not so harsh, she is obviously still upset too and hurt by his presence.

Whilst outside Dong Chan bumps into Eui Joo. She notices something is wrong by his expression and the way he is acting, but doesn't push when he tells her he's fine.
He comments on her hair sticking up and jokes trying to stick it down, he tells her she looks nicer with her hair tied up.
This little scene is witnessed by Hye Na and Tae Yoon who come down the stairs together.
They approach Dong Chan and Eui Joo and Tae Yoon asks the pair to join them for lunch.
Lunch however is awkward with Hye Na making snide remarks about how Dong Chan would make a good gigolo.
When the meal is over Eui Joo asks Dong Chan if Hye Na knows, he answers her honestly making her angry. She tells him to leave the Kang San house. When he skirts around the idea Eui Joo pushes further and Dong Chan actually speaks abruptly telling her he's already having a hard time without her. At this she silences.
Meanwhile Hye Na and Tae Yoon continue their date, Tae Yoon isn't in the best of moods thanks to Hye Na's behaviour.
He asks why she behaved like that and asks what her and Dong Chan's relationship is. When Hye Na acts coolly, Tae Yoon gets angry and backs up his reasons for asking the question; her behaviour at the table that day and how he has noticed how close they are. He asks if he is being overly sensitive, when she says he is, he decides to stop.

When Dong Chan returns to Hye Na's office she is not there. He ends up pacing the room for ages before he decides to sit down, where he ends up falling to sleep.
Dong Chan is woken by a call from Hye Na, when he hears what she has to say he jumps off the sofa and runs out the room.

Hye Na has found her way to Dong Chan's old Host bar.
Dong Chan gets there as fast as he can, when he arrives he wants to know how she found out about the place.
She tells him he seems like a completely different person there and how hard it must have been for him to act kind and pitiful.
Dong Chan is obviously hurt by this and says it's hard for him too. But Hye Na is not done, she tells him she can't stop thinking about how he acted to the women there what he would say.
Dong Chan has enough and tells her she can do as she wishes but he is leaving.
He gets up and walks away, but he doesn't get far.
He turns back and drags her with him. She is not happy and kicks up a fuss as she goes, she bites him to let her go. He does but as she goest to walk back he grabs her and pushes her against the wall.
He asks her why she is so cruel and why she is doing it, she asks what she has done wrong and Dong Chan seems to snap.
He says 'What did you say just now? You want to see how I looked as a gigolo? Fine, I'll show you. But, how rich are you? A woman like you who's bad tempered and unlikable, to be with you will require a lot of money'
Hye Na is obviously upset, he continues prompting her about how much she'll pay, she tells him to get lost, but he won't let her go, she asks why he is doing it and why he is making her scared, Dong Chan responds with 'Tell me the truth, what is it that you want?' he asks her again before moving in right close and asking 'is this what you want?' Hye Na cries and Dong Chan seeing her tears comes back to his senses, Hye Na pushes him away and leaves.
Dong Chan is stood paused for a moment until he realises he has to chase after her.

Dong Chan searches frantically for Hye Na. Eventually he finds her walking blankly down the street.
He approaches her, as she sees him and he calls her name she immediately turns and walks out into the middle of the road (For a classic Kdrama scene).
She is about to get hit by a truck when Dong Chan jumps in and pulls her into his arms for a much needed hug for both of them.
End of Episode.

Phew! What an episode!
Hye Na may have "hated" Dong Chan for most of this episode, but it was very strong and very good. Although there was not much chance of cute moments it helped show the audience more of what was in Hye Na's heart.

She seemed more upset by the fact that Dong Chan was a gigolo than the fact that he had tried to seduce her. It shows how far her attachment to Dong Chan has come when she ends up at his old work place and she confesses she can't stop thinking of what he was like and what he said to women.

Their was a lot of chemistry between the pair in this episode, especially at the end, which was near explosive.
The scene where Dong Chan pushes Hye Na against the wall and goes to kiss her was brilliantly acted. Hye Na did it so well with her crying and Dong Chan was not letting her down by keeping up the standard. It was a very emotional and tense scene.

The final scene was your typical cliche damsel nearly gets hit by a car but guy saves her scene. However like many have already said, it's a scene that actually felt like it fit in this drama rather than a scene to bring awareness.
Both characters were hurting an incredible amount by the end of the episode and being in each other's arms is (subconsciously) what they both needed... if they could both just be honest with their feelings none of this would have happened :P

Tae Yoon showed some anger in this ep, his confrontation with Hye Na showed that maybe he has a bit of back bone :P He obviously notices that she is unusually close to Dong Chan even if SHE doesn't. Will be interesting to see how his anger progresses in future eps ^^; hopefully he won't turn melodramatically evil >< all the characters are likable enough in this show (even though I think Tae Yoon a bit dull I don't think he's a bad guy)... I'm not wanting him or Eui Joo to go down the evil route but I can see it happening :S ah as long as it's not overdone I guess it would be ok.

Anyway, just brilliantly acted and well done episode <3 Team Butler Aja!

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