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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 8

After the papparazzi fiasco at the end of episode 7, Dong Chan grabs Hye Na and runs with her into the first lift. The pair go to the roof where they wait it out. (Of course the papparazzi didn't think to watch where their elevator went and follow them :P)

Tae Yoon meets up with Manager Jang and Maid Jung and asks where Hye Na and Dong Chan are. Maid Jung asks why Dong Chan, Tae Yoon explains that he saw them run off together.

Next minute on the roof Dong Chan gets a call from one of the three (think it's Tae Yoon), Dong Chan explains they are on the roof and that they will wait there then he hangs up.
Hye Na is very worried about her Grandpa and wants to go back down but Dong Chan stops her.
He explains that the reporters are still there so she can't and that Tae Yoon will be there for her soon.
She's quite persistent but Dong Chan gets through to her in the end and she sits and waits.
Dong Chan notices that she's cold and puts his jacket over her legs.
A few moments later Tae Yoon arrives, Hye Na jumps up knocking Dong Chan's jacket to the floor. She hugs Tae Yoon leaving Dong Chan to watch on :( (his poor jacket)

Dong Chan disappears and Tae Yoon runs to find him, he asks why Dong Chan left and explains how he hoped he could stay as he makes Hye Na happy.

Hye Na finally gets to go back down to see her Grandpa, she worries that he will leave her and she will be alone in the world, Tae Yoon holds her hand and assures her he will be there with her, Hye Na seems to be a bit relieved.

Manager Jang wants to try and keep news of the President's illness secret, but Director Kang finds out and speaks the news out of President Kang's impending operation on TV.

To have the operation President Kang will have to go to America, he doesn't like the prosepct of leaving Hye Na alone so he sends Manager Kang to bring Dong Chan to him.
He pleads with Dong Chan to come back whilst he is away, but Dong Chan can't accept. Manager Jang thinks it is his fault for thinking that Dong Chan was a spy for Director Kang, Dong Chan however assures him he has his own reasons and apologises.

The next day President Kang is ready to say his farewells and leave when Hye Na announces that she is going with him.
President Kang insists she must stay behind to watch the business, Hye Na however is very persistent, until Dong Chan steps in surprising everyone.
He tells President Kang he has returned as Hye Na's butler whilst he is away. President Kang smiles, Hye Na goes to object, still wanting to go with her Grandpa. However Dong Chan grabs her arm and whispers to her that her Grandpa doesn't want her to see him weak.
Hye Na understands and agrees to stay behind, she gives her Grandpa a hug and he leaves happy.

As soon as her Grandpa goes, Hye Na's mood changes, she is not intending to forgive Dong Chan for leaving that easily. She ignores Dong Chan and asks for Butler Woo Sung, she has no intention of going to today's meeting either.
Dong Chan however is a changed man now he has come back and has a new tux :P he grabs Hye Na and throws her over his shoulder, he takes her to her room and drops her on her bed, he also starts speaking to her plainly, which she yells at him for.
Maid Jung enters and Hye Na runs and hides behind her, pointing at Dong Chan for treating her badly.
However because of Hye Na's past behaviour towards Dong Chan, when Dong Chan starts acting, Maid Jung believes him and leaves, Hye Na is left in disbelief :P
Dong Chan tells Hye Na to get ready for her meeting, when she says no, he grabs her arm and says he can change her if she doesn't change herself :P Hye Na screams and gets changed on her own.

Outside the butler trio watch as Dong Chan drags Hye Na (now changed) to the car.

At work Eui Joo spots Hye Na and Dong Chan together and grows curious. She runs out to Dong Chan to ask why he is there, Dong Chan says he'll explain later as he is in a rush and drags Hye Na on, leaving Eui Joo confused and anxious.
When they get to the elevators, Hye Na gets Dong Chan to let go by promising not to run off now she's come this far.
They pair calm down and Dong Chan gives Hye Na advice for the meeting, like answering tough questions with a question, being honest and saying if she doesn't understand and to remember that she is Kang Hye Na.
Hye Na's mood seems to dissolve after this, she seems endeared by Dong Chan's advice and when they get in the lift she even smiles to herself.

Hye Na goes into the office and thanks to Dong Chan, she is a complete success, surprising her uncle and the other board members.
Whilst she is in the meeting, Dong Chan is waiting outside and ends up meeting Eui Joo who wants to know why he is back. He explains that President Kang asked for him back and he was worried about Hye Na, which doesn't make Eui Joo happy, she doesn't like him being around her.
She is on the verge of confessing but thinks better of it.
Dong Chan pops out to get a coffee and when he is away he gets a text from the loan sharks.
Being curious Eui Joo reads it and becomes confused.
She takes a note of the number and when Dong Chan returns she takes her leave and calls the number to find out who it is.

When the meeting is finsihed Dong Chan is there to meet Hye Na, the pair smile at each other and leave together.
The car ride home is silent and Dong Chan catches Hye Na looking at him in the mirror.
He smiles and asks what's wrong. Hye Na explains she is curious to know why he is back, but Dong Chan changes the subject much to her annoyance :P
When the get out the car, she asks what it was that brought him back and suggests money.
Dong Chan explains he was worried about her, but Hye Na doesn't buy it.
He then says it's because he likes her, she is taken back by this, but comes back down to Earth when Dong Chan asks "is that what you want me to say?" Hye Na is obviously a little irritated that he wasn't being serious and goes to walk away.
Dong Chan stops her and says whether she believes him or not the truth is he came back because he worried about her.
Hye Na seems to buy it this time and yells at him (like her old self) to open the door. Dong Chan does as he is told.

Later on Dong Chan and Manager Jung eat in the kitchen and she asks Dong Chan if there happens to be anyone he likes, he tells her there is and that she's a beautiful and kind person, but that it's not meant to be. When she asks why Dong Chan tells her she is out of his league :(

Meanwhile Tae Yoon and Hye Na are outside together. Tae Yoon apologises that he won't be able to make their bike riding date that weekend but can they postpone it to the next. Hye Na agrees. She rides her bike, the pair are having fun until Hye Na admits that Dong Chan taught her to ride and that he scolded her a lot.
Tae Yoon shows his first sign of jealousy here...

Dong Chan appears whilst they are having fun and watches sadly.
When they are finished the pair come over to meet him. Tae Yoon tells Hye Na he has a present for her and pulls a photo from his car. However he drops it!
He goes to pick it up but Dong Chan beats him to it and passes it to Hye Na. Tae Yoon has a slightly jealous look in his eye again.
Hye Na comments on what a wonderful photographer he is and thanks him.
Tae Yoon smiles and says goodbye then leaves, as he does he watches Hye Na and Dong Chan from his mirror suspiciously, the pair get further and further from him ;)

When the pair get back into the mansion, Hye Na hands the photo to Dong Chan and asks him to put it in a frame.
Dong Chan however refuses and tells her that this is something personal and that she should do it herself, he then walks off.
This makes Hye Na angry and she chases him up the stairs. She goes to grab his arm when she is close enough, but as she does she slips.
Dong Chan feels the tug on his jacket and immediately spins around to grab her.
As he pulls her in he pulls her close and the pair lock eyes and share a tense moment of awarness.
Dong Chan is the one who finally breaks it off knowing his place, this is the first time Hye Na's feelings for Dong Chan have shown so strongly so she is caught up in the moment.
Hye Na says it's Dong Chan's fault for not taking the picture then walks off to her room where she holds her hand to her chest obviously confused at her feelings.... (ooooh little heart flutter there... sweeeet)

The next day we are shown a brief scene between Eui Joo's Ma and Jo Mi Ok. Basically Eui Joo's Ma has come to deliver flowers to the Kang Residence, she even dressed according to what Manager Jang said to her last time (how sweet ^0^). Jo Mi Ok is yelling at Manager Jung when Eui Joo's Ma steps in and tells her off putting her in her place :P
Meanwhile Eui Joo goes to see the Loan Sharks to find out more about Dong Chan's debt...

At Work we are shown another cute moment between our leading couple. Hye Na has fallen asleep on her desk, Dong Chan smiles and puts a pillow on her head, he sits on the sofa and watches her sleep until he falls to sleep himself.

Learning of Dong Chan's situation, Eui Joo decides to go to Tae Yoon to ask about how legal loan shark contracts are and if she could seek legal help. She then resorts to asking Tae Yoon for money. He tells her he doesn't have any money it's his parents that are rich not him. Eui Joo gets embarassed and mumbles to herself about being embarassed before leaving.
Tae Yoon asks Soo Ho if he did anything wrong, but Soo Ho merely comments on all Kang Group women being the same.
Tae Yoon chases after Eui Joo sensing something is up.

Back with Hye Na and Dong Chan. Hye Na wakes up and realises the time, she goes to yell at Dong Chan but then she realises he is asleep. She smiles and walks over to him to watch him. She smiles and then clicks in front of his face, he doesn't move so she laughs and continues doing it, until Dong Chan grabs her arm and pulls her close.
The pair share another moment in their close proximity before Hye Na agitatedly pulls away.
Dong Chan apologises he merely sensed something in front of him. Hye Na laughs it off and says she was going to wake him anyway, before her phone rings and breaks the awkwardness. It's Tae Yoon.

Tae Yoon calls to invite Hye Na out for drinks as he is currently drinking with Eui Joo.
When they arrive Eui Joo is already tipsy and the air is tense.
Hye Na drops something on her dress, Dong Chan goes to clean it up for her and Hye Na slaps him and asks what he is doing.
The whole scene is watched by Eui Joo and Tae Yoon suspiciously. Tae Yoon looks quite jealous once again.
Eui Joo tells Hye Na not to think anything of Dong Chan paying her attention, because he's nice and kind like that too all women.
Because of Eui Joo's comment and Hye Na and Dong Chan's obvious closeness Tae Yoon moves to ask what Dong Chan's previous occupation was (too which Dong Chan manages to avoid)
Dong Chan wonders what's wrong and drags Eui Joo out of the bar to ask what's going on.
Eui Joo got drunk because she learned about Dong Chan's situation, so she asks him if he has anything to tell her, to which he says no.
Eui Joo being drunk starts singing into Dong Chan's tie, when Hye Na and Tae Yoon appear to look for them Dong Chan is trying to get his tie back.
Eui Joo notices Hye Na and Tae Yoon approach and because of her drunkness she ends up insulting Hye Na. Hye Na says she can't handle her drink to which Dong Chan replies you are worse, earning another killer glance from Tae Yoon :P
Hye Na decides to let the insult from Eui Joo go because she is drunk, Dong Chan ends up dragging Eui Joo away and apologising.
Tae Yoon chases after Dong Chan and advises him that Eui Joo may be in some trouble as she came to him about loan sharks and asking for money.
When they have left Tae Yoon comments on How Dong Chan looks cool to prompt a reply from Hye Na. Hye Na laughs and says not cool but nice. The Way she says it brings another anxious look from Tae Yoon.

When Dong Chan drops Eui Joo off she is more sombre and ends up admitting to Dong Chan that she knows everything.
She tells him to quit his job and she and her Ma will help him pay off his debt.
When he refuses Eui Joo becomes angry and upset. She asks why he stays with Hye Na and she once again asks if he likes her.
Dong Chan replies with "I just want to be with her in her tough time" which is pretty much answer enough I think.
Eui Joo ends up walking away and crying.

When he gets back Hye Na is already there putting a scrapbook together of her favourite things. Dong Chan tells her off for it not being work but she assures him it is and she has a plan.
She decides to go to bed, but before she does she tells Dong Chan that she is glad he is back ^0^

The next day Hye Na shows Dong Chan her presentation for the board to promote the internet shopping site. It's an idea to do a piece following her life.
Dong Chan applauds saying it is good, but that she needs to hold herself differently to show more confidence. He pulls back her shoulder, she is surprised at his touch and seems to get a bit nervous. He tilts her head forwards and then moves to stand in front of her.
Hye Na immediately becomes awkward at the closeness and turns her head to the left.
Dong Chan smiles and says "do you know you always turn your head to the left when you talk?" Hye Na's eyes flicker to him but she still doesn't have the confidence to face him head on. So Dong Chan gently takes her head so that she is looking at him.
They lock eyes and he smiles and says just remember you are Kang Hye Na.
Hye Na is happy and the pair leave.

As they get to the lobby, Dong Chan asks if he can have some personal time to see a friend. Hye Na says it's ok as long as he's back for the meeting, to which he agrees.
She then remembers she has left her presentation in the office. Dong Chan tells her he'll go and fetch it then runs off.
When he has gone Hye Na sees some familiar faces... the three loan sharks. Seems they don't quite trust Dong Chan and so have come personally to find him.
As Eui Joo is making her way to her office she happens to look over the balcony to see Hye Na talking to the Loan Sharks and runs to tell Dong Chan.
When she finds him and tells him, Dong Chan sprints down to where he left Hye Na, but there is no one there.
He looks around frantically for her and then she appears. She looks at him angrily and then deals him a slap to the face.
Boomph! End of episode... think Hye Na won that one ^^;

Wow! So tensions are running high in this episode!
This one pretty much confirmed the direction of the show... not that we really needed it :P this was the first time Hye Na showed DEFINITE awareness of Dong Chan and did we like it?... Yes! XD
There were a LOT of close moments in this episode, I know from the forums I read that this has brought a mixed response, some like it (because, yay the more cuteness the better XD) others think it patronizes the audience by over using it.
Whilst it is quite odd to have two very similar scenes in such close proximity of each other (first the stair case, then the sofa) I liked it.
I love how real their relationship is, it is probably one of the realest things in the show, they didn't just fall in love, it happened gradually and it took effort, it's had it's ups and downs and Hye Na is finally understanding herself. I think now she's in the confused stage. She felt the feelings but because of Tae Yoon and her pride and how things are panning out she doesn't want to admit them.

Because this episode took Hye Na and Dong Chan's relationship to a whole new level, I think we can safely say a storm is approaching :P

Anyway absolutely loved it, it was good to see Tae Yoon finally getting jealous as it once again proves Hye Na and Dong Chan's relationship is not going unoticed, it also shows his character isn't Mr. Perfect Positive, which is good... it makes him a bit more interesting (I've said before I find him dull, but he's become more interesting now... just a little :P I still would quite like him with Eui Joo though).

Eui Joo's drunken seen was brilliant, she did it so well it wasn't over done like people so often do... but then who is to judge how someone acts when they are drunk, everyone's different... I'm sure if someone acted me drunk in a show they'd get slated for over acting :PPP
However Yeah I think Eui Joo did a brilliant job here she made me giggle so much when she was singing into Dong Chan's tie! HAHA

Anyway the end of the episode was another 'Gah!' cliff hanger, but it was a good one. Bring on Episode 9 FIGHTING!

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