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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 7

Episode 6 left us with Manager Jang approaching Dong Chan about the gang members that appeared at the mansion.
Dong Chan is honest and tells him that he is in debt and that they were loan sharks. Manager Jang asks Dong Chan why he told his family that President Kang had paid off the debt and Dong Chan explains that he didn't want them to worry and that it was his problem not there's.
Manager Jang seems to be sympathetic and accepts the answer. When he leaves the room, he meets someone (who we don't see the face of but assume is one of the butlers) and asks them to keep an eye on Dong Chan :o
We also see a scene between Eui Joo and her Ma. Her Ma tells her that Manager Jang was asking questions about Dong Chan's Debt and Birthday (which he had lied about) it seems she is worried and Eui Joo grows suspicious. Her Ma prompts her to ask Dong Chan about it.
Meanwhile Hye Na is left on her home pondering what Dong Chan meant about not trusting him, she keeps running over his words in her mind.

The Next day Soo Ah is practising her confession speech to Tae Yoon with the help of Soo Min, who is very critical of each of her attempts.

Back at the mansion Hye Na is trying to find an outfit. It's the day that Tae Yoon will be meeting her Grandpa.
After finally choosing an outfit she approaches Dong Chan for his opinion. he smiles and says she looks beautfiul but that she should take the hair clip out because she looks prettiest with her hair down.
Hye Na smiles and gives the hair clip to Dong Chan to look after before leaving and sneaking up on Tae Yoon who is waiting for her.

When they go to meet Hye Na's Grandpa, he asks that Hye Na leave them alone so the men can talk. Hye Na reluctantly leaves a nervous Tae Yoon behind.
Hye Na gets anxious waiting for Tae Yoon to appear, wondring what he and her Grandpa are talking about.
Tae Yoon sneaks up on her and sits next to her on the piano. Hye Na is relieved to find that her Grandpa hasn't tried to send him off and the pair play the piano whilst Dong Chan watches sadly.
Hye Na's other butlers appear and tease Woo Sung telling him to give up now she obviously has Tae Yoon.
Dong Chan then gets a message that a guest has arrived for him. He goes down to meet Eui Joo.

Eui Joo questions Dong Chan about the debt, explaining that Manager Jang spoke to her Ma.
Dong Chan assures Eui Joo that the debt has been paid. Eui Joo believes him and urges him once again to quit his job and they can all pay back President Kang together.
Of course Dong Chan won't have that, they argue and are interrupted by Hye Na and Tae Yoon.
Eui Joo gets up and walks out of the room, Tae Yoon offers her a lift but she declines. Dong Chan however insists that he takes her and the pair leave together. (To point out here, I find it highly unusual that this early in the relationship Hye Na is not bothered by Tae Yoon taking Eui Joo home alone... I suppose maybe because she knows Eui Joo loves Dong Chan, though knowing her personality I would have thought she would have shown some jealousy if she was really that into Tae Yoon)
Anyway she throws Dong Chan a curious look that changes when she sees his expression.

In the car Eui Joo ends up crying and apologising in front of Tae Yoon. He says it's fine and lends her his handkerchief. He is shocked and then amused when Eui Joo uses it to blow her nose haha. So sweet ^0^

Meanwhile Hye Na questions Dong Chan to find out why Eui Joo was angry. Dong Chan reiterates he is a Bad Guy, but Hye Na still won't buy it and assures him that he is good. She is assuming he means murder or stealing. Dong Chan assures her that there are other ways you can be bad like being a swindler, gangster, gold digger, gigolo etc. But Hye Na laughs it off saying he'd never do anything like that... hrm ^^;
She reiterates that she trusts him and she knows him and that he's not a bad person. Dong Chan is left feeling a bit guilty.

The next day Dong Chan takes some time for himself (meaning Hye Na is left with Butler Woo Sung LOLZ) and goes to meet the loan sharks. He tells them that he won't get them Hye Na's money.
They are obviously not very happy about this and start kicking and beating him.
When they are done they tell him he has a week to get the money, then leave.
Dong Chan manages to push himself up from the ground and starts walking when he gets a call from Hye Na wondering where he is.
He smiles and says he is done and will be there soon then hangs up.

When he gets back it is dark and Hye Na yells at him asking where he was, when she walks over to him she realises he is hurt and wonders what happened.
Dong Chan explains something good and that he is so happy he will grant Hye Na one wish.
Hye Na grows suspicious and Dong Chan tells her if she doesn't want the wish he won't bother, Hye Na immediately stops being suspicious and says she wants the wish.
She shows him her new bike and asks if it is cute. She explains that she got it for her bike riding date with Tae Yoon that weekend but can't ride.
Dong Chan agrees to teach her the next day and they'll secretly skip work, Hye Na is very happy about this.

The next day President Kang and Manager Jang go to the hospital. The Doctor advises him that he would like to check President Kang into the hospital right away. President Kang asks if it will kill him if he doesn't. The Doctor tells him not yet and President Kang says in that case he is going back to work, he can't leave the company to run itself.

Meanwhile Dong Chan keeps his promise and teaches Hye Na to ride her bike. She is really bad at it and Dong Chan starts getting frustrated.
When she falls off and cuts her knees, Dong Chan pulls her aside and plasters her up and then asks if she wants to eat.
He feeds her the food he made and says she should make her own food sometimes as it is rewarding, Hye Na asks why she would need to when Dong Chan will always be there to make her this good food. Dong Chan looks distant but doesn't say anything.
He asks what she would do if he's not there, Hye Na asks why he wouldn't be there, then gets suspicious that Soo Ah is trying to scout him, she tells Dong Chan to stick with her she will take care of him and his family as long as he brings home his possible wife first for her to judge, since he's too nice he might fall for someone bad :P Dong Chan answers with 'like you?' causing Hye Na to spit out her food haha.

They get back to the bike riding and eventually Dong Chan gets Hye Na going on her own, as she rides further and further away he says his goodbyes to her in his head getting sadder and sadder.

When they return, Dong Chan packs and leaves.
President Kang tells Dong Chan he would prefer to see him stay and that he has seen a change in Hye Na thanks to him. Dong Chan says it wasn't him but Hye Na who changed herself, President Kang smiles.

Meanwhile the three maids run into Hye Na's bedroom to tell her that Dong Chan is leaving.
Shocked and confused Hye Na runs down to find Dong Chan.
When she finds him she asks him why he is leaving and wonders if this is what he meant the day before. Dong Chan tells her he can't stay her servant forever. But Hye Na doesn't buy it, she gets angry at that being his reason and says she won't miss him, but as she turns away it's obvious she is sad.
Dong Chan calls out her name, he uses 'Hye Na' rather than 'Agasshi' Hye Na turns around and explains he wanted to use her real name once and smiles then turns away.
A tear runs down Hye Na's cheek before she turns and runs away, Dong Chan looks back sadly to see.

Maid Jang tells Manager Jang that Dong Chan left, but he doesn't seem to sad about it, when she asks why Manager Jang advises her that he is relieved as he thought Dong Chan was a spy for Director Kang.

Dong Chan goes back to work at the shop with Eui Joo and her Ma. Hye Na goes back to work with Butler Woo Sung, but she doesn't get anything done, instead she is left irritable and wondering about Dong Chan.
When she leaves the office she bumps into Eui Joo, she asks how Dong Chan is and if there is any messages. When Eui Joo says he is fine and there are no messages Hye Na gets angry, she starts attacking things that remind her of him like her bike.
She decides to go see Tae Yoon to cheer herself up, but unfortunately he is too busy with work to hang out with her, Hye Na is left alone once again.

That night it rains, Dong Chan worries that Hye Na won't have an umbrella and will get wet.
When Hye Na gets back Butler Woo Sung is waiting for her with an umbrella. She smiles at him as she gets out seeing Dong Chan rather than Woo Sung. When she realises who it really is her smile dies and she walks back to the house moodily.
Hye Na is angry that she hasn't had any calls or texts from Dong Chan, in another room in the mansion all the butlers and servants comment on how much better it was when Dong Chan was there and how they wish he would come back.

Next day Hye Na decides to pay a visit to Dong Chan and asks him to come back and be her butler but he refuses. Hye Na gets teary and asks if it was really that hard to serve her. Dong Chan admits it was, dealing Hye Na a blow. She gets emotional and admits she thought he was there to look out for her, that he was the one person who would support her and she knew was there for HER and not the money.
Dong Chan doesn't reply but his eyes start to tear up too.
Hye Na leaves pushing past him and knocking a flower pot off.

At home Eui Joo worries to her mother about why Hye Na was at the shop that day. Eui Joo's Ma asks why it matters and then asks nervously if she likes Dong Chan.
Eui Joo snaps and asks if it is a problem if she does, then walks off.

At the board meeting at Kang San Group, Hye Na is visibly still upset and things are about to get worse. An internet shopping site she agreed to recently is failing and having a negative impact on the business.
The board gang up on her and ask why she signed it, she says she didn't.
Director Kang sees his golden opportunity and asks, it couldn't be that she signed it without reading it.
Hye Na gets nervous, but is not in a good mood and so just snaps and said she did. Her Grandpa isn't impressed, she tells him that she never said she was good at business and walks out of the meeting.

At the mansion her Grandpa yells at her for embarassing him, he asks how she can take over the business like she is. Hye Na tells him she never wanted to take over the business and never asked for it.
She gets angry and walks off but as she does her Grandpa has a heart attack.

Hye Na goes with him to the hospital, hunderds of reporters are already there to follow them. She phones Tae Yoon and cries, he says he will be there immediately.
Hye Na is upset but Manager Jang tells her to hide until he calls because the paparazzi will hound her.
Reluctantly Hye Na agrees, Manager Jang goes to show her out, but the door they use hides loads of paparazzi.
Manager Jang holds them off and tells Hye Na to run, she does but she bumps into more paparazzi.
They surround her and she just stands there not saying anything.
Then Dong Chan pushes through and shields Hye Na, he tells them that The Lady has no comment at the moment. Hye Na looks at him shocked and confused as to why he has appeared. He pulls her close and shields her as he pushes through the crowds.
Once they are out he grabs her hand and runs with her.

End of Episode :oooo

Yay another exciting episode from MFL and team Butler <3
This episode seemed to mainly focus on Dong Chan. When he said goodbye to Hye Na as she was riding away from him it was really heart wrenching, he really did it well. He knows how to give the long sad looks, but then he isn't the only one, Hye Na also had many occassions to be sad in this episode and she does crying so well, it's hard to believe she's acting.
I felt so sorry for her, even though they were both suffereing, Dong Chan made the decision. Hye Na is obviously very attached to Dong Chan and very upset about his leaving, so much so that she lays down some of her pride to ask him to come back, but is just hurt again when he says no.
It is really interesting to see how these two progress.
I know the whole RomCom genre is done to death, but this show and this pair has something special that just makes me so eager to know what is going to happen the next week.

Eui Joo and Tae Yoon are not to be forgotten. They had a touching scene in the car, which hopefully foreshadows their coming together ^0^ Tae Yoon acts so sweet around her. I don't get the same feel when I see him with Hye Na. When he's with Hye Na I find him quite dull, probably because she and Dong Chan are so fesity.
With Eui Joo his sweetness works to his advantage, she's not used to being looked after it's cute :)

Episode 8 - Fighting!

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