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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 5

So then... episode 4 left us on QUITE the cliff hanger... after showing us what looked like Dong Chan planting one on a surprised Hye Na, it turs out that in fact their lips didn't actually touch. Dong Chan was just showing her how it's done! ^^;
He then let's go and walks back to the car as if nothing has happened, leaving a rather stunned Hye Na.
Hye Na is obviously not impressed and is left unable to sleep all night pondering the kiss.
Dong Chan on the other hand has a very pleasant dream about Hye Na seducing him XD.

Dong Chan wakes up the next morning rather startled but then happy at the could be scenario, however when Hye Na barges into his room it's not the scenario he was hoping for.
Not happy that she didn't get any sleep beacause of him, she beats Dong Chan up and he ends up embarassingly late for the Butler's meeting held by Manager Jang.

At work Soo Ah questions Eui Joo about Hye Na and Tae Yoon's relationship, it's obvious they are dating.
Eui Joo however points out that it seems to be 1 sided on Hye Na's side, which makes Soo Ah happy.
Meanwhile Hye Na has just got to work with Dong Chan and gets a call to meet up for to eat with Tae Yoon, she happily accepts.
When she gets there she is not happy to see Soo Ah and Eui Joo already sat at the table. It seems that Soo Ah is doing whatever is necessary to win Tae Yoon over. The two cousins throw daggers with their eyes across the table, making Tae Yoon a little uncomfortable. In the mean time Eui Joo comments on Dong Chan's injury.
To make Hye Na look bad in front of Tae Yoon, Soo Ah points out that Hye Na goes to the company and gets a wage but doesn't actually do any work.
Tae Yoon asks how she can get a wage if she doesn't do any work, Hye Na struggles not sure what to say and Soo Ah looks pleased.
However Hye Na's night in shining armour Dong Chan jumps in and shouts at Hye Na, asking how she could consider telling someone from a firm against them about their secret project.
Tae Yoon apologises for putting her in that position and Hye Na looks at Dong Chan pleased and impressed, whilst Soo Ah doesn't look happy at all.

When they leave, Hye Na makes it known that she is impressed with Dong Chan. When Dong Chan asks if she can't just say thanks, Hye Na explains that she never uses the words 'thanks' 'sorry' and 'I love you'.
Dong Chan looks at her sadly and says he pities her because those are the words that make people the happiest when you say them, he obviously hits a nerve.

However things aren't looking so good when Hye Na gets back to work.
Soo Ah has already advised her father about Hye Na's secret project and he in turn has advised her Grandpa.
A meeting is called and Hye Na is asked to explain her project. Completely thrown in at the deep end, Hye Na manages to tell them nervously that she can't disclose it until a week, then leaves.
When she finds Dong Chan, of course he gets the blame and she asks him to think of a project.

When Dong Chan goes to Eui Joo for help she refuses to help him with Hye Na because she doesn't like the fact that Hye Na keeps hurting him.
After Eui Joo leaves however Dong Chan gets the idea he needs.

He goes to Hye Na who is looking through books and not getting anywhere. Dong Chan takes a poster from the wall that inspired him and shows it to Hye Na.
A Self Defense class. Hye Na doesn't seem to get it at first, Dong Chan then explains that they should use her best asset and do a class for the women of the company, Hye Na likes the idea.

Next we flick to the actual class itself. All the Women in KangSan Group have been invited to come. Soo Ah reluctantly goes curious to seee just what Hye Na's little project is and report it to her father.
After a few words of support from Dong Chan, Hye Na enters the filled room and stands up on the stage to explain the reason for them being there.
She demonstrates self defense using Dong Chan, everyone is impressed bar Eui Joo and Soo Ah. Eui Joo is concerned for Dong Chan and Soo Ah isn't happy that Hye Na has managed to come up with a successful idea.
The entire class are invited to come up and practise on Dong Chan, he is thrown to the floor and kneed in the groin many times.

Later on that night we see Dong Chan uploading it on the web for Hye Na's benefit, he is covered in plasters and looks as if he is in a lot of pain T_T
He goes looking for Hye Na and gets angry when he finds out she has been on the phone to Tae Yoon inviting him as a guest to her class.
Dong Chan walks off angrily and Hye Na is left confused.

The next morning Hye Na is left waiting for Dong Chan, Manager Jang comes out along with Butler Jung Woo Sung and informs her that Dong Chan is sick and that Butler Woo Sung will replace him.
Hye Na not impressed, insists on driving to work herself then goes alone. On her way to work she moans about Dong Chan pretending to be sick.
He however is not pretending, we see him being taken care of by Maid Jang who gives him some pills and checks his temperature. Is it any wonder the poor guy is ill after all the pain he went through the day before? :(

At work Tae Yoon is giving his talk to the women of the company as promised. Hye Na doesn't really pay attention to what he is saying but instead draws him.
After the talk she thanks him and gives him a demonstration of her self defense. Tae Yoon immediately regrets questioning Hye Na's classes and it is obvious that Dong Chan suffered more than he let on. When Hye Na explains Dong Chan faked being sick, Tae Yoon advises her that any normal person would be sick after what he went through the day before, this takes Hye Na by surprise and she realises that he is right.

When Tae Yoon leaves Eui Joo approaches him irritably and asks if he is single. Tae Yoon is surprised by her directness and tells her he is. Eui Joo then suggests Soo Ah telling him of all her strong points, then she leaves, Tae Yoon is left surprised and amused.

Back at the mansion Dong Chan is recovered. When he sees it is raining he worries that Hye Na will get wet and waits for her on the drive with an umbrella.
When Hye Na arrives she asks if Dong Chan is ok now and not to put her out in future. Dong Chan smiles and asks if she was worried about him, she answers back defensively.

Later on Dong Chan is advised that some of his friends have arrived. He goes down to find out who it is and is horrified to find the loan shark trio waiting for him.
Dong Chan advises Hye Na's three personal bodyguards that they are his friends and leads them out the house.
Outside Dong Chan yells at them for being so reckless, especially when Soo Ah has already seen them.
Dong Chan advises them that he'll have their money soon and manages to persuade them to leave. He goes to sneak them out when they cross Hye Na's path.
She asks who they are, Dong Chan explains they are friends who came to wish him Happy Birthday.
The Loan Sharks leave and Hye Na asks Dong Chan not to bring them over again as they look suspicious. Dong Chan happily agrees.
Hye Na then advises Dong Chan that she is going to volunteer and go apple picking with Tae Yoon and that Dong Chan needs to help her get around her Grandpa.
Dong Chan says he won't be able to do it, but he does go and ask for her Grandpa's approval.

Later that night Dong Chan catches Hye Na trying to sneak out, he takes her luggage and tells her he will be driving. He advises her that he got approval from her Grandpa and that she is allowed to go if he accompanies her.
Impressed Hye Na agrees and gets in the car.
She falls asleep on the way and when she wakes up Dong Chan advises her that they are "lost". As they have stopped Hye Na gets out of the car to use the bathroom, but before she does she hands Dong Chan an envelope and advises him that it's a Birthday present made not with money but her heart.

Dong Chan opens the letter whilst she is gone to find a coupon, it is valid for 3 months and can be used on ANYTHING BUT money! Too bad for Dong Chan :P
There is also a letter with it that explains that she spent hours making it, she also says thanks to him as he seemed to want to hear it from her.
Dong Chan is almost reduced to tears feeling touched and guilty.

When Hye Na gets back in the car Dong Chan takes her straight to the orchard.

When they get to the orchard Hye Na is not impressed by the facilities and the prospect of sleeping in a wooden hut.
They are approached by the head worker who advises them that Tae Yoon isn't going to arrive until after lunch and that they should follow her to work.
Hye Na goes to protest but Dong Chan cuts in and tells her they will change then work. The woman agrees and leaves.
Hye Na turns to Dong Chan furiously, figuring she doesn't have to work if Tae Yoon isn't there to see it. Dong Chan however explains that if she doesn't work his friends will tell him.
Hye Na sees his point and agrees with him.
At the orchard Hye Na spends her time messing about taking photos, that is until Dong Chan grabs her and asks what she is doing.
He tells her that Tae Yoon won't be impressed if she doesn't work and takes the camera away, Hye Na then starts messing around with signs until Dong Chan cuts in once again.
He actually gets her to start picking apples this time, however it's not long until it turns into a water fight.

Later on that evening as the whole group eat, Hye Na gets Dong Chan to call Tae Yoon and find out why he STILL hasn't arrived.
It turns out Tae Yoon and Soo Ho got called out on a project related to one of their petitions, Dong Chan gets angry at Tae Yoon for not keeping his promise to Hye Na and puts the phone down.

Hye Na gets drunk and asks Dong Chan why Tae Yoon doesn't like her, that if he really liked her he would have come no matter what, she then looks at Dong Chan and says 'you would have come for me; wouldn't you' Dong Chan doesn't answer he just watches her heart broken.
When Hye Na finally goes to bed she asks Dong Chan to stay with her until she falls asleep. Dong Chan agrees.
As she closes her eyes he sees a tear on her cheek and tells her not to be sad, it's just Tae Yoon doesn't realise how beautiful she is.

The Next morning Hye Na is woken up by something hitting her face, she opens her eyes and screams at seeing a shirtless Dong Chan lying next to her.
The Screaming wakes Dong Chan up and when he realises the situation he screams too.
She asks why he hasn't got a shirt on and why he is there. He explains that he must have fell asleep waiting for her to sleep and that he must have gotten hot and taken his shirt off in his sleep.
She doesn't believe him, but their conversation is cut short when Tae Yoon knocks on her door.

Ok so I really enjoyed this episode, the series seems to be getting better and better as it goes on. This was a good episode for the progression of Hye Na and Dong Chan's relationship. The fact that she MADE him a coupon was so unbelievably cute ^0^ I'm going to be absolutely gutted when it all hits the fan and she finds out what his initial purpose was. We all know that Dong Chan really does love her now but until his initial reason for working for her comes out it is going to be heavily overshadowed by the fact that to begin with he was trying to seduce her and take her money ><

Eui Joo and Tae Yoon got a brief scene together this episode, I loved it when Eui Joo was so forward with him and asked him if he was single. This is why they would be so good together she is very forward and independent and that's the kind of woman he needs. Eui Joo is sweet and strong whilst Hye Na is cool and weak (which is why she needs Dong Chan).
Eui Joo and Tae Yoon suit each other, they are both very strong and both have very firm career goals. They aren't as flawed as our leads who need each other as support to work through their problems. Hye Na NEEDS Dong Chan as unlike Tae Yoon he is willing to stand behind and support her, whilst Tae Yoon wants someone that can stand by his side on their own... at this moment in time that's not Hye Na.

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