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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 4

Episode 4... here we go

So after Dong Chan saved Hye Na from pride KO in the last episode he drags her away from a regretful Tae Yoon.
As soon as they are outside Hye Na is back to normal, Dong Chan yells at her for having no pride and going back to Tae Yoon after she said she'd forget about him. Angry because she knows he's right, but because she also likes Tae Yoon, she deals Dong Chan a very uncomfortable blow between the legs :( (this poor guy won't be able to have kids soon >><<) When they get back to the house, the staff are waiting and confused to see Hye Na walking through the hall rather calmly... when they see Dong Chan they realise why and most of them begin to laugh, it's obvious she took her anger out on the poor guy. Next we see Hye Na later on taking her anger out by practising some Kendo. The next day she takes her anger out on the staff... when they bring her clothes to wear she gets angry and doesn't like any of them, it's at this point she gets a call from Tae Yoon she is so shocked that she hangs up! Tae Yoon is left on the other end thinking he made her really angry the previous day XD Meanwhile Soo Ah is putting things together, Hye Na has never done anything like this before. Signing Tae Yoon's petition... in Soo Ah's mind it must mean they are going out. Knowing that Eui Joo knows Hye Na's personal assistant she gets her to call Dong Chan. Eui Joo however is still not talking to Dong Chan because he lied to her, Soo Ah has no time for their quarrell though and makes Eui Joo phone. Eui Joo is relieved to find that Dong Chan's phone is turned off until Soo Ah tells her to go to the house instead, reluctantly Eui Joo goes. By this time Hye Na and Dong Chan have already left. They have gone back to the store where Hye Na got Tae Yoon's gifts from, Hye Na returns the items and asks for a refund when oh! Who does she bump into! "Pain Guy" XD (for those who haven't read my summary I explained the name in ep 3 :P) He reluctantly walks over with his new girlfriend, when Dong Chan asks who he is, Hye Na explains he is the guy who sent the goons in the car park after them at Soo Ah's party. Pain Guy denies the accusation and angers Hye Na, she throws her fist giving him a bloody nose ^^;;; I'd feel sorry for this guy if he wasn't a douche :P He then goes to throw a punch at Hye Na, obviously not standing for that Dong Chan jumps in and takes the hit instead. When Hye Na realises what has happened she gets angry at Pain Guy for hitting her butler (aw she's concerned for Dong Chan ^0^ how cute). Dong Chan regains his composure and tackles Pain Guy to the floor. Back at the mansion Eui Joo is talking to Maid Jang when Tae Yoon appears. Eui Joo and Tae Yoon recognise each other and smile ^0^ and then Maid Jang gets a call explaining that Hye Na needs a lawyer... off goes Tae Yoon, followed by Eui Joo. When they get to the store, Hye Na and Dong Chan are watching as Pain Guy's girlfriend helps clean him up. Hye Na is surprised to see Tae Yoon arrive, when she realises is her lawyer she looks secretly happy. Tae Yoon sits down with Pain Guy and tries to talk him into not taking it to court, but the guy's not having any of it. Tae Yoon then starts talking to him informally about how he was always like that at school... Pain Guy then recognises Tae Yoon. Tae Yoon explains that they can go to court but seeing as he started the violence by sending thugs after them in the car park, it's not likely to go the way he wants. Pain Guy looks slightly uneasy and decides to drop it. Both girls look turned on by Tae Yoon ^^;;; Poor Dong Chan has to stand between the salivating lasses LOL.

So after this little fiasco is over, all 4 move on to a cafe and sit down. Tae Yoon and Hye Na together whilst Dong Chan and Eui Joo watch from outside.
Eui Joo wants to know if anything is going on between Hye Na and Tae Yoon so she can report to Soo Ah... but also obviously for herself ^^; (obviously her "love" for Dong Chan that it seemed like she had at the start, wasn't very strong)
Inside Tae Yoon apologises for what happened, Hye Na tries to regain some pride by explaining she signed the petition for herself not for him and that she does care for these things.
Tae Yoon is impressed and says he was angry because he was embarassed at her witnessing the relationship he had with his brother.
The pair flirt and laugh before leaving. When they regroup with the others outside, Eui Joo leaves first.
Much to Dong Chan's dislike Tae Yoon walks with them, when they get to the car however it has been towed.
Tae Yoon offers to take Hye Na home whilst Dong Chan collects the car, Hye Na jumps at the chance and Dong Chan reluctantly goes on alone.

Tae Yoon offers to take Hye Na home by taxi because he came by bus and she wouldn't like that. Eager to impress ¬¬ Hye Na says she loves to ride the bus and she often does ^^; so the pair take a bus ride together, they chat and Tae Yoon ends up falling asleep on her shoulder... (obviously her conversation wasn't that exciting :PPPP come on how else do you just fall asleep ^^;)

When Dong Chan gets home much later on he bumps into Butler Jung Woo Sung who asks why he is alone and where Hye Na is.
Dong Chan is left confused, thinking that Hye Na would have been home ages ago, when he turns however his mood is dampened as he sees Hye Na and Tae Yoon happily walking up the road together.
Obviously a bit angry (bit jealous, so cute!) when Hye Na leaves Tae Yoon and reaches Dong Chan he goes mad at her again about having no pride. Hye Na gets angry and asks if he's acting like that because he likes her, Dong Chan laughs and says a man like Tae Yoon would never like her.
This makes Hye Na even more angry and she goes to chase Dong Chan until they realise... well someone is there I am assuming Manager Jang (?) you don't see the face but the next thing you know Hye Na is inside with her Grandpa. He throws pictures of her and Tae Yoon angrily.
He does not want his Granddaughter going out with this boy, after he knows how his family relations are. He asks Hye Na if she likes him, when she says yes he says he is sending her to America so she can't see him again.
Dong Chan overhears this... on one hand it's good because he doesn't want Hye Na with Tae Yoon, but on the other hand apart from his grand plan, he seems to be starting to feel for Hye Na.
Outside Dong Chan and Hye Na meet at the fountain (wonder if this will be their general meeting point :P they seem to like it there haha). Dong Chan asks why she didn't just say she didn't like him and Hye Na says she doesn't want to lie about liking him. Ouch poor Dong Chan :( she then asks for Dong Chan's help, she watches him hopefully and cut! If he has a plan we don't know it... but you know he will :P

The Next day Dong Chan, Maid Jang and Butler Jung Woo Sung go to Hye Na's room, but she is not there!
A search of the castle begins, Eui Joo's Mom arrives to deliver some flowers but Manager Jang sends her away saying that they cannot deal with it at present as they have an emergency.

When Eui Joo's Mom gets back to the shope Eui Joo is waiting for her, when Hye Na jumps out the back of the van! Both are shocked and confused to see her. She doesn't give an explanation, instead she answers her phone and says she has arrived.
We flick back the mansion to see Dong Chan is the one on the other end, he advises her he will be there shortly and hangs up.
As he goes to leave Manager Jang catches him and asks where he is going ^^;;;
Dong Chan explains he is going to check if Hye Na has gone to Tae Yoon's, Manager Jang agrees that it is a good idea and insists on going with him :/
So Dong Chan ends up going on a detour to Tae Yoon's lol
When they get there, Tae Yoon obviously doesn't know where Hye Na is and worries about her. Dong Chan assures him that it'll be ok and he and Manager Jang leave, Dong Chan is pulling his hair out wondering how he is going to get away when he gets a phone call.
When he puts down the phone he advises Manager Jang that there's been an accident in his family and he needs to go.
Manager Jang agrees it's ok and Dong Chan leaves, but as he does Manager Jang watches him suspiciously... it's incredibly obvious that he knows what's going on ^^;;;

When Dong Chan arrives at Eui Joo's, the three women are playing cards and Hye Na is winning, it appears they are betting money, Eui Joo's Mom is irritated that Hye Na wins the money and keeps it, considering she's rich.
Hye Na explains that her Grandpa always says to save it all, that's how he got rich. She asks Dong Chan if she can go back. He explains it's best for her to lay low and not return for the night. Hye Na agrees and talks about going to a hotel, Dong Chan points out why it's a bad idea and she agrees to stay at the house.
Dong Chan lays out bedding for her, when Hye Na checks out his wardrobe she comments on his clothes, Dong Chan nervously rushes over and explains he was a dancer. Hye Na says they look more like Gigolo clothes XDDD Dong Chan laughs it off and insists he's a dancer, though Hye Na doesn't seem too bothered :P

When Dong Chan returns to the mansion, he is called by Manager Jang and President Kang. He explains that he received a phone call from Hye Na and she said she would only return if her Grandpa agrees to let her pursue Tae Yoon.
Dong Chan advises the President that he thinks from the way she sounded on the phone that he should go along with it. When Dong Chan is allowed to leave, Manager Jang tells the President that he agrees with Dong Chan.
After this he leaves and meets Dong Chan in the hall... it comes out that he DID know Dong Chan's plan :P he doesn't plan on telling President Kang however. He tells Dong Chan to bring Hye Na back, Dong Chan agrees.

Hye Na meets with her Grandpa the next morning and says that she is going to make Tae Yoon like her, President Kang agrees on one condition... that she work at the company.
Hye Na goes along with it... we are then shown a scene of all the company workers cleaning the place up and setting up Hye Na's office, they even sweep in sync it's like some kind of musical XD

Soo Ah is disgusted at the display when she enters the office and wonders what Hye Na's plan is.
As Hye Na is on her way to her new office with Dong Chan, she bumps into none other than Soo Ah and Eui Joo.
Hye Na advises Soo Ah to report to her every morning as she is the boss ^^; and she also instructs Eui Joo to tell her if she gets any trouble from Soo Ah, with that she walks off.
As Dong Chan follows Soo Ah stops him and flirts with him, pretending to brush something off her shirt, she tells him if Hye Na causes him trouble to come to her and she winks.
Dong Chan doesn't seem to impressed but Hye Na yells at him to move (ooh ^0^ I love this, she's showing jealously now =DDD)
As Soo Ah leaves Eui Joo whispers to him and the pair share a giggle, when Hye Na realises he's still not following she yells again, this time Dong Chan follows.

In the office it seems that Hye Na doesn't plan to do any work. She told her Grandpa she'd go to work not that she WOULD work.
Then she gets a phone call, before she can answer it Dong Chan snatches it away and answers. Hye Na tries to get the phone back, it's Tae Yoon. Dong Chan tells him Hye Na is in a meeting and hangs up. Hye Na is angry but Dong Chan explains that she hasn't had many relationships, she needs to play hard to get.
Hye Na agrees to listen and calls him back later acting (on Dong Chan's instruction) very cooly.
Tae Yoon invites her to an event for children that evening, Dong Chan crosses his arms and shakes his head and Hye Na sadly says she's busy then hangs up, unbeknownst to her leaving a rather sad Tae Yoon.

Later on back at the mansion Dong Chan finds Hye Na trying to sneak out of the mansion to create a "chance" meeting for her and Tae Yoon ^^;
Being the nice guy that he is Dong Chan decides to help, he tells her to go to the children's event, but only for an hour!
He takes her there, when they get there Tae Yoon seems really happy to see her, Hye Na being cunning tells Dong Chan she needs some paper work from the office and not to rush back.
Being in front of Tae Yoon he knows he can't refuse so he reluctantly goes promising to be back in an hour :P

Dong Chan ends up in a book store reading books on love! HAHA But time doesn't seem to be going very fast!

At the event, Tae Yoon informs Hye Na about how everyone is talking about her and how pretty she is and that they're surprised she's there.
He is then made to sing in front of everyone thanks to Soo Ho. Tae Yoon says he can't sing but goes up... he didn't lie he really can't sing, he should leave that to Dong Chan :P Hye Na however finds it lovable.

When Dong Chan eventually does return he goes around the building and sees Hye Na and Tae Yoon through a window.
When he sees her laugh he smiles and comments on how she looks pretty when she smiles, Oh boy! Seems like Dong Chan has well and truly fallen in love with our spoilt princess now :( poor guy.

Tae Yoon brings Hye Na out rather drunk and puts her in the car. Dong Chan thanks him and hops in the drivers seat.
He has to listen to a drunken Hye Na talk about Tae Yoon most of the way home, it's heart breaking, he looks so sad :( she's so unknowingly cruel to him :(
She eventually falls to sleep and they arrive back at the mansion.
Dong Chan tries to call her awake, but it doesn't happen. Finally getting caught up in his feelings, he watches her for a moment before running his finger down her face :( she wakes up and Dong Chan immediately and subtly regains his composure.
He gets out of the car and opens the door for her, only to have her fall into his arms. Another blow for Dong Chan, he doesn't seem to know what to do with himself.
Hye Na laughs and gets up, she starts walking and talking about Tae Yoon again. Dong Chan looks uncomfortable and finally asks Hye Na to stop talking about Tae Yoon, but she's so wrapped up in her talking that she doesn't hear and carries on.
Then she stops and asks Dong Chan what the next step is. Dong Chan tells her "skinship" Hye Na is nervous and excited, she asks what that means, Holding hands? Linking Arms? Or... kissing? She laughs shyly, Dong Chan on the other hand looks like he's struggling with himself, she repeats the word kiss and it seems to ignite something in Dong Chan. Letting go he leans forwards grabs her neck and kisses her! Shock!

Round 9 - ... Dong Chan? XD for now ... ^^;

End of Episode!!! How could they do that!??? I can already feel the whole load of pain coming Dong Chan's way for the next ep ^^;;;; poor guy!

Anyway, overall it was a good episode, lots of cuteness and lots of new emotions running high, especially for Dong Chan... he's so good at doing those scenes, he looked so totally in love with Hye Na, it makes me melt ^0^ XDDDD
It looks like the love triangle is finally beginning to take shape, it's nice to see Dong Chan's feelings finally come into play, hopefully he can get something back soon :P it seems that Hye Na has become somewhat attached to Dong Chan, but not yet in a loving way. She got jealous when Soo Ah flirted with him, she got angry when "Pain Guy" hit him, she relied on him to help her. Hopefully it won't take her too long to catch up with Dong Chan.
I really don't like her being with Tae Yoon ^^;; haha I mean he's a sweet guy and all but sweet is boring, doesn't matter how good looking people think he is, he doesn't have Dong Chan's charisma.
Dong Chan is always looking out for and taking care of Hye Na it's sweet ^0^
So yeah anyway those are my thoughts... also!

I have made a fanvideo of the first 4 eps (obviously there are spoilers for these eps) it's for the Hye Na and Dong Chan fans, hope you enjoy...

Oooh extra - Ep 5 Preview ^^

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