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Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 6

Ok, so at the end of episode 5 we were left with the comical scene where Dong Chan and Hye Na woke up in the same room (Dong Chan shirtless) and Tae Yoon on the other side of the door.

Episode 6 starts where 5 left off, everyone has arrived for volunteer work now and Soo Ah not caring to wait around for Hye Na, rips open the door to find Hye Na trying to hide a half naked Dong Chan in her cupboard.
Obviously the scene looks 1000% more dodgy than it would have been if Hye Na and Dong Chan had just walked out to begin with ^^;
Tae Yoon walks off and gets angry, Hye Na chases him to assure him nothing happened, he however advises her it's none of his business anyway and leaves her again. Eui Joo and Soo Ho are left shocked and Soo Ah is left looking more than smug and happy. In her mind Hye Na has closed the door for Tae Yoon now and it's her chance to swoop in.

When everyone is finally back together the group walk awkwardly, Tae Yoon's friend in charge of the work offers they take it easy, (taking into consideration the group). Hye Na and Soo Ah agree happily, however Eui Joo takes the moment to get a little revenge on Hye Na's constant ill treatment of Dong Chan. She advises the worker not to let them off easy, to give them the worst jobs as they are prepared for it and it's what volunteers do. Not wanting to lose face in front of Tae Yoon obviously Hye Na and Soo Ah can't say anything.

Next scene Hye Na and Soo Ah are together in the Cow shed, Eui Joo arrives and gives them items to aid them in their cleaning. When the pair go to refuse, Eui Joo not so subtley points out how disappointed Tae Yoon would be if he found out.

Meanwhile Dong Chan and Tae Yoon are else where doing a bit of heavy lifting. As they work Dong Chan explains that he and Hye Na have a strong relationship.
This obviously makes Tae Yoon somewhat unhappy as he leaves. Dong Chan watches him and whispers an apology.

Back at the Kang Residence Manager Jang finds out about Dong Chan's unusual visitors (the loan sharks) from Butler Jung Woo Sung... suspicious much? Well obviously Manager Jang thinks so :s ...

Hye Na finds Dong Chan and tries to find out what kind of vibe he's getting from Tae Yoon. Hye Na happily explains that Tae Yoon must like her else he wouldn't have gotten angry, she then asks for Dong Chan's confirmation.
Dong Chan advises her that if he really cared that much for her he would have taken the time to find out what REALLY happened rather than jumping to conclusions. At this he and Hye Na begin to argue.
Tae Yoon walks in on them, unfortunately for Hye Na the arguement makes her and Dong Chan look close and Tae Yoon leaves angrily again, upsetting Hye Na. Hye Na blames Dong Chan... as usual :P

The group gather for dinner, Soo Ah takes the opportunity to make Hye Na's situation with Tae Yoon worse by once again stirring up events from earlier that day. Tae Yoon obviously falls for it and Dong Chan ends up getting angry.
He yells at Soo Ah and then he yells at Tae Yoon asking what Hye Na did to make him so angry. He explains again that nothing happened. Hye Na tries to shut him up but Dong Chan is obviously irritated and can't take it anymore. He asks Tae Yoon why he thinks Hye Na came all the way out there, he also gives the answer 'because of you'.
Hye Na is obviously not happy that Dong Chan pretty much confessed for her and she drags him away.
Dong Chan yells at her and Hye Na ends up getting upset. Dong Chan realises he went too far and Hye Na tells him that.
As things seem like they have somewhat calmed down Eui Joo joins the group and starts yelling at Hye Na.
She doesn't like the way Hye Na treats her Oppa and for once she is ready to voice her opinions.
Hye Na however is not to be taken lightly and bites back, in moments the girls are in a cat fight.
Dong Chan alone is left to tear the girls apart, but he ends up getting knocked back. Tae Yoon finally appears, Dong Chan calls out to him and he runs over to help.
Dong Chan takes Eui Joo and Tae Yoon takes Hye Na their separate ways to calm the women down.

Tae Yoon it seems, wants to talk now. However Hye Na doesn't, she gets angry and asks why he wants to talk now. She then moves on to confirm what Dong Chan said, that she came because of him.
She gets upset and walks away leaving Tae Yoon to take in everything she just said.

With Eui Joo and Dong Chan, Dong Chan asks why Eui Joo was like that, he explains that Hye Na is a good person she's just lonely and doesn't have any parents or friends. Eui Joo scoffs about how it isn't an excuse and asks why Dong Chan is making excuses for her.
She gets so upset over the conversation that she decides to leave.
As she passes Soo Ah and Soo Ho who are now the only two left eating, she yells at Soo Ah she can either come with her or walk back.
Soo Ah looks stuck and torn, Soo Ho advises her to go home because otherwise she's going to have to do really hard, disgusting work. Soo Ah caves and chases after Eui Joo.
As Eui Joo gets in the car Dong Chan appears, as the car moves away Dong Chan runs after it yelling to her, Eui Joo sees Dong Chan running in the mirror and wipes a tear away but she carries on driving.

As Eui Joo disappears, Tae Yoon appears and asks Dong Chan if he has seen Hye Na.
When he says he hasn't the pair split and frantically start searching for her.

In typical Korean Drama style it is Tae Yoon that finds her first. He admits to Hye Na he was angry but didn't know why at first and that he feels the same way about Hye Na. He then pulls her to him and hugs her, just in time for Dong Chan to see >><< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

When they arrive back at the Kang residence Tae Yoon takes a picture of Hye Na and the pair part.
When Tae Yoon leaves Hye Na hugs Dong Chan and squeals happily saying it was all thanks to him.
Obviously this doesn't make Dong Chan happy :P and he advises her that he doesn't want to be thanked by her about something like that, he then leaves making Hye Na confused.

Of course as soon as Grandpa finds out about this relationship he isn't too happy as he thought Hye Na's affections were one sided. He calls Hye Na to discuss it and it is settled that Tae Yoon will come to dinner so they can talk and he can assess whether to let Hye Na date him or not.

The next day Hye Na ends up arguing with Dong Chan, she doesn't understand why he is so snappy, he walks away from her, Hye Na follows him and sees him argue with Eui Joo.
She wrongly assumes that Dong Chan loves Eui Joo and wants to make him happy by setting them up.

She calls Dong Chan to meet up for dinner with her, however when he arrives at the restaurant she calls him again and tells him something urgent came up and she can't make it, but she has sent someone interesting to take her place.
Eui Joo appears. She advises Dong Chan that Hye Na told her she had to come and make up else she would be fired.
Dong Chan smiles and the pair chat.

Hye Na and Tae Yoon are together at a cafe and Hye Na advises Tae Yoon that he has to come over to her house to meet her Grandpa. Tae Yoon is apprehensive, but Hye Na tells him he must go.
She also explains of her plan to help Eui Joo and Dong Chan get together, Tae Yoon is confused and confesses he didn't pick up that they were dating. Hye Na tells him she could tell because she thought it was weird when Dong Chan called her a sister but they weren't related.

Back with Eui Joo and Dong Chan, Dong Chan gets a phone call from Hye Na and his mood immediately lightens. Eui Joo becomes suspicious and when Dong Chan hangs up she asks if he likes Hye Na. Dong Chan of course gets very defensive and denies it.

Later on Hye Na is back at the house and paces wondering where Dong Chan is and why he hasn't called... not sure why she's quite so curious :PP maybe she's jealous ^0^
She decides to call Dong Chan. Dong Chan is drunk and happy to get her call. He heads back to the Kang residence at her request.

When he gets back, Hye Na regards him and asks if he drank (she can smell it). She smiles and asks if he enjoyed his date. Dong Chan's face immediately drops and he asks if that was what it was a little haughtily. Hye Na becomes confused and asks if she got it wrong. Dong Chan assures her that he only sees Eui Joo as a sister.
Hye Na accepts it and tells him it's ok but when he finds a woman he has to bring her to her so she can approve that because he's so nice he might end up with someone nasty awww ^0^
She goes to leave but Dong Chan grabs her arm and tells her not to trust people too easily and not to trust him because he's a bad guy.
Hye Na tells him he is not a bad guy and that she trusts him whether anyone tells her to or not, Dong Chan tells her not to and walks off, leaving Hye Na confused.

As he leaves he bumps into the butler trio who remind him he is on security duty.
Dong Chan obviously forgot and runs, when he settles down in his seat and then scenes of him meeting the loan sharks appear on all the screens.
Dong Chan is confused and then turns around to see Manager Jang, he asks what Dong Chan's real reason for being Hye Na's butler is ... :ooo dun dun duuuuunnnn

Round Winner - Manager Jang :P

Ok so again another strong episode, this one focused a lot on the Hye Na and Tae Yoon's development... because it happened so early you know it's doomed :P which personally I am happy about but I know not everyone is ^^

Even though the episode seemed to concentrate on Hye Na and Tae Yoon's relationship much like episode 4 did, Hye Na and Dong Chan still got their moments.
The end of the epiosde showed just how much Hye Na is becoming attached to Dong Chan, she told him she trusts him and she was adamant that she would no matter who told her not to. Also when she told him that he had to bring any women he liked to her first. Very sweet, though I'm pretty sure by now it's getting to the stage where Hye Na would think none of them are good for him :P

The cat fight and work scenes were a lot of fun, I must admit Tae Yoon's treatment of Hye Na at the start of the episode irritated me a little bit. When Hye Na later turned around and told him now he wanted to talk she didn't it made me feel proud of her :P we know how much she likes him I thought for a moment she'd just cave and forgive him.

Lots of sad longing looks from Dong Chan! He does them so well ^0^ he has good eyes for these kind of moments, he makes it so obvious that he's falling for her, but we like that because it's so cute!

Anyway another fantastic episode, with it brought the preview for episode 7 - Dong Chan teaching Hye Na to ride a bike... cute! And Dong Chan leaving!!! :ooo

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