Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Take Care of the Young Lady - Episode 3

This episode is brilliant!

So Dong Chan manages to get Hye Na and Tae Yoon Separated thanks too Hye Na's pride. Angry Hye Na leaves with Dong Chan venting on him as they go.
When they get home she vents her anger some more on her Grandpa for setting up the meeting after she's told him so many times not to. But it seems even though Hye Na is acting angry, she's actually taken a shine to Tae Yoon.

Later on Dong Chan goes to her room to take an invitation for Soo Ah's shoe show. When he enters her room she hides her laptop, which she was using to look up information about Tae Yoon.
Dong Chan leaves the room with the completely wrong idea, saying to himself that she really doesn't need to hide her porn... LOL!

Hye Na is reluctant to go to Soo Ah's party, but as soon as she hears Tae Yoon is going her attitude changes and she tells Dong Chan she is definitely going. She even gets dressed up for the event :P

Soo Ah is in her element everyone wants to talk to her and take her photo, that is until Hye Na and Dong Chan arrive.
As soon as someone spots Hye Na everyone disappears from Soo Ah, Dong Chan has to step forward and clear the path for Hye Na.
Hye Na moves up onto the stage and lets them take photos, whilst Dong Chan watches wearing a big proud (lovely :P) smile :) until he realises he is joined by Soo Min haha...
Soo Ah on the other hand is NOT happy.

Dong Chan leaves the room... I'm not sure why, maybe he needs the toilet :P he looks like he is on that kind of mission!
He sees an older woman struggling with her flowers (they are bigger than her) he offers to help her, when she starts to lower them Dong Chan realises it's Eui Joo's Mom and immediately hides. The woman is left confused and to carry the flowers herself.

When Dong Chan returns to Hye Na she is talking to Soo Ah about who has the better dress (as they are both wearing red) however Hye Na points out that Soo Ah's is tackey whilst hers is tasteful. Soo Ah angred by this asks for Dong Chan's opinion. He starts out by complimenting her, but when Hye Na steps on his foot he steers his comment to a mock, making Soo Ah even more angry. Hye Na smiles smugly and Soo Ah leaves.
Dong Chan expresses his eagerness to go whilst Hye Na expresses her eagnerss to stay, it's obvious she wants to see Tae Yoon again.

In the mean time it seems that Soo Ah's Ma and Eui Joo's Ma knew each other. Out in the hallway they have a kind of mini stand off mother and daughter against mother and daughter.

After this tiny rumble Soo Ah abruptly disappears followed by her mother, leaving Eui Soo and her mother behind.
Then Tae Yoon appears! Hello! Tae Yoon/ Eui Joo first meeting (it would be kinda sweet if these two got together =D) he needs to get to the party and Eui Joo decides to take him there herself, which Tae Yoon takes kindly too. Her mother smiles as they walk off together wanting Eui Joo to marry a man like that ^^;

Hye Na and Dong Chan end up getting separated again and Dong Chan runs into Soo Min (well actually trips over him and they both end up down lol) for another one of their cute scenes. Hye Na bumps into President Park's Son... now this guy appears a lot but I don't know his name. He appeared in episode 1 for the arranged marriage and Hye Na threw him over her shoulder... from the episodes I've seen this guy seems to invite pain from Hye Na so I'm going to call him 'Pain Guy' LOL.
So she bumps into "Pain Guy" and they end up having an arguement after he accidentally on purpose spills his drink on her. Hye Na drives her stilletto heal into his upper foot then walks away. Pain Guy goes to run after her but Hye Na puts her leg out so he trips over and goes head first into the food table ^^;
Hye Na leaves and finds Dong Chan who she tells she wants to go. Relieved Dong Chan steers her away.

Eui Joo and Tae Yoon are on their way up to the party, they seem to be happy and enjoying each others company until Eui Joo gets a call on her headset to go and find Lawyer Tae Yoon, who is supposed to have arrived.
Eui Joo gets angry and ends up venting out loud about why she should drop everything for some rich lawyer.
Behind her Tae Yoon is laughing at her little fit and tries to point out that he is Tae Yoon, but no need someone else finds him first and shouts his name. Much to Eui Joo's horror the beautiful man next to her answers to the name ^^;

Meanwhile Dong Chan and Hye Na have made it to the car park.

Part 2 Dong Chan's Dream Sequence.

It seems Dong Chan has a plan with the loan sharks; they are to be waiting for them in the car park ready to attack, when they arrive Dong Chan will "fight" the thugs and Hye Na will run into his arms when he saves her.
He stands smiling to himself for a moment in his day dream until Hye Na slaps him around the face with her purse and asks him what he is thinking about :P
Little does Dong Chan know that somewhere else in the car "Pain Guy" has just put down the phone to some thugs he has hired to take Hye Na down a notch or two.

Dong Chan drags Hye Na aimlessly around the car park pretending to have forgotten where the car is, when in all honesty he's just stalling for time.
Then it happens three unknown men approach them. Dong Chan assumes that the loan shark boss must have hired someone new for the job and starts winking at the guy. He then moves in to hit but the guy dodges, Dong Chan frowns at him and winks again, he throws another punch but the guy dodges again.

Somewhere else in the car park the 3 loan sharks stand lost until they see a lady in a red dress, like they are looking for. They approach her, but realise it's Soo Ah and not Hye Na.

Dong Chan realises these aren't the guys he's looking for and grabs Hye Na's hand and runs with her across the car park. But one of the guys has ran the other way and the three thugs circle them so they can't escape.
Dong Chan realises he has a real fight on his hands, he whispers to Hye Na that he plans to hit the big guy that is standing in their way, then she is to run for it. She goes to object not wanting to leave him, but he tells her she has to go and call for help so she agrees.
Dong Chan throws his punch, Hye Na runs, but not very far, she runs into someone, she flails scared until she looks up and realises it's Tae Yoon.
Seeing 3 against 1 (and 1 of the 3 being incredibly large) Tae Yoon decides to join the fight. He helps Dong Chan off the floor and the pair throw an in time kick.
As the fight finally comes to an end, Tae Yoon and Dong Chan throw their last kick in time and end up back to back in stance.
Relieved the thugs run off and both men turn to Hye Na smiling only to see she seems to be in shock.
Both run over to her side, but Dong Chan realises (Rather sadly) that Hye Na is throwing all her thanks to Tae Yoon.
Tae Yoon helps Hye Na to her feet and Dong Chan thanks him for his help. The men deicde to separate and Dong Chan drags Hye Na with him much to her annoyance ^^;

When they get back to the Kang Residence, Dong Chan realises that Hye Na is smitten with Tae Yoon and starts coming up with plans to get things back on track so he can seduce her.

Hye Na keeps thinking of Tae Yoon and how he helped her that day and she can't sleep, blaming it on the air conditioning being broken she tries to calls someone to fix it but no one in the department answers, so instead she phones Dong Chan's room, but he doesn't answer either. Finally she decides to get up and search for someone.
As she walks out into the hall she hears a piano playing nearby.
She walks into the hall where there is one lone piano and sat at it playing and singing is Dong Chan. (He Sings 'Hello' by Lionel Richie). Hye Na is obviously impressed and watches him slightly spell bound.
She walks towards Dong Chan at first it seems like Dong Chan is just randomly playing piano and she just happens to be passing by. But as she draws closer we realise it was his plan as he peeks out of his one eye a little to see if he can see her.
When he finishes she compliments him and he smiles and bows and thanks her for letting him continue, but she starts requesting songs like the 'Wonder Girls' :P when Dong Chan says he can't play those she becomes bored and tells him her reason for coming.
She wasn't woken by his piano playing but couldn't sleep because of the broken air conditioning.
Dong Chan ceases the opportunity and goes to her room with her to fix it.

In the mean time Manager Jang goes to the security room to find it empty, curiously he looks at the monitors to see Hye Na and Dong Chan heading to Hye Na's room.

Next ensues a very funny scene, that Dong Chan tries to set up. At first he gets on the chair and sticks out his butt asking for Hye Na to help him pull the tools out of his back pocket :PP LOL a little disgusted she refuses :P so Dong Chan says fine at least hold the chair.
Dong Chan messes around with the thing, he doesn't seem to know what he's doing. He puts the lid down and "falls" on to the bed on top of Hye Na... of course this was on purpose as he doesn't actually fall... he moves his leg onto the bed first so he couldn't have fell, it's so funny!
He apologises, Hye Na pauses for a moment before getting huffy and pushing him off. Dong Chan then asks if he can use her bathroom to "wash his face" XD Hye Na allows him.

In the bathroom Dong Chan wets his hands and runs his fingers through his hair so it's slicked back, he winks at the mirror and turns on the "DiCaprio Mode" apparently no one can resist XD.

Part 3 of Dong Chan's Dream Sequene XDD

Wondering what's taken so long Hye Na opens the bathroom door to see Dong Chan with his hair slicked back, she pauses and Dong Chan reveals his chest a little causing Hye Na to catch her breath.
Dong Chan walks towards her and pushes her against the door frame. He leans in and Hye Na closes his eyes, they are about to kiss when Manager Jang walks in and asks 'what are you doing?' we then see what Manager Jang sees; Dong Chan leaning in to kiss the door frame in a rather seductive pose.
Dong Chan immediately snaps out of it and goes into his explanation about Hye Na's air conditioning not working XD.

The next day when Hye Na gets up she decides she needs to show her appreciation to Tae Yoon. She takes Dong Chan to the shops with her and starts measuring clothes up against him.
Dong Chan tells her she really doesn't have to, but Hye Na replies with she's not they're for Tae Yoon! Poor Dong Chan!

Hye Na heads to Tae Yoons office with Dong Chan where she meets Soo Ho who tells her Tae Yoon is busy.
Hye Na acting cool, says it's fine, she'll just leave the gifts behind, she says they are a thank you for the other day.
Before she leaves Soo Ho ceases an opportunity and asks Hye Na if she would mind signing his and Tae Yoon's petition. Not even bothering to read it, Hye Na agrees and then leaves.

Later on back at the house Hye Na is angry to hear that she has not had a call from Tae Yoon.
Not much later and trouble is headed Dong Chan's way in the shape of Soo Ah and Eui Joo.
Soo Ah takes Eui Joo along to the Kang residence with her, Eui Joo carrying boxes of shoes.
At the same time Hye Na has recieved her call and is going to meet Tae Yoon. Dong Chan chases her, not wanting to hear what he has to say Hye Na gets annoyed and turns and knees him between the legs O.O
Dong Chan keels in pain and Hye Na walks off. As he stands up he hears a familiar voice shout 'Oh, Oppa!' he turns around to see Eui Joo and Soo Ah.
Soo Ah is confused as to how Eui Joo knows Hye Na's personal butler. When Eui Joo hears this she is shocked and horrified.

Hye Na is happy to see Tae Yoon arrive, but is not happy about what he has to say. He returns all the gifts she got him and tells her he cannot accept them and that he doesn't like money.
After he turns and leaves. Hye Na is left feeling angry and humiliated.

Dong Chan chases Eui Joo and tries to explain. But Eui Joo doesn't want to listen. She leaves angry and Dong Chan is left feeling guilty.

Later on it seems Dong Chan has been given duty over the wine cellar. Whilst cleaning the wine bottles he hears a noise and goes to investigate.
He rounds one of the counters to see a drunk Hye Na trying to get a bottle of wine. She looks up at him and when she realises who it is she smiles and asks him to open the bottle for her.
Hye Na explains why she is upset, when she is done she pours Dong Chan a drink and he explains how he upset his "little sister" the pair talk until they both get drunk and start mocking Tae Yoon for not accepting the gifts.
Then they are disturbed by the maid and butler who keep going down to the cellar to drink wine and to have their little fling.
Hye Na goes to yell at them but Dong Chan grabs her and tells her to 'sh' she agress in a very funny drunken way and Dong Chan hints they should sneak out the door quickly.
Hye Na nods and tries to grab his back as he leads her away. As they make their way squatting along the counter, different items of clothes are flung over them, Dong Chan holds his jacket against his face until a bra flies past him, he lets out a silent scream and runs out the door followed by Hye Na.

Outside the pair run around very drunk having fun, they even move to the fountain where they have a water fight.
After they are finished they both sit on a bench with a wonederful view of the mansion and the grounds.
Dong Chan begins to talk, but it's not long until Hye Na falls asleep on his shoulder. Dong Chan smiles and leaves it a while before carrying Hye Na back to her room.
At her room he lies her on her bed and smiles at her as she sleeps, he says 'good night princess' and she laughs and hits him playfully in her sleep, causing Dong Chan to smile sadly.
He watches her a while before leaving.

The next morning at the staff meeting, Manager Jang corners everyone about the 10 missing bottles of wine. When no one answers he goes on to say they will just have to put the be bottles through to be tested for finger prints.
Dong Chan looks at the couple from the wine cellar the other night, they look worried. The atomsphere gets tense but then Hye Na steps forwards and says she drunk them.
Shocked Manager Jang buys it and it lets it go. Hye Na drags Dong Chan away but before she leaves she tells the couple from the cellar the night before that they don't look good together haha!

As they walk down the stairs together Hye Na asks if Dong Chan was the one who put her to bed the night before. When Dong Chan says he did she asks if he did anything funny to her :P
Dong Chan takes offense and says never 'I am your butler' and puts his hand on his heart again in his melodramatic way.
Hye Na smiles and says she believes him and that he was actually fun.
Dong Chan goes to turn but Hye Na speaks stopping him. She walks towards him making Dong Chan feel uneasy. She moves her hands to his neck and straightens his tie.
Hye Na is then called away by Maid Jang who tells her that her Grandpa wants her.
When Hye Na meets her Grandpa he is angry, he throws a paper at her, she is down as signing a petition against staff redundancy in the Kang San Group Company.

At Soo Ho and Tae Yoon's office, Tae Yoon goes mad at Soo Ho for getting Hye Na to sign something she has no idea about. Soo Ho then agrees to change their story for the reporters.
They are then interrupted by Tae Yoon's older brother who is angry because the Kang Group no longer want to do business with him and his father.
Their arguement is interrupted by Hye Na who assures them both that she signed the petition because she wanted to and that she wasn't forced to.

Tae Yoon angrily grabs Hye Na and drags her out of the room. Out in the corridor he pushes her against the wall and asks her why she keeps appearing. When she doesn't answer he asks if she likes him.
She goes to walk away but he pushes her back and angrily asks the question again.
This time however he is pulled away and whacked around the face.
He looks to the person who hit him, it was Dong Chan.
Dong Chan tells him never to touch Hye Na, he then grabs her arm and pulls her behind him.

Round 8 - Dong Chan

Ok so another episode over!

Wow what an episode. I really really enjoyed episode 3, there was a lot of fun stuff going on. Dong Chan's little dream sequences and set ups are absolutely hilarious, the bathroom scene had me absolutely screeching when I first watched it XD
The fight scene was just awesome cool! When Dong Chan and Tae Yoon kick in sync then end up back to back in fighting stance they both look so cool!!!
Soo Ah's party was a lot of fun, I loved it when Hye Na got Dong Chan to join in the mocking of Soo Ah's dress and he did the mock thing with his hand, so funny!
The drunk scene was just to die for, it was funny and cute. When they are sneaking out of the wine cellar and the bra almost lands on Dong Chan and when he has to tell Hye Na to be quiet XD then when they are outside and he's playfully slapping her and she looks completely confused!
The Water fountain scene was just beautiful and then on the bench at the end, so cute ^0^

The only one thing I will comment on because a few people have mentioned it before and they are kinda right... the fight scene.
Now the heroine getting scared and all is fine, what is a little strange Is that Hye Na has been up to now a completely strong, violent, self sufficient character then in this scene she is completely dependent on Dong Chan and later Tae Yoon... when the scene is over she looks really scared... but then again maybe this is her trying to seduce Tae Yon by coming across sweet and innocent :P
This is why their relationship can't work... Hye Na is not natural around Tae Yoon. Whenever she is with him she is a completely different person, as soon as he is gone she reverts to her former self. To be fair I'm not sure how Tae Yoon would react to her real personality... I think he'd get past it, but at the moment he seems to take a liking to her for the things she says, which around him are generally acted, not good.
Her relationship with Dong Chan is much more real and cute, hence I am cheering for these two all the way <3
I'd kinda like Tae Yoon and Eui Joo to get together, they are both sweet people and their personalities seem to naturally meld well... we'll see... it would be absolutely hilarious if Soo Ah got her wish and SHE got Tae Yoon :P
Soo Ah is completely amusing, I actually really like her character, you have to feel sorry for her at times, I'm sure she acts this way because of some kind of inferiority complex towards Hye Na, but then can you blame her?

Overall a really fun episode, absolutely loved it =D


  1. After reading what you have said about the different episodes, it feels as if i've just finnished watching them instead of reading about it. :D

  2. HAHA I wrote a lot! Need to finish ep 4... can't wait for ep 5 ^0^